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Hi, everybody, Craig Peterson here. I’m not quite sure how to describe this interview, but you’re going to find out something about me you may not have known and it’s not a bad thing. It’s just, I’ve never really disclosed it. Certainly not publicly. Anyhow. So we talked today about the colonial pipeline what’s happening with these ransomware groups and there are a number of them and why.

Why is it happening? And then also of course, over the weekend, there’s a little bit of discussion with Marco Rubio and others on 60 minutes, I think it was about UFO’s. So I guess there’s a clue. So here we go with Mr. Chris, Ryan Stanford. 

I am Chris Ryan joining us right now is Craig Peterson. He is the host of tech talk.

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Hey, good morning. That’s a nice kickoff there with the stones. 

Love to hear it. We really do. And there’s nothing better. Little Keith Richards riff to get us into the mood here on this Monday morning cross the great state of New Hampshire.

So Craig. It’s amazing how our news cycle works. We have the colonial pipeline is one of the biggest and maybe most significant stories that we’ve had so far this year. And we talked about this actually, Liz Cheney as well. When she joined us on Friday to me, there has to be a priority. And a predominance of focus placed upon cyber warfare and germ warfare and electromagnetic warfare.

We’re hearing about, UFO’s and that report from 60 minutes, which I think is really important as well. I It’s clear now that there are. UFO’s used to be. The question was, do they exist? The answer is, yeah, they do, because we have video evidence of them and people have seen him at firsthand accounts.

So those are the two things we’re going to get delve into today. And I want to start with your takeaways from the colonial pipeline circumstance. 

I talked about it a lot on the radio show this last weekend. Cause it is a change. It really reflects a change in the way ransomware works too. And over the weekend we saw a big change yet.

Again, ransomware used to be just, they got software on your machine. Usually through. Phishing, which is sending you an email, getting on something, and then they’d encrypt all of your files and say, pay up sucker, if you want access to your files again. And then it moved to the next stage, which was people didn’t always pay off because they might have backups and say we can just restore from backups for Canada better.

We’re not paying you a dime. They decided maybe what we should do then is get a little more. Vance. And before we encrypt your files, we’re going to steal all of your important data. And then we’re going to hold that data hostage and threatened to release it just like they did with the metropolitan police department down in Washington, Jen DC.

And yes, indeed. They did release home information about the police officers in the metropolitan police department right down there in Washington, DC, because they didn’t pay this ransom. Now, what we have is something called dark side, which is a group that’s been around for almost a year. And they sell services to other bad guys who want to rent some people.

So dark side, we’ll take a 25% cut all the way down to 10%. They have it on their website, depending on how much money you’re able to get out of. People twenty-five percent cut on anything under about $5 million and they’ll do tech support for you and everything else. So when you take over someone’s computer and they are now trying to pay you buy Bitcoin, et cetera, in order to do that dark side, we’ll do the tech support.

It turns out the dark side was behind this hack of the colonial pipeline. And ArcSight is now a little bit nervous. They brought their website down. Of course it’s on the dark web has two other major operations that are again, ransomware for hire. So we’ve seen three major groups. Chris go completely dark over the weekend.

What does that mean as well? Are they nervous that what are they nervous about in particular? Are they nervous about the FBI? Are they nervous about, and does the FBI have. No jurisdiction over a cause that’s one of the main challenges for whether it’s for local police departments or for even an entity like the FBI, where there’s a international type of a flavor to these many of these entities, how, who has jurisdiction over them?

How do you. How do you make them accountable? And how does things have to change in order for that to take place? 

Part of what drove up the value of Bitcoins so high and continues to our businesses who are buying Bitcoin in case they get ransom. So that obviously supply and demand limited supply of Bitcoin businesses buying right.

Bitcoin by the millions in case they ever get hacked. And look at what just happened with Tesla, buying all kinds of Bitcoin as a quote investment unquote, most of the time, these investments are to protect themselves who has jurisdiction. I have been to a lecture by the secret service where they were able to shut up.

Down a major black market operation that was running on the dark web and they were doing all of their transactions in Bitcoin that’s cryptocurrency. And it is not. Safe. They were able to figure out who it was, where they were. Okay. And they were able to get an Interpol involved and get it all shut down and get most of the money back, which is interesting as well.

So here in the us, the FBI does get involved and I’ve worked with them on a number of cases. And there’s the, of course secret service gets involved because they’re talking about currency, staffs, international fashion, and then they. In the international community to round these guys up. So I suspect they’re either very nervous because someone’s getting awfully close to them.

And we’ve seen a lot of shutdowns lately of these bad guys, or maybe it’s just good business. Let’s just put up a different shingle and move on. I don’t really know what’s happening yet. And 

why out in the open, the way that they are to begin with, because you’re going to draw attention. To yourself and they, as you were referencing, they basically opened up a business and put forward that business and said, here we are, we’re going to supply a commission-based environment.

And that, to me says that they’re not that fearful of repercussions because of being. Very much a international type of a, of an entity. And there being questions, about how you go about enforcement on this side. And there still are questions in regards to jurisdiction.

There has to be a lot of cooperation for arrests and for investigation and things of that nature to transpire. So why do they have this type of confidence in your own? 

So excellent question again. Look at their targets. They’ve been very careful not to target Eastern European countries, specifically countries or parts of the former Soviet union.

So it does make me wonder Chris about whether or not the Russians are actually involved and are providing them with some protection. And maybe Mako has said, Hey, get your heads down. 

Biden said there was no direct relationship. He did not say there was no relationship. He said that he did not believe that Latimer Putin was behind it specifically, but that does not mean that he is not behind the entity or that there is some sort of branch out to them as there are.

Many companies and all oligarchs and individuals who have not necessarily a direct association with Putin, but indirect ones. The final thing is on the UFO’s Craig and your thoughts on this and how this also plays into what we’re talking about with no technological warfare, as I’ve said before, based upon the evidence.

I am still not on board with the fact that the UFO’s are from outer space. I’m on board with them being Chinese or Russian or another country has developed some sort of a technology that allows for these identified flying objects to get close to our aircraft carriers or be seen off of the coast of Florida.

And in other. Circumstance, as I’ve said before, I’ve seen UFO’s flying over and as many other people have flying over our airspace here in New Hampshire things that just don’t make sense, different colors and so forth. And now we know that they have been we’ve seen them on video. We know that they exist.

There’s no question about that. The question is who is responsible, 

right? Yeah, absolutely. Chris, my experience with you at post goes back to 1982, when I had a close encounter. With the UFO, not just the movie back then, but I was driving up the central Valley there in California and I, all of a sudden saw this light that was blasting right into my car.

There was probably about a half a mile ahead of me. And then it came closer and I had my windows open. Didn’t have air conditioning and it came right next to me. Now I know that helicopters make a lot of noise. We didn’t have anything like drones back then. And it followed me and stayed right next to me as I went up that central Valley and took curves and everything else.

Wow. My mother also had an experience. Where do they come from? That’s your right? That’s the really big question. We certainly did not have that type of technology in the 82 or so when I saw it and when it followed me and that technology, I doubt existed 20 years before when my mother had an encounter with a UFO.

And it’s it’s a scary thing. It really scared the living daylights out of me that day, here I am on my twenties, a driving scene that there are some right now, some technologies that we do have that provide on an extremely limited scale. Some of the features that we’ve seen of many types of UFO’s.

And at this point, Chris, I’d have to say again, we really don’t know where they are. Come from, it would take an incredible breakthrough in physics in order to be able to have an aircraft or some forum that can hover make almost no noise. If any noise at all and change directions completely without causing enough.

Jeez G-Force to destroy the vessel itself, let alone everything inside. So it is a long way from anything technology wise, that’s ever been exposed that we have control of the aliens. That’s 

what I’m hearing. That’s that is that Greg did not go that distance, but it sounds like that is where you want to go with this.

We don’t have a lot of time here left, but I do have to follow up on this because you basically just described an alien encounter. Yeah. How did it end? Did the UFO go away? What do, were you abducted? What happened? 

No I thank goodness. I wasn’t abducted, but that got my interest up. And as I’ve studied this a lot over the years it followed me along for 15 or 20 minutes or so.

And it, it just, it had this light on me on the car and the whole time I slowed down it load, I sped up it sped up. It was very odd. Let’s settle this and put it that way. And yeah, I don’t see any way it could have been from made by us or the Chinese at the time or anybody else.

It was, and they, I felt scared, really scared. It wasn’t like a peaceful feeling like there’s love coming here or something. But I do think that they’re either extra dimensional there or, out from outside of this world, Greg, 

the amazing story there. Thank you so much. Take care, Greg Peterson, he is the host of tech talk here on news radio, six, 10 and 96, seven on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:30 AM.

Hey I’m going to be a little slow getting back to you guys. I want to schedule these cyber health assessments and get them all done for everybody that asked over the weekend. If you did not get a chance to ask it and make sure you do go on line, just send me an email. Put a like cyber.

In the subject line and just let me know, you’re looking for one of these health assessments. I got some that you can do yourself. You don’t even have to talk to me or anybody out all the way through very deep ones that we do for businesses and others. So let me know, take care, everybody, and I should be back tomorrow.

Take care. Bye-bye.

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