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It is time to talk about some new uses of robotics in Military equipment and how researchers are looking at Virtual Reality for Pedestrian Commuters.

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Craig Peterson 

Hey, welcome back Craig Peterson here on WGAN. Online of course at Craig Peterson dot com you can watch me by going to Craig Peterson dot com as well. You can see the video of today’s show here me in the studio, doing it all by myself hitting all the buttons and moving things around. busy busy times. And we got these two articles here that I really, really wanted to get to right now. And so that’s exactly what we are going to do. This is kind of interesting. If you have been watching what’s been happening over in Syria, and you see that there are the US troops, Syrian troops, Turkish troops, and Russian troops. Okay, this is a very interesting problem. I’m going online right now as we’re talking because I wanted to pull up this other article that I read this week. And let me see here. I think I can pull this up. I’m going to show you this picture over on over on the display. So always takes a second right. And I will pull it up, but Russia has a tank over in Syria right now. And they’ve had it there for a little bit. Okay. And Okay, here we go. Okay, I got a picture of the tank. Let me pull it up. Okay, so if you’re watching this on video, you’ll see the tank up there right now. But this is a remote control tank and if you look at it, I got I tell you it looks pretty substantial. It’s got a pretty heavy gun on it. That’s definitely bigger than I don’t know might be a 20. Mike Mike definitely bigger than a 50 Cal. It’s got looks like for larger tubes, which are probably for surface-to-air-missiles, and for smaller tubes in my BRP. Geez. But this is a picture of the robot tank that’s been used by Russia over in Syria. And it was supposed to be leap forward for Russia. But it just plain old did not work. Well. It’s had a lot of problems. It didn’t fight well. And they revealed it and tested it. It’s called a year on nine by the way, and it is remote controlled. They admitted that it didn’t meet their requirements. Okay. It’s modern Russian combat unmanned ground vehicles, UGV. They’re not able to perform the assigned tasks in the classical types of combat operations. In other words, once it hit the ground in Syria, it just didn’t work right for them. James, you know who James is right? That’s the big military contractor review company that said the system had demonstrated high performance in an operational environment. But Russia came out with a statement that they just plain old didn’t agree with it. And there are a lot of these that are in development right now. DARPA, which is our US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been developing things like this tank, and also some armored vehicles that are operationally or what they’re doing is they’re calling these optionally ma’am like the Bradley Fighting Vehicle replacement. And Russia has been much more aggressive towards developing These UGV is unmanned ground vehicles than the US has. But it’s interesting to look at, but they were an absolute failure. So now getting to this article that appeared in Ars Technica, this is a picture I’m holding up the article here to the camera. For those who want to see it. You can also see it at Craig Peterson dot com. But on October 18, they announced that there were four companies that have been selected to build the prototype light robot, robotic compact vehicles for the US Army. These are non-developmental prototypes. And what that means is they’re based on existing technologies, and they need to be deployable immediately, you know, while it’s gonna take a while to ramp up production, but it needs to be something that can be deployed very, very quickly. there we’re calling it the robotic combat light vehicle to next-generation combat vehicle. We want these things to be manned or completely remote controlled. For companies that were chosen to develop these first prototypes RHDT Global Oshkosh defense QNQ and Textron. They’ve already got some combination ground vehicle robotic systems. It’s going to be interesting. Textron is based on how one house rips RM five. Have you seen this thing, by the way, the rip saw em five, look it up online and do a search on doc go for the rip saw all one-word RIPSAWM five. These things are amazing. And by the way, one of them was used in fast and furious. Do you remember that thing? It had a just like a tank. It had tracks And it moved really, really fast and could go over almost anything. There was a TV show that kind of featured these guys how and how very cool stuff they’ve, they’ve also got backwards backwoods I should say, wheelchairs, so the people that are paraplegic or even in some cases quadriplegic, potentially, but paraplegic, and they had don’t have use of their legs can go hiking in the woods because it’s kind of a mini tank that they’re sitting on top of how and how just amazing what they’re doing. Textron is partnering with FLIR and of course they make sensors and cameras, infrared stuff, so it’s going to be interesting to see what comes with that I’ll kind of keep an eye on this one as well. Our Robo tank I do like this. This picture is obviously an artist rendering although, you know, obvious, right? It looks like it’s a real tank sitting in the woods. The next thing time into this our next article, and this is about Microsoft. I think this one is the coolest hack also from Ars Technica this week. They’re calling this their dream Walker. And it’s a virtual reality system. And right now you have to wear Let me see, I’ll pull this picture. Oh, I don’t have this picture handy. But it’s absolutely amazing. Because it’s so huge. Okay, right now the guy has to wear this big backpack. He has to wear a special helmet. There are special transceivers on him but you know, watch this, this is going to end up being on a smartphone. In fact, the rumors are that the iPhone 11 that’ll be coming out next year. They might not make it into the I mean the 12 the coming out next year, might not make it into the iPhone 12 might be the iPhone 13 unless they skip that number.

They are Developing Apple’s developing some very cool glasses that have full VR functions. So with this, the researchers and Microsoft have developed some with some VR, which is virtual reality technologies. And it lets you remain fully immersed in a virtual world while you’re in public places traveling on foot. So think about this for a minute. If you’re walking to work in this city, you can actually be involved in this virtual environment. While you are still, according to Microsoft safely navigating a given route in real-world environments such as a daily walk to work, while seeing themselves strolling a different VR world such as a city, they’re choosing. Very, very cool. So this is in their research division. They actually have a prototype that is working, and this is something I think we could expect in the future. They’re saying that any Potential obstacles the user encounters while traversing real space are recorded by real-time sensing technologies in the VR operettas including a dual GPNGP deal band, GPS sensor to RGB depth cameras and a Windows mixed reality provided relative world track. In other words, roadblocks, post boxes that might be in the middle of the sidewalk. All of those are going to appear in your VR world automatically. So you know, to navigate around them. Moving carts, everything very, very cool. So that’s coming our way. And I’m coming your way again. Here. In our final segment, we’re going to talk about a Facebook lawsuit and vulnerabilities that we are not addressing in our businesses when it comes to apps. So stick around you’re listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN and online Of course, Craig peterson.com.

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