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It’s time for another Security Thing with Craig Peterson. Today, Craig discusses about the cybercrime gangs advertising the high paying cybercrime jobs that are available out there.

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Airing date: 02/07/2019

High Paying Cybercrime Jobs Available

Craig Peterson 0:00

Hey, good morning everybody. Craig Peterson here with A Security Thing, hey, if you aren’t into security and trying to understand it and trying to fight against the bad guys, you’re in the wrong place. Because that’s all this is about is security. And today we have another real quick one that I think is important for everybody to understand. I heard in the ad the other day from this company that we’ve all heard their ads before. The company’s called Lifelock. And you know, I already have a special report out about how to protect your data and keep it safe and how Lifelock is you know, essentially a waste of money. You can freeze your credit and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime and all Lifelock does this come in afterwards and maybe help you clean up right? So should you do it? Shouldn’t you do it? I don’t know. I’ve got a special report about it and I’ve got an explainer video that I produced about it as well. And you can get that if you want. But anyhow.

What they said in that ad was that there is a job offer right now out on the dark web for $700,000 for a hacker. $700,000 a year, supposedly. So knowing how Lifelock some time to says, played a little fast and loose with things in the past, and in fact, got sued by the federal government and a whole whole big mass, I decided I would look it up a little bit. Now, the dark web is a little more difficult, right? It’s not like there is Google for the dark web. Yeah, there’s some search engine-ish things out there that you can use and you can do a little poking around. So I did but I also look for articles that made a similar claim because at least then you’ve got something to go on.

And sometimes it’s an echo chamber, right? Like what happened with this whole Russian investigation thing with President Trump, where it was a democratic investigation that was entirely politically motivated. And then the it was they told it to a friend who told to a friend who told to a friend, and all of a sudden now the FBI, it’s got to come in from six different sources, the same basic story. And you know, from playing broken telephone as a kid that the story changes a little bit, right, every time it’s passed along. And of course, some people purposely change it. So of course, the FBI is going to get a bunch of different stories from bunch of different people and say, Oh, well, maybe there’s something here, maybe we should look into it.

So I expected to find at least that online. The Lifelock this commercial, they were saying $700,000 a year for a cyber hacker to try and steal people’s personality. So I figured someone had to mention it. It had to be in the regular press somewhere, right? So I go and look at some of the left wing sites like the New York Times, and then Huffington Post and don’t find anything there. And I look at some of the conservative sites that are out there. I look at Google, I do a Yahoo search. I do a Bing search, don’t find anything. Try a couple of dark web search engines as they are. Couldn’t find anything. So once again, that leaves me kind of wondering is Lifelock pulling in another fast one on us and it might be. But here’s what we did find, a website called http://banksecurityinfo.com and this is talking about cyber crime gangs advertising fresh jobs for hacking services, and it goes through and lists a bunch of payments that they’ll have.Now the the jobs it’s not like a job Hey, you know, we’ll pay you so much they do have some of those. In fact, this one hacking group out there according to Bankinfosecurity is offering full time employees a monthly salary of 50,000 pounds, likely rising to 70,000 pounds. Now, aren’t those interesting numbers out there? So if you take 50,000 pounds, that’s about what 65,000 US, and you multiply that by 12, you get $780,000. Tadah! I think I found where Lifelock might have gotten some of this stuff. So it’s interesting. This is called dark overlord. In case you’re wondering, and you want to go apply for a job.

But there are a lot of offers out there. For hacking a web server, they’ll pay you 220 to as much as $3,000. Keyloggers, 170 bucks. Denial of service attacks, and those vary from 350 to 2500 bucks. Hacking a personal computer 280 to 3500. Cell phones, it’s about 500 bucks. Email hacking again, about 750 bucks. Social media account hacking about 500 bucks. Of course that varies as well. Change school grades 1200 to 3700 bucks. Wow. It’s gotten expensive. And a FUD ransomware and decryptor, depends. 12 months 900 bucks. Six months 490. 1 month, 120.

So interesting, right? And they’re looking for fully undetectable ransomware. So there’s some decent money out there who knows about these jobs? If these are legitimate. Multi lingual candidates are desirable. It’ll add 5% of your salary or commission for fluency per language. Chinese, Arabic and German being particularly desirable. And must have a winning attitude. It sounds like something you would normally post doesn’t it?

so I figured you know if you’re interested in security you’d like to know a little bit about this. Digital Shadows found this job advertisement out online and the dark markets really do persist but I got a warn you. Of course you can get serious US prison time if you’re caught doing any of this stuff and that’s probably why they pay so well. So the bad guys are out there. They’re trying to get us and no surprise there we got to defend ourselves.

Anyways that’s today’s Security Thing and we will be back tomorrow with another one and of course on Saturday with my regular radio show. Taking Sunday off per usual while at least from doing podcasts and I hope you keep an eye out for all these master classes I’m doing. http;//CraigPeterson.com/subscribe.

Alright, have a great day. Talk to you later. Bye bye.


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