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We are closing up today’s show with a few more articles that I found this week for all of you.  We will talk about Smart Devices and Vehicles — so be sure to listen in.

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Hey, welcome back WGAN everybody out there listening on streaming services and on my website at Craig Peterson dot com. Let’s get into couple more articles but a bit of a wrap up in case you missed anything today you will find these as posters podcasts up on my website all of the segments today at Craig Peter som calm, but we just talked about Microsoft warning, as 4700 machines have compromised every day, the NSA advisory on enterprise VPN, some of the major manufacturers out there have some serious problems, and you need to make sure you get everything patched. 76% of us businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months.

We talked about voice artificial intelligence systems are going to completely replace our phones in 10 years. It’s a great little prediction by very by Gary van der Chuck, why you should lie in your password recovery questions, even lied to your bank and business email compromise attacks have spiked 269% in the past quarter. Absolutely amazing. So you’ll find all of that and a whole lot more at Craig Peterson calm. And then I also have my report on passwords my special report that you can get by going to Craig Peterson comm slash passwords. Craig Peterson comm slash passwords, you’ll find my 10 page report there, you can sign up for my email list, you’re going to get just tons of great stuff from this. Also, if you’re on my email list, you would have gotten summaries of today’s articles, a little bit of a heads up so you know what I’ll be talking about. You can actually kind of follow along at home. And you’ll find all of these two, if you’re watching this on a replay somewhere, you’ll find all of this online as well. So it’s a I think it’s a good thing. And I get a lot of comments from people, which I love to get. So questions or comments. You can always email me ME at Craig Peterson calm, or you can text me anytime you want. And it’s not you don’t text like me, me. That’s the email address. You’re going to text 855-385-5553. And I’ll give that number out again here in a minute. But 855-385-5553 that ends up in my hands and I am trying to answer and always every one of them. And sometimes I answer them on the show slash podcast. Sometimes I will respond directly to you. But in fact, because so many people were asking about VPN. That’s why we spent so much time on them today. And also why I put together that special security summer cheat sheet on VPN and that email as well. So that’s how you can have an impact on this show. I’d love to hear from you what questions you have. So this is fun, fun, fun. We’re going to start with your Tesla. Have you ever been in a parking lot? And you’re walking in the parking lot and a car comes up behind you, you know that cars there? Because you can hear it right? Unless you have hearing issues? You can hear that cars there? Well, have you ever had one of these electric cars sneak out putting you in a parking lot? I have. And it’s very concerning because you, you know, you just assume that you can hear a car because they make so much noise at least enough noise that you can hear him coming right? They don’t have to be these loud things like these idiots and take the pipes out of their motorcycles. Oh, did I say that? I’m you know, I’m a big motorcycle guy. I love them. I ride them. I’ve had 13 motorcycles. I think here’s my last count. I just don’t like these people that are noxious and take the pipes out and make really loud motorcycles. But anyways, so on the other end of the spectrum, you have the electric vehicles. Now there have been some laws passed in various parts of the country and the world that say that the cars these vehicles have to make noise. Now, it reminds me of the What was it called the nutty professor, like 1960 or so it was a Disney movie about flub, and he had the car, he took an old tin Lizzie. And he modified it took the engine out. And so it just was able to run on flipper. And it basically made no noise, right that kind of a bubbly sound. And he ended up putting the noise maker under the hood that made it sound like it really had an engine in it because it was very concerning to people who were out there and and saw the car driving by wasn’t making any noise. So these laws are saying the cars have to make noise. So Elon Musk is kind of giving a little bit of a middle finger to this. One of the complaints that has come out in the last couple of weeks has to do with a newer, autonomous vehicle option that is available for your Tesla. Here’s what happens. you park your Tesla, you go into the restaurant you come out, you hit a button on your remote, and the car then leaves its parking spot and drives over to you all by itself. So there’s a video posted online, you might find a little bit amusing. I found it concerning where this happens. And a Tesla owner summons his car. And apparently he was actually trying to impress his date, right? One of those, Hey, watch this. And that that’s usually followed by some sort of a major problem. So the car started driving, someone noticed the car was moving without a driver in the vehicle, and started to freak out trying to stop the vehicle. And the owner said no, no, no, it’s okay. It’s just an autonomous car, it’s just coming over to me, don’t worry about it, not a big deal. So he kind of laughed it off. And okay, I’ll all’s well and good. That’s been a problem. So you’ve got these Tesla’s driving themselves in a parking lot, which, by the way, is the thing that these artificial intelligence machines are worst at. And we had an excellent Don remember this about three weeks ago, who was telling us that that is the hardest part of any autonomous vehicle is the parking lot. Because if you’re driving in a parking lot, and you’re human, you get visual cues from other people, like they’ll look at you, they’ll wink, they’ll, they’ll kind of nod their head just ever so slightly. So you know, okay, I’m clear to go ahead. The Tesla cannot do that. It cannot recognize those little human gestures. Same thing with people walking, right, they kind of look over or they’ll, they’ll wave their their fingers saying, you know, come on, and because they’re going to cross in front of you, but they’ll let you go first. All of those types of things, these cars don’t know that they can’t figure it out. So right now, they just go super slow. And if anything happens, they just stop and then they expect the owner to take some intervention. So this is the most dangerous part. So here’s what Tesla is doing with the whole thing thing. Elon Musk announced that the Tesla’s are going to have customized horns and movement sounds. And I think this is just hilarious. So you might see a Tesla in the in a parking lot or you know, with a driver without a driver. using one of these new unique sounds this sounds include like this is according to Ilan goat, coconuts, and flatulent. I think that’s just absolutely hilarious. So you, you might see a Tesla driving around passing cats in the parking lot. Now the coconut thing is really kind of fun, too. Because, you know, if you listen to me for 1020 years now on the radio, you know that I love Monty Python. And so what he’s doing is he’s taking the sound similar to he’s probably going to recreate them but you know, the the print on supposedly on the horse, right, and they’re making the galloping sounds with the coconut because of the king cannot afford the real horses, in actuality, behind just a little inside info on that scene, if you’ve seen it. Apparently, money, Python didn’t have the budget for the horses for that scene, until they came up with the cocaine. That’s absolute phenomena. If you haven’t seen it. 1975 film is called Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There are so many funny things in there. Anyhow, we’ve had horns around forever, but this is absolutely new. You’ll find that whoo guys sounds, there’s just going to be all kinds of very cool stuff. Okay. California, by the way, a horn has to be capable of emitting sound audible under normal conditions from a distance of not less than 200 feet, and it cannot go over 110 decibels that’s actually really loud and decibels. So keep an eye out for special sound effects for your electric vehicles, at least from Tesla. And there will be aftermarket just like we talked about Amazon and with the Samuel L. Jackson, voices that are available coming up here for your Amazon Echo for your Alexa, you will be able to buy aftermarket sounds I’m sure for some of these things. And our Our final story of the day also talking about autonomous vehicles. This would totally freaked me out more so than seeing a car without a driver moving. We have our smart homes and you know, we’re constantly being warned about the Internet of Things and be careful. Some of this stuff can be very, very negative. We don’t want to have you know, real problems here. So none of that is new. But there is a new device out from a company called Smart can SMARTCAN number This isn’t just like having your wall talking to you, you know about the temperature. This isn’t about, you know all of the normal IO to T things. This is something made by a company called Razzie that I’m going to quote from their site eliminates the need to take a homeowner’s garbage can to the curb by providing a plug in play motorized trash can attachment and mobile application so you’ve got your personal trash can or maybe it’s a city issued Trash Trash Can one of those big resin things whatever might be you just put the trash can on this thing and you can have this trash this smart can that one by the way the proto labs cool idea award and no longer do you have to take your trash to the curb it’s going to happen happen automatically it’s very cool looking at the picture of it I think it might have some trouble with my driveway cuz I need to get my driveway resurface. It’s got some major divot but you know normal one certainly a city one where you’ve got a concrete sidewalk in front of your house it wouldn’t work. Anyhow very cool. Smart can check it out. Alright everybody, thanks for being with me today. If you want to pick up my password special report this 10 page special report. You can get it right now. Go to Craig Peterson comm slash passwords, plural passwords Craig Peter song.com slash passwords. And I’ll send it right to you have a great week. I’ll be back with Ken and Matt. Wednesday morning at 730. You’re listening to Craig Peterson online. Craig Peterson dot com. Take care everybody. Bye-bye

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