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There are a lot of wearable fitness activity trackers available in the market today. They can measure your fitness activity, keep track of your heartbeat, calories burned, and sleep. But many health trackers are simple reporting tools. Enter the Stonecrysus. The Stonecrysus is an intelligent health and fitness smartphone app and wearable activity tracker. You tell Stonecrysus what your health goal is, and it learns how foods, activities, sleep, and metabolism affect your unique physiology.

They talk about the six main problems of health trackers of today:

  1. A basic health tracker enables you to improve or understand your health in some meaningful way.
  2. Data Accuracy
  3. Isolated Solutions
  4. Misplaced Burden of Analysis
  5. Assumed Monolithic User Base
  6. Industry Going the Wrong Way

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Matt Landers – 3:17mins


CRAIG: There are a lot of start ups out there that are really trying to help our lives; help improve them, STONECRYSUS is one of them we’re gonna talk a little bit about what’s happened over there with their CEO Matt Landers. Welcome!


MATT: Thanks for having me on.


CRAIG: So, you have some little— i guess sports devices. Is that what you call these?


MATT: So, what’s STONECRYSUS is we caught an intelligent health and fitness management smartphone app and wearable activity tracker. So—


CRAIG: That’s a mouthful.


MATT: Yes, it is! It’s all important. So, what’s STONECRYSUS is you tell STONECRYSUS what your health goal is weather is be; gain 5 pounds of muscle, lose 10pounds of fat, really anything on health improvements spectrum and STONECRYSUS learn to have food activities. Sleep and metabolism effect each users unique physiology. Based upon their health goal and base upon what’s STONECRYSUS learns about him or STONECRYSUS tells the user what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, which activity to do, how much activity to do, and what their sleeping patterns are.


CRAIG: Alright, so you wear this 24/7. It’s collecting data and then I summatize him to a smart device.


MATT: Perfect, so what you do is you wear the wearable which we call the stone and the stone collects activity data as well as sleep data. However,  it doesn’t collect activity data only cumulatively. It actually segments it into four major categories of activity, so that’ll be cardio, muscle training, cycling and routine walking around kind of general activity.


CRAIG: Ok, so compute from that your calories burned —


MATT: So, we actually don’t use calories in a traditional sense in several we do is use this intelligent learning algorithm. So, if you use calories portion sizes — I mean nutritional facts– inherence sources of aero built into those. Same thing with just canning stuffs, we don’t actually counts saffron usage, we track your portfolio of motion. Same thing with sleep with murs, how each users sleep. So this pattern– this method has learned three patterns so far with two more pending, so instead of counting calories, is you enter your food using icons and STONECRYSUS learns how you describe your food using those icons and reference his user historic data, so it doesn’t say a piece of chicken is a hundred calories for example, what it does instead is, it reference is how a piece of chicken affected in the past to determine how it affect you today, depending upon, how your health is improve or declined. 


CRAIG: That makes sense cause a calorie means nothing other than how well a burns with a match. 


MATT: Exactly.


CRAIG: Which is really an outdated concept.


MATT: Absolutely. And even nutritional labels. They’re not even burning essentially the foods to determine the exact calorie count. Instead, they’re adding the number of grams of protein carbs and fat to try and estimate the number of calories. So that’s really worthy and inherent source of error is drag from.


CRAIG: Even more. amazing!




CRAIG: So https://www.stonecrysus.com/  that is spelled differently that we might expect that’s S-T-O-N-E-C-R-Y-S-U-S.COM is were you’ll find them online. https://www.stonecrysus.com/ available now or when is this out?


MATT: So, our website– we are really excited about it and we’ll start shipping for Android in February and I was shortly there after a couple of moths later.


CRAIG: Alright, best of luck, we’ve been joined by their CEO Matt Landers — thanks for being with us.


MATT: Thanks very much for having me.