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Steven Jay is Vice President of Marketing and PR for BURG, the Smartwatch company. He is a Luxury Goods branding expert specializing in Marketing and Public Relations. Steven possesses extensive knowledge in building and promoting prestigious brands. He has more than 13 years experience in the fine Timepiece Industry having worked with such prestigious brands as Fortis, Gevril, Ferragamo, Versace and Croton. He is a natural “out of the box” thinker possessing an entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about the brands he represents. Steven Jay was previously Director of Marketing & Public Relations for The Croton Group Timepiece Company and other fashion and timepiece companies.

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Steven Jay – Burg

Airing Date: October 24, 2015


Craig Peterson: We’ve all heard about the smart watches. They’re all the vogue. We’re gonna talk about one right now that works with your iPhone, as well as your android, and in fact is in vogue. They have a number of watches in fact. is where you’ll find them online. We’re joined right now by Steven Jay. Steven, welcome.

Steven Jay: Thank you so much Craig. I appreciate being here.

Craig: So let’s talk a little bit about this. You have some watches. There’s obviously some style involved here.

Steven: Yes.

Craig: And a lot of technology.

Steven: There is. Yes. Well, Herman Van Den Burg, who’s the founder of the company, is a world renowned lifestyle designer. He’s designed for such companies as Ikea, and Target, and luxury boutique hotels around the world for 20 plus years.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: And he’s also a visionary as far as being able to detect future trends. 2009, he actually sold his creative business in Holland. Bought a factory in China. Started R & D, coz he had this vision that smartphone technology would make its way into timepieces one day.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: So, what really sets us apart from everybody else here at the show doing wearables is that first, we’re a lifestyle company. Secondly, we’re a tech company. That doesn’t make it any less of tech innovation. Coz we’ve got tech innovation that you would have to wear two or three of our competitor’s devices to get in just one of our devices.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: I’ve got 14 years experience of building a luxury watch business with very high end Swiss timepieces. And a watch is something that a person wears because it makes them feel something. It’s an emotional thing. They feel elegant, or classy, or cool, whatever might be. And you really need to capture that in getting someone to wear that on their wrist.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: And that’s what Burg has really achieved. Fusing, or marrying fashion and technology.

Craig: Now you have an absolutely gorgeous watch here on your wrist.

Steven: Thank you.

Craig: And we got a couple more here on the table.

Steven: Yes.

Craig: These look a little more practical. A little less expensive as well.

Steven: Right.

Craig: So you have a whole of these smart watches.

Steven: I do. Believe it or not there are 18 in all.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: Each one, focuses a little bit more on particular key interests. Like we have one watch that focuses predominantly on social media. But also there’s a lot similar functions to some of these smart watches. What I’d really like to mention is that we’re the only FCC approved wearable smart watch that’s an autonomous phone and texting device as well.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: You do not need to be paired to a smartphone to use our smart watches.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: It has a SIM in it that, you don’t have to have any type of plan with.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: You could just pick one at Best Buy. Pop it in, go online, charge it up with your credit card.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: And pay as you go. And you can actually just make and receive calls and make and receive text. Or you can pair it to your phone if you choose to do so.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: Which is a very cool feature as well.

Craig: It is. Very nice. Whole line. Are these available retail as well? Or is that the best place to go?

Steven: They are, no, it’s actually

Craig: Oh I’m sorry. Ok.

Steven: And, believe it or not, we just switched over, so you’re not entirely wrong at smartwatch. You’ll probably still find us at Burgsmartwatch but we’re moving over to Burgwearables now. We currently have a Burg 12.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: And 16s at Walmart stores. The Burg 27, that has got everything from, you can do, what I wear on my wrist, you can do social media, Skype, Facebook, Twitter.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: You could stream live music and video on it. We’ve got health apps, the pedometer, calories burned. The sleep app, how well you’ve slept, time you slept. You know.

Craig: Uh huh.

Steven: The quality you sleep. It’s literally mind-blowing. You’re gonna be actually to… You’re gonna be able very shortly, uhm, control your entire smart home from our device.

Craig: That’s really nice. I see what you mean when you said it has the features of 3 other of the devices. Because it really does. It’s a little, it’s a standalone device plus it can pair.

Steven: It is, absolutely.

Craig: And you can do all your social media stuff, which is nice. You know, if you’re marketing at all, you have to watch social media. If you’re management at all, you have to watch social media and get involved.

Steven: That’s right.

Craig: As well as of course all these people that love it.

Steven: Sure. Absolutely!

Craig: Alright. Steven Jay’s been with us.

Steven: Thank you.

Craig: Burg, by the way, is B-U-R-G.

Steven: Correct.

Craig: B-U-R-G-wearables.

Steven: Yes, thank you.

Craig: .com, alright.

Steven: Yes.

Craig: Thanks again.