TTWCP-840-02 Improving Lives, Scott Olechowski of Plex: Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder and Oracle 
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Mr. Scott Olechowski serves as the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Plex, Inc. He served as Vice President for Product Strategy of PostX Corporation. Mr. Olechowski served as Chief Technology Officer of nCognito Interactive Services, Inc. He co-founded Atlas Systems, Inc. He served as Vice President, Product Development of Actzero, Inc. Previous experience includes the founding and growth of several private software companies, including Legal Video Sync. Mr. Olechowski has held positions in senior management focused on product planning, marketing and development. He received his B.S. from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois with degrees in both Marketing and Management.

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Scott Olechowski – Plex

Airing Date: November 14, 2015


Craig Peterson: We’re joined right now by Scott Olechowski. He is the founder of Plex. Now Plex, in case you don’t know, allows you to watch all kinds of video of your own. Your own personal media storage and sharing. In fact, I have Plex installed. I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of movies and now music that’s shared by it. Allows you to share with your friends and back. In fact it’s really quite nice. Scott, welcome

Scott Olechowski: Thank you very much.

Craig: Now, why did you put it together? Obviously, you had something in mind. I started using it so that I could manage my own library. Now I can share with others and I can even see what they’re watching.

Scott: Yeah, so, it wasn’t just me that founded it. I have a number of other co-founders. But really, we had a lot of contents that was disorganized. And we wanted to get it on all of our different devices, right? So initially, we started way back on the Xbox Mini Center and then went to get on the Mac Mini and then the iPhone came out and we were able to start building apps for that. So really, we decided, I need a place to essentially organize everything and then make it streamable to all of my different devices. And that was kinda the original, the original goal.

Craig: Now what kind of people are using it? Is it people like me that have a lot of media? I’ve ripped a lot of DVDs over the years. Or is it more basic people, more advanced?

Scott: I think, you know, it’s definitely, it’s appealed to people who are more technically advanced, right? We have over 4 million registered households now. So it’s definitely, more than just a niche product. It’s definitely growing. It’s growing pretty rapidly. It solves a problem almost everyone has, right? Everyone’s taking photos, everyone’s taking videos. Where does that stuff go? How do I organize it? How do I access it? Certainly, I’m gonna share some of that on social media sites, but not everything. And then there’s that contents that doesn’t belong on social media sites. Those movies I’ve ripped, the shows I’ve DVRed, my music collection. So it kind of helped bridge that gap as well.

Craig: All of my personal photos that I can share with family members, and…

Scott: Exactly. You know you wanna get it on, you know, my parents’ stream my kids’ home videos and their Roku at home, right? And we got friends that are using it in their built-in Samsung TV Plex app. So just makes it very very easy to organize, store and stream that contents no matter where it is.

Craig: Well, no matter where it is is really true. I was over in Belgium this year. I have a daughter who sails the Atlantic, Pacific, all over the place and she actually able to access our PLex server at the house no matter where she is all over the world.

Scott: I’d love to hear that. That’s really… just make it available. It’s your own personal Netflix right? There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t have that audio content, that photo content, and those other things that you’ve ripped and just make it available to yourself and to your friends when you’re remote or at home.  

Craig: So, best place for people to find out more?

Scott: Yeah, new domain name last year. We’re a grown up, you’re an old timer.

Craig: Alright It’s available as an app. Although the app is paid, although the server software is available for free.

Scott: Server software is available for free. There’s a number of the apps that are free. The mobile apps cost $5.00. But we have an advanced subscription service that we call the Plex Pass and with that, most of the apps are actually free. That’s $5.00 a month or $30.00 a year.

Craig: And that’s what I have. And I think I signed up for a lifetime, but you know, back in the day.

Scott: Good, I’m glad to hear it. I hope it’s working.

Craig: Alright., Scott, thanks for being with us.

Scott: Thank you. Appreciate it.


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