TTWCP-852-02 Tech for Outdoors, Maurice Mizrahi of Re-Fuel: Maurice Mizrahi, President of Re-Fuel

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Maurice Mizrahi is president of Mizco International, and oversees the re-fuel and DigiPower brands.

Mizco was born out of the bustling retail scene in the 1960s when the Maurice and his brothers, Sam, Albert, Isaac, and Joe, who run the company today, spent summers and weekend workingin their uncles’ stores in Times Square, ‘when 42nd Street was still 42nd Street, the center of the retail universe’.

As the brothers got older, they caught the family retailing bug and began their own retail chain, Brothers Camera in 1978, a successful New York-based speciality chain for the photo industry. In 1987, the brothers moved into the wholesale business and started Mizco International as a wholesale source for photo accessories. Two years later, they went to CES and discovered the cellular business, the very beginning of the wireless world.

More than 25 years later, Mizco has established several successful CE accessory brands under their roof, including DigiPower, iEssentials, Ecko audio accessories and Travelocity CE accessories. They are currently introducing their two newest brands to the CE industry — re-fuel and Tough Tested. The multi-brand strategy is the company’s secret sauce – especially for supplying retailers with multiple brands geared to multiple markets and demographics.


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TTWCP-852-Maurice Mizrahi

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Maurice Mizrahi – ReFuel

Airing Date: February 6, 2016


Craig Peterson: One of the most popular products people have been using is the GoPro. My kids love them. They wear them when they’re hiking, when they’re skiing, cycling. I’d love to go motorcycle riding and I’ve seen many people with them just kinda glued on the top of their helmets. But they all have a problem. We’re gonna talk with Maurice right now about what they’re doing to help out with the GoPro. Maurice, welcome.

Maurice Mizrahi: Thank you. Thanks for having me here.

Craig: Now you have in your hand here a nice little GoPro camera with a stick and something on the back. What are you doing?

Maurice: We’re extending the life of every single GoPro that’s out there. You know, the biggest problem that we’re hearing is that the battery lasts only about an hour, an hour and a half max. And if you’re out there skiing with a helmet, you know the cold makes the battery last even less than that. So we’ve developed a battery pack that lasts 6 hours so you could shoot all day long without having to replace the battery. We’ve also developed one that lasts 12 hours and one that lasts 24 hours. So obviously you’re not gonna put a 24 hour battery on your head because it’s quite heavy, but we have it available for you if you wanna go shooting for a whole week without having to recharge.

Craig: So this is fuel, in fact, for your GoPro, and that’s what you’re calling that, ReFuel, correct?

Maurice: Correct. That’s our brand.

Craig: Now, I also see here that we have it on a little stick. What’s the tie with that?

Maurice: Well this is a power grip actually. So the idea is you can have a grip to hold your camera, but at the same time you have a USB port where you can power up your camera or recharge your camera. This will give you an extra 10 hours of shooting time.  

Craig: Alright.

Maurice: Or charge your phone at the same time as well, you know, if you wanna charge something else, you can charge your phone.

Craig: Well this grip is standalone, the power is provided.

Maurice: Standalone, correct.

Craig: Ok. Where’s the best place to go to find out more?

Maurice: You can go to Digipower or you could go to and you can go to retail obviously. Major retail outlets and have fun with it.

Craig: Truly a must if you have a GoPro and you’re spending the day with that GoPro because the battery isn’t just gonna last otherwise.

Maurice: That’s correct. Now we’ve even put technology in here with the battery is Subzero battery so it will last a much longer time, at least 85% of its capacity in -24 degree weather.

Craig: Which is the worst weather you could possibly have for a battery.

Maurice: Or if you’re a diver, you can take it diving up to 231 feet coz it’s completely sealed, it’s completely waterproof.

Craig: Wow. That’s pretty deep for a diver.

Maurice: Yes it is.

Craig: Maurice, thank you very much.

Maurice: Thank you for having me.