TTWCP-852-06 Tech for Outdoors, Alyssa Feller of Lander: Alyssa Feller, Brand Manager of Lander

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Alyssa is a brand manager for Lander and parent company BGZ Brands.

Lander creates expedition-inspired accessories for use at home, on the go, and off-grid. Inspired by its Rocky Mountain home, Lander accessories are made with innovative technology used in equipment carried by the world’s best explorers. Lander carries cables, phone cases, and will soon be introducing backpacks, and laptop sleeves – for the explorer in all of us.

Lander is a new brand under parent company, BGZ brands. BGZ brands’ mission is to enhance our customers’ lifestyles through branded products and services of elevated value and quality. Formerly known as BodyGuardz, BGZ brands has since become the powerhouse parent company of three distinct consumer electronic accessory brands, including: BodyGuardz®, a leading device protection company; Lander™, expedition-inspired accessories for the explorer in all of us; and Moxyo™, modern accessories for the masses.


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TTWCP-852-Alicia Feller

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Alicia Feller – Lander

Airing Date: February 6, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re gonna talk right now about some outdoor accessories with Alicia Feller.

Alicia Feller: Yes, that’s correct.

Craig: At, they have a number of different things, cables, you’ve got some new bags that you’ve introduced. Some power…

Alicia: Yes we have.

Craig: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Lander?

Alicia: I would love to tell you. Thank you so much. So we recently launched Lander back in August with a soft launch, and we really debuting it here at CES. Our company is from Salt Lake City so we’re outdoor enthusiasts. And we really wanted to develop a brand that reflected what we live and breathe and that is the mountain, the outdoors. And when we were developing this brand, we really saw that there was a gap in outdoor inspired accessory. A lot of companies, what they do is bulk up a lot of plastic and slap outdoor edition on it. And really, if you go to the outdoors, people are not looking for bulky. They’re looking for minimalist and functional. And because you don’t have a lot of resources out there, and when you’re backpacking across, you know, on the Muir Trail, you only have 16 pounds. You don’t wanna have a brick in your backpack. So it has to be functional.

Craig: Right. So that’s what you’re aiming at then.

Alicia: Absolutely.

Craig: Nice and light, functional. What is it now, specifically, that you’re providing?

Alicia: Alright, so we have a couple of products that we’re launching. The first one here is our Powell Case. So something to know is when we were designing all of these products, we went to the sources. We went to the designers at Black Diamond, these outdoor enthusiasts who create harnesses and carabiners and said what do you want in mobile accessories that is lacking right now? And so there’s a lot of attention to detail in these. And then you can feel this, how light it is. This is actually military tested and as a drop case, so it’s going to protect your phone. But it is so light. And one of the reasons we were able to keep it light is we used this method called quinning, which you’ll see these ridges on the back, those actually have a function. These are used in military jerry cans as well. A lot of people, for strengthening steel, so we’ve used these and reinforces the TPU and polycarbonate materials, so we don’t have to bulk it up. And there’s also some other things like the edges here, they have ridges on it, so whether you’re in the snow or perspiring, you’re still able to grip your phone which is really nice. And we’ve designed everything, from cases down to the packaging. I want you to take a look at this packaging. We really wanted the functionality to be part of all of our products.

Craig: Oh, look at that.

Alicia: So this is an EVA package and it’s reusable so it’s environmentally friendly. So, obviously this has the packaging still in it, but this material is really great. You can store Chapstick, cables, cases inside your bag and be able to use it for multiple uses. When you’re on the trail or just at your desk.

Craig: And again, very light. It’s gonna keep most of the water out of it.

Alicia: Yes. Also these are weatherproof.

Craig: Right. Weatherproof.

Alicia: Don’t go swimming. But you know when you get caught in a storm, or on your morning commute in the rain, that’s gonna keep your product protected.

Craig: Keep the things dry, right.

Alicia: Yeah, absolutely.

Craig: Very cool. Now you also have cables, right?

Alicia: We do. So this is our Nev cable. Nev is actually Latin for snow. And then one of the key features of this is the Aluma Weave which is a reflective material we’ve actually woven into the cable making it very durable, very strong. And let’s say you’re in a dark tent and you can’t find your cable, obviously you need to be connected to your devices especially in moments of emergency. So you’re able to find this very quickly. And the ends, as you can notice, they are actually reinforced with something called an Everpull. Most cables, you know, their moment of weakness.

Craig: And that’s where they always break right at the end?

Alicia: It’s where they break. So we’ve actually reinforced them and they have this grip to make it easy to pull out and with little features like it has, you know, this center pull, and which is recognized in climbing rope so you can find the center of everything so it makes it very easy to wind it up. And very, very efficient. Very durable. Very strong. Lightweight and very functional.

Craig: I thought my eyes are going funny. There’s light in here because it is reflective.

Alicia: It is reflective. And there’s a couple other key features that were introducing on our Timp Bag. So this Timp Bag is actually going to be launched March 1st.

Craig: What are you calling this? A what bag?

Alicia: The Timp Bag.

Craig: T-I-M-P?

Alicia: T-I-M-P. So it’s short for Mount Timpanogos. Which is there in the Wasatch. One of our big mountains that we’re very proud of. And some great features about this bag is it’s actually made with a TPU coated rip stop. Very, very lightweight. You can hold this and you can see how lightweight it is. But everything has a function on this. So it’s really great for outdoor usage as well as the weekend warriors because most outdoor enthusiasts, we still have to have our 9-5 jobs. As much as we wish we could live outside. Usually it’s unrealistic for most of us. A couple of key features, it has this hall handles on every side of the bag so no matter if it’s in your tent, your truck and you need quick accessibility to it, you can pull from any direction that has the same amount of security involved. And then it has these DZ chains which has webbing, so you can clip on all of your material that you need to. And another feature is it has a camelback holder in the back and which is a great feature. It’s weatherproof as well. So it has a YKK reinforced zippers. And then a nice feature is we have its own laptop sleeve here on the back that has the tricloth. And so very light, very functional, and fulfill all your needs without adding weight or bulk and unnecessary functionality. 

Craig: It’s gonna weight a couple of pounds maybe?

Alicia: It’s that, so, yeah. It’s really light.

Craig: Best place to find this online?

Alicia: Right now because we just recently launched it will be at a lot of outdoor retailers soon, but online at is where you can find us right now.

Craig: Alright, Lander. Makes it easy. Thanks for being with.

Alicia: Thanks so much Craig. I appreciate your time..