TTWCP-853-02 High Tech Spots, Rian Cheng of Vimbles: Rian Cheng, Engineering Director of Vimbles

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Versatile maker who is passionate about innovation product. Got his patent in high school. Champion of internal robotics competition, HKUST, 2012. 1st Runner-Up of ABU Robocon Hong Kong Contest, 2013, designed robot represented Hong Kong to attend international competition. Only representative of Hong Kong to attend Design/ build / fly competition hold by AIAA, 2014. Invent transition UAV winning ASM Technology award, 2015.

Experienced in mechanical design/ hardware configuration and embedded software development.


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TTWCP-853-Rian Cheng

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Rian Cheng – Vimble     

Airing Date: February 13, 2016


Craig Peterson: If you have an iPhone, if you have a smartphone at all in fact, you’ve probably been using it a lot out on the road taking pictures, right? The best camera in the world is the one you have with you. While the optics in these cameras in our smartphones are way better than it used to be. In fact, they’re kinda equivalent to what many people had in top end cameras 10 or 15 years ago. Well now there’s an innovation that’s available from that takes your smartphone and turns it into a stabilized video platform. This thing is absolutely incredible. I saw it online. I saw the pitch coming from the PR company. I had to get them here on this show. We’re gonna talk about Vimbles and what they can do for you. Rian, welcome.

Rian Cheng: Hi. 

Craig: So that’s what we have here. This is your… you call this a Vimble, I assume?

Rian: Yeah, a Vimble.

Craig: Ok. And you’ve taken your camera, you mount it in there, this is a universal mount that will hold almost any camera?

Rian: No, at this stage we only provide the mount for iPhone.

Craig: Ok.

Rian: 6 and 6 Plus.

Craig: Alright, very good. So works for mine coz I have a 6 Plus. And what’s really kind of cool here is that when you’re moving this around, you might notice, and now of course if you’re not watching video you’re not gonna see this, but I’m able to take this and my hand can kinda all move over creation and the camera is completely steady. So I’m taking pictures of people taking pictures of me right now but that’s absolutely fantastic. So where would you see people using something like this? I can see this certainly for my use where I’m filming things. I go by a booth. I’m doing various things. Are people using this outdoors for taking pictures of family, friends? What’s it mainly being used for do you think?

Rian: Yes, family occasion, like social occasion. We have a 360 panorama which we can use as in some wedding, events like art gallery. And we can take a selfie, panorama selfie.

Craig: Right.

Rian: Of all of our friends.

Craig: Yeah. That’s a good point too, isn’t it? Maybe, can we turn the camera around?

Rian: Sure.

Craig: So that we can pick it up on our camera here so you can kinda see what’s happening? So if you look at the stabilization here. See, I can be rather unsteady and you have an active, obviously I can feel it in here, an active system that is moving everything around, right? To keep the camera stable. So these little motors that are moving as we’re taking the pictures and moving things around. It keeps on the same plane. That’s just absolutely phenomenal. And then if you move it slowly, it keeps a nice slow pan which works really well here. That is just absolutely incredible. So, this is kind of like those systems that you see the professional photographers are using right? Even the big backpacks and things.

Rian: Yes.

Craig: Yeah, it gets really kinda crazy. So this is available as of the end of January this year.

Rian: Yeah.

Craig: It will be available on Pre-orders are shipping. to find out more. Is that the best place online,

Rian: Yeah.

Craig: Alright. Very good. You can take your video photography to the next level. Get it right up there with the pros. You’ve got some great optics in that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Particularly the Plus has a little bit better optics than the 6 does. Why not get the best possible video that you can get? Thanks for being with us Rian.

Rian: Thank you.