TTWCP-854-04 Medical tech for Aging Population, Chris Otto of MobileHelp: Chris Otto, VP Business & Product Development of MobileHelp

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In addition to his current role with MobileHelp, Mr. Otto is a technologist and healthcare IT entrepreneur.  He has fifteen years of technology experience acting as a technology architect and product developer, and is passionate about developing technology solutions that enable seniors to remain healthy, well, and independent. Mr. Otto was also co-founder of Halo Monitoring, an “aging in place” technology company which was acquired by MobileHelp in 2012.

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TTWCP-854-Chris Otto

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Chris Otto – MobileHelp

Airing Date: February 20, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re joined right now by Chris Otto. We’re gonna talk a little bit about MobileHelp. We’ve seen the commercials, right? Help, I’ve fallen, I can’t get up. We’ve come a long ways. We’ve had MobileHelp available. We have Chris available. Chris, welcome.

Chris Otto: Thank you. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Craig: So let’s talk a little bit about what you’re doing here. What’s MobileHelp all about?

Chris: So, MobileHelp is like you said, it’s all about a mobile medical alert system. So it’s for an older adult that might be living alone and they have an emergency, they can signal for help. We offer a mobile system so it uses cellular and GPS so it works outside of the home. So you’re walking your dog, no matter where you are we can locate you and get you the help that you need.

Craig: So is it watching for me to trip and fall for me to push a button.

Chris: So we have couple of products that the basic system is a button that you can signal for help. But we also have a fall detection device. So if you’re wearing that device then you have a fall, which 4 out of 5 seniors are unable to press that button when they have a fall…

Craig: Yeah.

Chris: We can detect that and signal for help automatically.

Craig: Well, I spent 10 years in the EMS and I can remember a couple of situations. One in particular that unfortunately the senior citizen was dead and you’ve been trying to go and get his emergency button to try and press it but he couldn’t coz it went flying when he fell. And he was dead when we got there. So being able to detect a fall really can save a life.

Chris: Well that’s a tragic story and I hate to hear that. Unfortunately we’ve heard many stories that are the same and the automatic fall detection definitely makes it… can make a difference in a situation like that.

Craig: Yeah, absolutely. Now, having the ability to do the Wi-Fi as well as the 3G on the cellular network makes it so it really does work anywhere. You are not confined to your home like some of the other systems.

Chris: Right, exactly. So we do have a base station in the home. So when you’re at home you can press your button, it’ll activate just like a normal system. But even that system in the home is cellular so it’s very easy to install. No wires to connect. But then when you go outside the home, that cellular coverage and that GPS makes it an added benefit.

Craig: Alright, so it’s always using that 3G which makes this really good because with Wi-Fi you’ve got dependencies on stuff that might not be working.

Chris: Absolutely. And so we found out a long time ago that our core business is connectivity. We do the mobile very well, it’s what we do. And we check the phone lines out of it so it makes a big difference on the install process. It’s very simple. There’s no phone lines to connect. You don’t have to worry about where to locate it. You can locate it anywhere in your house. You just need a power source.

Craig: Alright. Makes it very simple. Best place for people to find out a little bit more?

Chris: So our booth is 73512 and you can go to our website

Craig: Alright, Chris, thanks for being with us today.

Chris: Thank you, it’s a pleasure. Thanks.