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Diego is a serial travel entrepreneur and software product leader. Prior to Bluesmart, Diego founded mobile travel startup WeHostels, which was acquired by StudentUniverse. Diego studied electromechanics and business.

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TTWCP-856-Diego Saez

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Diego Saez – Bluesmart

Airing Date: March 12, 2016


Craig Peterson: If you’ve traveled, you’ve had a problem with luggage. I can’t think of a single person I know that hasn’t had their luggage lost. We’re gonna talk right now with Bluesmart, about what they’re doing to help make this a thing of the past. We’re joined right now by Diego, welcome.

Diego Saez: Thank you for having us. And yes, that’s exactly why we started the company. I got my luggage lost by an airline a few years ago. Going to visit my family on Christmas with a bunch of gifts on my suitcase. And it was because they forced me to check the bag because it was too heavy. And then I went right to the airport, the bag never made it and I spent 2 weeks calling the airline trying to find my bag. So we developed the world’s first smart connected luggage. It’s a suitcase that has GPS and 3G technology to locate the bag anywhere in the world. So with that in your phone you can know location and help the airline recover your bag. And in addition to that, we included a Bluetooth-enabled lock so you can remotely lock and unlock the suitcase so that it’s safe whenever it’s separated from you. We included a weight sensor so that you know the weight. The app tells you the weight of the suitcase and whether it’s approved by the airline to carry on or not. And finally, we put a battery inside, so you can charge your phone 6 times over when you are at the airport. And, you know, be connected to, you know, the things that you care.

Craig: So, you’re providing the luggage, and the luggage has the sensor, and it has GPS and then its own modem in order to communicate its location.

Diego: Correct. Everything is integrated seamlessly so the user… you know, for the user, it seems like a normal suitcase, but it does all these things, you know, in a seamless way.

Craig: Sure. Now, is it constantly reporting where it is? Do I have to ping that? Or how does that work?

Diego: Right. It’s every half hour, the network reports the location and then send this back to our system. And then whenever you want to consult the location, you can go to the app and then get the location.

Craig: Ok. So it’s the most recent within half an hour.

Diego: Correct.

Craig: Now does this help find the luggage? How does that part help?

Diego: Right, I mean, sometimes it can be that you left the suitcase at the hotel or at a taxi, and in that case, we’ll help you recover it. If the airline lost it, you can help the airline. You can tell the airline, look I see that it’s at terminal 8 at JFK, so, you know, send it back to me. Because there’s another 30 million bags that get lost every year.

Craig: Are they lost, or they’re stolen? What’s going on?

Diego: Well, many times, airlines don’t have a reliable system to track down the suitcases that go re-routed. So sometimes, they don’t get put into the airplane on time and the airplane leave. They’re also problems.

Craig: How hard is that, come on? Now, the airlines, come on! Really? But we have a solution now.

Diego: We have a solution so that you can travel with peace of mind and know that your belongings are gonna be safe.

Craig: Just like it sounds. B-L-U-E-S-M-A-R-T. Diego, thanks for being with us.

Diego: Thank you so much for having us.