TTWCP-856-04 Tech that makes Travel Secure, Aike Muller of Keezel: Tech that makes Travel Secure, Aike Muller of Keezel (TTWCP-856-04)

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Aike Müller is co-founder of Keezel and a skilled inventor with several companies under his belt. Aike’s career in information management and IT security began as an M&A IT expert at PwC. He went on to co-found a government-contract consulting firm specializing in automated assurance. As a freelance consultant Aike worked on process and supply chain assurance for national and international clients in logistics, retail and sustainable agriculture. He developed keezel as a solution to security issues he encountered while working at client locations. Aike’s previous ventures include starting a craft beer brewery.

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Aike Mueller – Keezel

Airing Date: March 12, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re all using Wi-Fi networks. We’re using them in our homes, in our offices and on the road. There are a lot of dangers of using these networks particularly when we’re talking about on the road. If you’re using a network at a local coffee shop, at a hotel, all these other places. That network could be compromised. And it could be compromised in a way that allows people to not only see your computer on the network, but get into your computer. Because there might be other security vulnerabilities. We’re gonna talk about a solution right now. We’re gonna talk about Keezel. You’ll find them online at, and what they can do to help make this a thing of the past for you. Aike, welcome.

Aike Mueller: Thank you.

Craig: So you guys have put together a little device. We have it sitting here. Fits in your hand. What does that do? How does that solve this problem of maybe having your connection hijacked? Someone piggy-backing into your office. You know, getting into your computer.

Aike: What it does is it’s a portable device, battery-operated that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot like a Wi-Fi network just for your devices. It will connect to another Wi-Fi network like in a coffee shop in a hotel. And in between it will encrypt everything you do. So it will establish a VPN connection. You don’t need to know what a VPN is or what it does to use it. It’s just a one button solution and it will encrypt everything you do. So the hotel it just see one outgoing connection and everything is going through.

Craig: Well that’s usually a lot of money especially here in Vegas where they charge you for the Wi-Fi. Hidden fee by the way. And then it’s only a certain number of devices. So what the Keezel does is it allows you to connect the hotel Wi-fi or the coffee shop Wi-fi. Even to your home Wi-fi. And it then has its own Wi-fi hotspot built in.

Aike: That’s right. Yes.

Craig: And then I connect to that with all of my devices. What is the limit of devices on the Keezel?

Aike: Well there’s no hard limit. But it gets to be crowded if you…

Craig: Yeah practically 10-15 devices. Yeah, exactly. Which should be plenty. So, it has its own power supply as well built-in to it? That’s the battery?

Aike: Yeah, it does have a pretty hefty battery as well. It has 7000 mah, which is roughly four times an iPhone 6. So you can charge your phone with it as well. It has a built-in powerbank so you’d want to take it with you everywhere you go.

Craig: Yeah. I noticed that one side has a charging port, and the other side it has a port you can charge another device with.

Aike: Yes, and you can use the ports here to use it even as a dongle as well. A USB, even a dongle. If the hotel just provides a fixed internet, you can build your own Wi-Fi hotspot in there in your hotel room.

Craig: Ok. So that’s advantage number 1. Number 2 is the VPN side of this. So you’ve partnered with a number of VPN providers out there. VPNs being Virtual Private Networks. So that the traffic now is not coming out in the hotel. So it’s coming out in the coffee shop or wherever you may be. It’s actually being routed via encrypted tunnel to these remote providers so that it’s much harder to hijack.

Aike: It is. And the other benefit is that you can choose what comes out on the internet and it would be the location that a website sees it’s originating location. So if there are services that you cannot use in certain countries like Facebook or Twitter is blocked in the countries in the Middle East. You can get around that. And also sometimes media sites…

Craig: Sure, your favorite home team.

Aike: Right. So that helps to get around that as well.

Craig: Alright. And cost involved? Where can people pick one up? Or is it best if you should go to online?

Aike: Exactly. Yeah. We started crowd funding last summer at Indiegogo. We’re still there with our pre-order site. We’re building our own website right now. We will be shipping in March. So yeah, the best way is and this is now our pre-order and will be our our shop.

Craig: Alright. Something very handy. Could save you a lot of headache, a lot of heartache over time. No question about that. It’s spelled Aike, thanks for being with us.

Aike: Thanks for having me.

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