TTWCP-858-02 Keeping Your Home Secure, Sebastien Roux of IKILOCK: Sebastien Roux, CEO of IKILOCK

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Sebastien Roux is currently involved in developing the french startup GEMECOD, now known as IKILOCK.

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TTWCP-858-Sebastien Roux

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Sebastien Roux – Ikilock

Airing Date: March 26, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re gonna talk right now about Ikilock. I-K-I-L-O-C-K. This is a French company that has a new design for locks on our buildings, on our homes, and it’s designed to be highly secure. Much more secure than many of the other systems that are out there. And it ties into existing locks, not only in our homes, but apartments, condominiums, and it even can control the main door, the main lock in the condominiums. So we’re gonna talk with Sebastien a little bit about this. We’ve got a special app right here that allows it all to be controlled. And we have our door lock model with this as well. Sebastien, welcome.

Sebastien Roux: Thank you very much. I’m glad to be here. So this is Ikilock. It’s not a standard Bluetooth lock. It’s a highly connected device, highly secured device. With Ikilock you can control both, as you said, both the door of your house, the door of your apartment, but also the entrance door of your building. And we do not use metallic case of course. All of this is done via your phone, through internet. You can share virtual keys with friends or families or service providers. That you can allow people to access either permanently or temporarily the door of your house.

Craig: That’s one of the real advantages here. Because with a lot of the Bluetooth systems, of course you cannot just give someone a key temporarily or otherwise over the internet.

Sebastien: Yeah, you’re right. Actually with the standard Bluetooth locks, the thing is you have to put the virtual key yourself manually in the lock so that someone else could open this door a few days after. But with our system, you can send the virtual key through the internet immediately to the person who would need it. You can control remotely and check remotely whether your door is correctly closed and locked remotely.

Craig: Alright. So to check the status as well. So we’re looking at some controllers here. The first one is the main controller for the system and this ties in to the internet. And then it allows you to communicate with these other devices that are here. So, first off, we have this guy over here. And this is for the deadbolt locks.

Sebastien: This box, this device, it can lock itself. It’s compatible with US deadbolt locks but also with European primary locks. It fits with many range of doors. Simply put on the door. Put a screw to put in on it. And as you’ve said this device, the Iki Sensor, which is the heart of the system, makes the connection between your domestic internet box, between the lock itself and between the plug which the device that connects your intercom to the internet. You can remotely manage through the internet. You can remotely open. Can you imagine when you have a guest and we are not at home to receive it. You can open for your guest, the entrance door of your building and also the door of your apartment.

Craig: Makes it really nice. You’ve got an app here on your phone. So this app is connected to the internet of course. All of our phones now-a-days have internet access. And why don’t we show in the camera here what this app looks like really quickly.

Sebastien: As you can see here, you have to establish the connection once again, because we have shut down the connection.

Craig: Ok, there we go. Now we are turning. This is opening…

Sebastien: And the door is locked and then opened… wherever you are in the world, with internet connection of course.

Craig: Right. And so this is not a local. You’re actually going out to the internet right? And you’re using high encryption as well on this. You’re avoiding men in the middle attacks?

Sebastien: Yes. To avoid men in the middle attacks, it’s not only a question of action, it’s also the verification of which is the sensor and which is the receiver of the message. So what we have created is a system that allows a connection between each devices. And at each step, when, for example, the sensor communicates to the Ikilock, there’s a verification that is established between the 2 devices. So it is not possible that an intruder gets the message and comes in the discussion between the elements. We have also secured the system against the kind of attack which can be called the re-using attack. For example, if a hacker succeeds in catching a part of the message and then re-send the request, two days ago when you are out, with our system, it’s not possible to attack the lock this way because we use codes which are unique codes only available for a few seconds. So it is penalty from this kind of attack. You cannot resend the message to accept the lock.

Craig: Alright. Makes it really easy. To find out more, go online to Best place online?

Sebastien: Sorry?

Craig: Best place for people to go online?

Sebastien: From this morning, you can pre-order this lock on the website.