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Eric Lin is a co-founder of Kasia Inc.  Since 2004 Eric has worked in the tech industry at companies like Gefen Inc and Cisco Systems managing teams to create A/V and internet enabled products.  As a Product Manager at Cisco, Eric ran multi-million dollar product lines within Digital Media Group.  Since leaving Cisco Eric has been satisfying the entrepreneurial craving by growing an import/export business, acquiring multiple real estate holdings, and co-founding Kasia Inc.

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TTWCP-858-Eric Lin

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Eric Lin – Kasia Home

Airing Date: April 16, 2016


Craig Peterson: Smart homes? Here and everywhere, there’s a lot of different technology out there. All of them have pros and some pretty big cons sometimes. So we’re gonna talk right now with Kasia Home about what they’re doing. That’s where you’ll find them online, KasiaHome,, with Eric Lin and some of the advantages they have as we talk about smart home technology. Eric, welcome.

Erin Lin: Hello.

Craig: So, why Kasia? Why is the company there? Why are you guys making smart home stuff?

Eric: So, about 3 years ago, my brother and I were really interested with modern technology. We really wanted to get something for our own home. And at that time, Belkin has just started getting on the market with their Wemo technology. And so we bought a few of their modules, put it in in various places, and really found that when it was close to the router, it worked awesome. But as soon as you get a little further out, sometimes the product would cut out. I have to reset the Wi-Fi on it, and it just became more troublesome than it was to work. And I was constantly dealing with intermittent, like, connectivity issues. So I’d be outside trying to connect to it, just wouldn’t work. And then I start looking at some other solutions, so like some Z-Wave products at the time and like Insteon. And for those solutions, it worked pretty well but they all utilize the hub. That was like $200.00 for the hub. And then on top of that, I’d pay another, like $50, $60 for a light switch or a dimmer. Something like that. So, I could get a few rooms set up. But if I had a whole house that I wanted to cover like most of the lights, I was gonna spend like thousands of dollars to create a smart home. And I really thought that that was very unapproachable for most consumers, for the average consumer. So at that time, my brother and I decided, we have the know-how, we have the connections, so we should try and figure out what we could do in this industry so we can do something different.

Craig: Right. So you came up with Kasia.

Eric: Yes we did.

Craig: And how was that different? You mentioned Wi-Fi and some of these other devices that don’t connect very well.

Eric: Yes.

Craig: There’s ZigBee, has their standard out there. Where do you fit in to all of that?

Eric: So our technology is closer to ZigBee and Z-Wave’s technology so we’re using RF module and we do have a central hub that interlinks everything in the system. So that’s when we started with that. But when looking at, like Z-Wave and ZigBee’s solutions, a big part of why their cost is so high is you have to buy the chips and the components from ZigBee, from Z-Wave, from their alliance.

Craig: Right. Expensive licensed chips.

Eric: Licensed chips. So just your wireless chip that would go inside your standard outlet… that’s why those outlets cost like $50.00, $60.00, coz that chip alone was a huge component of the cost. And when you look at the standard, kind of off the shelf radio or RF module, it was a fifth the price. So, right there, we saw that. That’s where we could come in, build our system from the ground up to be affordable, and have like, the versatility that an RF-based solution has over a Wi-Fi solution that needs to… has the limitations of Wi-Fi and the range issues with it and the connectivity issues that come with Wi-Fi.

Craig: Ok. So you were able to get the cost much under control.

Eric: Yes.

Craig: You don’t have the range issues the Wi-Fi has.

Eric: Yes.

Craig: The power consumption coz Wi-Fi has pretty high power consumption too.

Eric: Yes it is.

Craig: So where can people find the Kasia Home equipment?

Eric: So right now… we’re just finalizing development right now.

Craig: Sure.

Eric: So we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign in mid-February. And we’ll have product ready to ship probably by the end of April. So right now, we’re going through our safety certifications for all the different products and we’re pretty far along so we’re pretty confident that come April, we’ll be able to ship the product very soon after our crowdfunding campaign ends.

Craig: Right. Alright. Kasia Home is the place to find it. Eric Lin, thanks for being with us.              

Eric: Thank you.