TTWCP-860-03 Home Security, Serge Renouard of Invoxia: Serge Renouard, CEO and Co-Founder Invoxia

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Serge Renouard, Managing Director and cofounder of invoxia. After 8 years as a developer for Sagemcom, Serge joined Inventel as Product Manager, where he was in charge of the development and launch of a wide range of DECT products, as well as the first generation of HD phones for AOL, Orange and British Telecom. Before co-founding invoxia, he was Director of Research and Development for Thomson SA’s Connected Devices group.   Serge received his engineering degree from the Grenoble Institute of Technology (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble-INPG).

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TTWCP-860-Serge Renouard

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Serge Renouard – Invoxia

Airing Date: April 9, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re gonna talk right now about a product that you can use in your home. It was designed for the kitchen but you can take it with you. It provides a few different features that are gonna be very handy for your family. We’re joined by Serge right now. You can go to to find out a little bit more. Serge, welcome.

Serge Renouard: Yes. Nice to meet you.

Craig: So let’s talk a little bit about this. You’ve got a speakerphone built into this, right? It’s got a high quality speaker. I can use it for Bluetooth to play my music in the house. But it’s also got a nice little screen on here. You’ve got reminder integration. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what Invoxia’s doing here?

Serge: Yes. So Triby is a connected speaker. It’s made for the kitchen. It’s magnetic so it can be plugged into your fridge door. And there is mainly 3 features. The first one is the music, so you can stream and listen to Spotify streaming services…

Craig: Built right into it.

Serge: Or built right into the product or internet radio. I can show you just the press of a button you can listen to news. You can stream Spotify very easily. That’s the first feature. The second one is the message board. Thanks to Companion App, you can draw doodles easily. And if you press the send button, it will be directly received by the product. There is a flag that pops out, indicates the new message. And you just have to press on the flag to acknowledge and indicate to the sender that the message has been read.

Craig: That is really cool.

Serge: And the third feature is for kids, they can easily, from a push of a button, call their parents. Mom or dad that they can assign to these 3 buttons. So it’s really easy to use. And the really new features that we announced at the CES is the integration of the Alexa voice recognition service on the product. So Triby will behave like the Amazon Echo. It will replace the Amazon Echo so you can talk to the product directly and ask Alexa what’s the weather? Alexa, what’s the traffic? Alexa, set the timer to 5 minutes. Etcetera, etcetera.

Craig: Now, do you have to push a button to talk to it? To get it to do something else?

Serge: No. There is the Alexa wake word recognition, and so you can access all the other features of within Amazon Echo.

Craig: Very nice. All set up. All in a nice little box here. Now, you said this has been out for a little while. And the company is Invoxia, but the product… where should we go online?

Serge: The product is called Triby. It’s now on sale since mid-November. And Alexa will be available in summer 2016 through a firmware upgrade. So the guys who already bought the product will have the Alexa features as a free firmware upgrade during the spring 2016.

Craig: Ok. And where should they go online to find out a little more.

Serge: So you can buy it either on our website, Or on Amazon.

Craig: Alright. Invoxia. This looks really handy. Rather intuitive. The sound wasn’t bad either I gotta say, for such a small device.

Serge: Yes. We have our own speaker, so it’s stereo. We have made the speakers especially for this kind of size to improve the low frequencies and improve the yield of the speakers. We have very good sounds for a product this size.

Craig: Very, very nice. Again,