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Brian Stark is the General Manager (Americas) for smanos where he focuses on developing smanos’ distribution in North, Central and South America.

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Brian Stark – Smanos

Airing Date: April 9, 2016


Craig Peterson: We’re joined right now by Brian Stark. He’s from Smanos. We’re gonna talk about some smart home products that Smanos has introduced. You’ve been around a while. Welcome Brian.

Brian Stark: Thank you very much for having us. I appreciate being here.

Craig: So Smanos, 2013, I guess was you founded and…

Brian: In the US.

Craig: Right. Ok.

Brian: In the US. We’ve been in the European market for 5 years now.

Craig: Alright. And you’ve got some new products. But what’s Smanos aimed at? What’s the overall?

Brian: Smanos is a, what we call it, a do-it-yourself monitor-it-yourself home security system. And, you know, we do a no contract, no monthly fees which is very good, very easy for the pocketbook. Very mobile, you know. You could move with it. Transportable for the security system if you move from city to city, within the city, that sort of thing.

Craig: And you don’t have the high monthly fees, is that right?

Brian: Exactly. Zero monthly fees.

Craig: Oh wow. Makes it really easy. And how do you hook in now? Are you using Wi-Fi? 3G tech? Or…

Brian: Well we offer all those different items. We have the Wi-Fi. Then we go Wi-Fi with a PSTN or landline back up. And then, all the way to a 3G.

Craig: Alright. PSTN, Public Switch Telephone Network.

Brian: Yeah. POTS.

Craig: POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service.

Brian: Landline.

Craig: For those who… yeah, exactly. Some of us are older than others. All the way up to the most recent stuff. Now, you have new products out now.

Brian: Yes, we do have new products.

Craig: I love the idea of a video doorbell. Tell us what Smanos is doing there.

Brian: Well, what we’re doing there, we’ve got a video doorbell that integrates with our new K1 system, which also has the Z-Wave integration in it. So it’s even more expandable. And the doorbell, of course, it’s motion-activated. So it will send you a push notification when someone was within 15 feet of your door. And then it goes into a 30 second record mode and send you notification somebody’s near your door. And then when you activate the doorbell, the door chime, of course it chimes in your home, and it also chimes on your phone. On your smartphone. Android or iOS. And when you pick it up, you’re gonna see the person’s face that’s standing on your door. You have the ability to either accept and start a 2-way conversation with that person, or just decline and pretend nobody’s home.

Craig: Well, that’s handy. So when you’re on the beach in the Caribbean, as long as you have internet service, you can answer your doorbell.

Brian: Well actually, it’s even more than just internet service because on my cellphone, I can access it through my cellular connection. So I don’t have to have Wi-Fi where I’m at physically.

Craig: Alright. So as long as you have a data plan…

Brian: Right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah, a big data plan if you’re overseas.

Craig: Yeah. It gets expensive doesn’t it? So the 360 degree camera that Smanos has now, what’s that about?

Brian: Well that is our, what we call our 360 degree panagramic camera. The UFO. And when you see it, you know, you’ll see why it kinda got the nickname UFO. It’s a great looking piece. And it’s using our Sony sensor and it’s actually a 180 degree sensor. But when you put it on the ceiling, mount it on the ceiling which many of our customers said that they would do in our group, when we did our focus group thing…

Craig: Right.

Brian: You know when you put it on the ceiling, you are seeing all 360 degrees of the room. So that’s why we said 360 degrees.

Craig: Ok. And the UFO coz it’s kind of a UFO shape I guess.

Brian: Yeah, exactly.

Craig: And so now that ties into the alarm system we’re talking about.

Brian: Yes, it’s also accessible through the app.

Craig: The DYI alarm system. Makes it really easy. So, where could people find the Smanos equipment and…

Brian: Well, we are at, We’re also at Up in Canada, if you have Canada viewers now we are in BestBuy stores in Canada. We’re at in Canada. We’re also at Envision Electronics in Canada.

Craig: You can find more at the website?

Brian: Oh yes.

Craig: Alright. That’s Thanks for being with us.

Brian: Oh no, thanks for your time. I appreciate it.