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Scott Franklin, director of mobile marketing at Ventev Mobile, joined Ventev’s parent, TESSCO Technologies, in 2006, and was named to his present post in 2010. He is responsible for the marketing of Ventev’s line of mobile device accessories including power products and cases and protection. Scott, a former professional skateboarder, is a graduate of Lynchburg College.

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Scott Franklin – Ventev Mobile, a division of TESSCO

Airing Date: September 19, 2015


Craig Peterson: We’re joined right now by Scott Franklin, he is with Ventev. Now this is a company whose products I’ve been using a lot. I’ve got my hands on some, they sent me a few. I got a couple myself. We’re gonna talk about some of their newer innovations. I have it on a table here in front of me and I’m joined by Scott Franklin. He and I are gonna discuss what they’ve been doing and why Ventev is a company you should remember. Scott, welcome.

Scott Franklin: Thank you. Good to be here.

Craig: So let’s talk about this. First of all you have power.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: And that’s fantastic, coz there’s never enough power.

Scott: That’s right.

Craig: So I always keep your Ventev devices with me. In fact I have a USB charger that goes in my car that also has a battery in it.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: So if I need to, I just take that out of my car, coz of this little car adapter. And…

Scott: Yeah Powerdash r900, yeah.

Craig: There you go, you’ve know the model number.

Scott: Yeah. Yeah.

Craig: And so we use that all of the time, but you have a bunch of power products, we’re gonna talk about those in a minute. I love your cables! My wife absolutely loves them too, coz they’re flat, no tangle cables.

Scott: That’s right.

Craig: You have some of the first that I ever played with.

Scott: Yup.

Craig: And you also now have a line of some of these cases for the new iPhone 6’s.

Scott: That’s right.

Craig: So where should we start. Ventev. What’s your basics? You know, where did you come from? What’s your background?

Scott: So we’ve been in the manufacturing business for about 15 years, doing it for a variety of different brands. Uhm. And then what we’ve started to do is… several years ago, 5-6 years ago, we started to develop our own branded line of product.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: We used a lot of private label stuff.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: And what we found out that that there was an opportunity to solve some of the common problems that people have. Uh, now that mobile devices are so integrated into our lives, you know, we’re doing emails, we’re doing texts. Uhm, we’re doing maps, we’re doing all kinds of stuff.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Uhm, there’s a need to be protected and there’s a need to be, need to be powered. And ultimately to keep you connected, that’s what it’s all about.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So when we looked at our product, and we looked at our product line we tried to find something that we can, a problem we can solve.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Uhm, and how we can make lives simpler. Coz particularly in the product category, it’s pretty simple. It’s complicated!

Craig: Right.

Scott: But people don’t want it to be complicated.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: They just want it to work.

Craig: Right.

Scott: So we do all the engineering, we do all the thinking, to give a pro… to produce a product that just simply works. You know that when you buy a Ventev product, we’ve done all the hard thinking.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So you can plug in your device and know that it’s… this… it’s just gonna work for you.

Craig: Just gonna work for you.

Scott: Right. Right.

Craig: We need to make sure you keep that right in front of you.

Scott: Ok.

Craig: As you’re moving around here. So, let’s talk about the power first.

Scott: Absolutely.

Craig: Ok, coz this is some of the stuff I absolutely love. Now, first of all, if you get your hand on a Ventev product, you’re gonna feel the difference. What did you call this?

Scott: It’s got a soft touch coating to it. So it gives it, uh, this tactility so kind of wants to stay in your hand

Craig: Right!

Scott: Uh, it won’t slide out.

Craig: It does, it’s not gonna slide out. Exactly!

Scott: That’s right!

Craig: Which is one of the things that I love about it. Now, you have a number of these, uh, battery packs.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: Really, that have a feature that I love in them.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: Which is it has a built in wall charger plug, everything. So you just, you pop out the plug. You put it in the wall. It charges up. And now, you’ve even got a digital read out on these.

Scott: That’s right. So this is a new introduction. This is a 10,000 milliamp backup battery. But again, the problem people have with these backup batteries is you then need to carry a battery and you needed to carry your charger…

Craig: And the cable.

Scott: And the cable to charge… and the cable to charge your device.

Craig: Right.

Scott: So we came out with this. This is designed for the mobile user that has multiple devices that are on the go. And have, maybe multiple phones, they have an iPad, they’ve got an iPhone, or… or an Android.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: And it’s all integrated into one. So we set the circuitry up…

Craig: Oh, look at that…

Scott: So you, you plug it into the wall, and it works like a wall charger.

Craig: Right.

Scott: Power will first be delivered to the devices that are plugged in.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Then once those devices are powered up, it will re-power up the battery, the backup battery.

Craig: It will start charging.

Scott: For power on the go.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So then once you’re fully charged, you can go and this will give you about 40 hours of talk time on your telephone.

Craig: Well then you’ve got built right into to the cables 

Scott: Yup.

Craig: With both the lightning connector…

Scott: Yup.

Craig: As well as a micro USB connector…

Scott: That’s correct.

Craig: So right there you got the half or more of the devices up there.

Scott:  And an additional USB for your Bluetooth, or something else you wanna charge up.

Craig: And is this a 2 amp charger? One and a half amp?

Scott: Yes. So the way, the way that it’s designed is the lightning…

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: … is 2.4 so…

Craig: So you got the rapid, ultra charge.

Scott: Yup. So all the new iPads. For the micro, it’s 1.8.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott:  Which is at the extreme. And then there’s a 1 amp coming out, the single.

Craig: Ok.

 Scott: And the bottom.

Craig: So right there you’ve got enough to charge pretty much everything all day.

Scott: That’s right.

Craig: Even if you’re on the road.

Scott: That’s right. And we’ve come out with the sibling that goes with it as well.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Similar concept. It has the built-in prongs, so it’s a wall charger.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: 3,000 milliamp backup battery.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Doesn’t have the integrated cables, but it does have the USB out.

Craig: Right. And again, this is very small. This fits right easily into the palm of your hand.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: Uh, which is quite nice, and it’s 3 amps people! That’s a lot of power. It’s like 3,000 milliamps.

Scott: 3,000 milliamps, yup.

Craig: Or 3 million microamps…

Scott: You’re doing the math, yes.

Craig: Or we can go to the pecoamps too, I suppose.

Scott: (Laughs) Don’t make it more confusing.

Craig: (Laughing) A whole lot of power. Now you have some smaller chargers too, right?

Scott: Yes. So these are the integrated wall charger backup battery.

Craig: Which is my favorite, frankly.

Scott: Which is great. Sometimes you just need something that’s real compact, real slim, throw this in your, in your shirt pocket.

Craig: Easily.

Scott: In your coat pocket…

Craig: That might even fit in a big wallet, frankly. Look at this thing. 

Scott: Yeah, you know. It’s the size of a… you know, it’s a little thicker than a credit card, but it’s a credit card size.

Craig: You know what this is? This is about the size of one of those credit card holders.

Scott: Yes. It’s a good way to put it.  And this has an integrated cable.

Craig: Right there.

Scott: So we offer 2 different versions. One has the lightning and one has the micro.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: This again is 3,000 milliamps.

Craig: Wow. Ok.

Scott: And then we have another 3,000.

Craig: And, and it’s a metal case too, right?

Scott: Yes, yes, we…

Craig: So it’s pretty tough.

Scott: We would give this a try…

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: It’s the Ventev colors but this has an aluminum, brushed aluminum.

Craig: Right. Case on…

Scott: Finish to it…

Craig: Which is really nice.

Scott: Yeah, yeah.

Craig: Really nice.

Scott: And then we also have, we call this the Power Cell 3015.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So this is a, uhm. It’s got a single output.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Uhm, and a micro and immediate charger to charge it

Craig: Charger, right.

Scott: But you know it’s, it’s broadening the line.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: The line offering is we have these at 39 from 59.

Craig: Wow.

Scott: Up to 99. So, if you need power on the go, we’ve got an option for you.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Uh, we’ve got another new item.

Craig: That’s this little guy.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: Ok. So what is, what is this?

Scott: Ok, that’s a…

Craig: Check.

Scott: … charge dock.

Craig: Ok.            

Scott: So, as we’ve tried to create these hybrid products that are a mix of two…

Craig: Oh, there it is!

Scott: This is a desktop charger.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: That has integrated 2,000 milliamp backup battery in it. So you can charge it on your desk use it every day. If you want, you take it with you.

Craig: Right.

Scott: And you can charge your device right there with the 2,000 milliamp backup battery on the go. So great for the hotel.

Craig: Right.

Scott: That plugs across the room. You can still charge your phone up right next to you.

Craig: And uh, uh, 2,000 milliamp.

Scott: Yup.

Craig: That’s going to charge what now. Is that gonna give me a half charge? Three quarters on my iPhone 6?

Scott: Probably, three, three, three quarters.

Craig: Yeah.

Scott: Somewhere around that area.

Craig: Yeah

Scott: Depending on how dead you are and…

Craig: Right.

Scott: Plus versus… yeah.

Craig: Right.

Scott: It will give you a good fair amount.

Craig: Easily fit into your pocket.

Scott: Easily fit in your pocket, absolutely.

Craig: Yeah, yeah. Any pocket. And if you’re a geek, no one will notice coz you already got a lot of junk in your pocket.

Scott: You probably got four things in your… other devices in your pocket anyway.

Craig: (Laughs) And now you can power them all.

Scott: That’s right. That’s right.

Craig: Alright. So Ventev, you also some cables that you brought with you here this morning.

Scott: Yup.

Craig: And again, one of the real, I think, advantages to these is the fact that they’re flat cables so they don’t, they don’t get all tangled up. I, I like them personally. As does my wife.

Scott: Yeah, that’s, that’s one of the biggest problems with cables is the round cables they tend up just get all balled up. You throw them in your bag. Nobody makes them all nice and…

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: You pull them out, they’re all tangled up. These want to stay straight.

Craig: Right.

Scott: Uhm, so you don’t have to have to deal with all the tangles.

Craig: Yeah.

Scott: So we’ve come out with a couple new cables. We’ve got our traditional. The ones that you guys are probably using now.

Craig: Right.

Scott: This is the 3 foot cable.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: There’s a need for 6 foot cables as well.

Craig: Right.

Scott: So, if you’ve got a plug that’s buried under your desk.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: You can, you can have access to it that way. Uh, we’ve also come up with 6 inch cables too.

Craig: Now these are tougher, too, than the normal cables. You know, the round ones do get tangled up, but I’ve noticed they also tend to break. And, as I’ve said, we‘ve been using Ventev cables now for a year, maybe even longer. And we’ve never had one break on us. Very tough.

Scott: Yeah. We’ve, we’ve tried to make them as durable as we possibly can, uhm, because again it’s about keeping you connected.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: The last thing you want is to be out traveling and your cable break on you.

Craig: Yeah, yeah.

Scott: So, uhm, we’ve made them. We’ve actually done some reasonable improvements too, to make them even stronger.

Craig: Uh huh. Makes it really nice. We have a couple of minutes left here. Let’s talk about what we have in front of us.

Scott: Ok.

Craig: For the iPhone 6’s.

Scott: So for the iPhone 6, we’ve got a couple new products. We’ve got what we call the Penna Wallet

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So this has got the, the front protective…

Craig: Right.

Scott: … flap on the front.

Craig: Right.

SP: We’ve also integ… designed it so it has a stand…

Craig: It’s a Belkin stand for your phablet, your 6 plus.

Scott: Right. So you can watch your movies on it. Uhm, another challenge with this type, type of phone is it covers the camera.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So we designed it, we’ve put little magnets in there, so you can fold it in half and you can still take pictures with it.

Craig: Ok.

Scott: And not have to to worry about it.

Craig: And it’s leather. You can smell the leather.

Scott: Yeah, genuine leather.

Craig: Which I like.

Scott: We’ve also, uhm, we’ve put the, the push through plug, uhm, buttons in.

Craig: Oh yeah.

Scott: So you can still…

Craig: For power and volume.

Scott: Yeah, and they’re protected from dust and dirt.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: There’s… that’s the Penna Wallet. And this is what we just, we call this the Penna. So this is a leather.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Without the front facing. So this is for the iPhone 6 Plus. This is for the iPhone 6.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: And also comes in black, which is what I have on my phone here.

Craig: Ok. And then… innovative. Now I have seen these before. Well, not the Ventev…

Scott: Right.

Craig: But these clear, acrylic, plastic-type cases. And day one, minute one, you set your phone down and it doesn’t look like this.

Scott: Yes.

Craig: So what are, what are you guys doing with this type of case?

Scott: Yes. So the consumer that typically buys this. They love the design of the phone. But they need the protection. But, you know, a day or two into it, it all get scratched up. So, the solution that we came out with is this, this material, uh, is self-healing.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: So, as it gets scratches, as you go through your day, whether it’s on your desk. It’s on, in your, uhm, change bin in your car, or whatever. The scratches will eventually, they’ll disappear.

Craig: Uh huh.

Scott: Within, in some cases, depends upon the, how, how deep the scratches are, in a couple of minutes. May even take a couple of days for some stronger, some deeper scratches.

Craig: Uh huh. It’s fantastic!

Scott: It stays crystal clear.

Craig: I gotta tell you, all the people watching and listening, of course, here on AM, FM radio as well. The Ventev devices are fantastic! I absolutely love them! It’s the type of thing where if you get it in your hands, you’re not gonna get rid of it. And it’s gonna be with you, and I have one, in fact, in my bag right there.

Scott: That’s great!

Craig: In order to charge up any of the devices I need to charge. So it’s fantastic., Is that the best place for people to go?

Scott: Yeah. or specifically go to

Craig: Alright.

Scott: It takes you right to this product line.

Craig. That’s Scott, thanks for being with us for today.

Scott: Thanks for having me. Appreciate it.

Craig: Alright, got it!

Scott: Alright.