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Bill Pike is a tech veteran with a background in renewable energy consumer electronics. Currently he is the CEO of Solpro a Silicon Valley start up that develops consumer clean tech.


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Bill Pike – Solpro

Airing Date: September 26, 2015


Craig Peterson: We’re joined right now by Bill Pike. He is CEO of Solpro. You’ll find them online at They have a very interesting device that we’re gonna open up here in just a minute. But if you need power on the go, and maybe there’s some sun around. Maybe Bill can help you  out. Bill, welcome!

Bill Pike: Thank you very much, Craig!

Craig: So, let’s talk a little bit about it here. What’s Solpro? What are you guys all about? What are you trying to do?

Bill: Solpro is a consumer, renewable product company.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: What we’re trying to do is bring renewable energy to the mainstream.

Craig: Uh huh. And that’s typically the solar, is that you’re focusing in on that one area of renewable?

Bill: We’re focusing now in solar that’s absolutely right.

Craig: Alright. So you have power. Does it charge batteries and then charges devices? Charge devices directly?

Bill: It charges an internal battery off the sun.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: You can obviously charge it like you would any battery bank.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: So you can plug it in the micro USB, start your day with a full backup battery.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: But then any time you have sunlight, just open it up. Capture a bit of that sun, fills up the battery, and then keep your devices going all day.

Craig: Alright. So in front of us here. For those listening on the radio, you’re not gonna see this. But, it’s a little, well how big would you say this is? About a pack of cards size, maybe a little bit bigger.

Bill: Yeah, like half the size of a paperback book, or a little bigger than a pack of cards.

Craig: Yeah exactly. So on the side, we have outputs here for 5 volts.

Bill: That’s right.

Craig: Of course USB, 1 amp, and 2.1 amp.

Bill: Correct.

Craig: Which is the ultrafast charge.

Bill:  That’s right.

Craig: That many devices need nowadays. Input so you can charge this as well from the wall socket or…

Bill: That’s right.

Craig: If you need to. And then, how does this work from the solar standpoint?

Bill:  So from the solar standpoint, all that you do is take, this is a patent pending solar trifold array. So we can open this up. Just set it up anywhere that there is sunlight.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: Capture the sunlight. We got a little indicator on the front here that will show you that you’re getting the sunlight. Little orange light turns on.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: And that will charge the battery directly.

Craig: So where are you aiming this? Who would want a device like this? And I can see certainly camping and hiking, it would be fantastic.

Bill: You are absolutely right. The outdoor market is an obvious market for us but what we’re really trying to do is bring this mainstream.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: The charge speed is the most important thing about this device.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: You can charge this, if you’ve got direct sunlight, with 90 minutes of charge, you’ll get enough charge to fill up a typical mobile phone.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: That means really fast solar charging. So, when the consumer has the option to getting just a battery pack or getting something that can go green…

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: And give them energy on the go or during an emergency.

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: We wanna make this an option for them.

Craig: Alright. That makes it really nice. Very easy. Easy to take with you. You could leave it on the dashboard of your car.

Bill: That’s right.

Craig: And get it to charge up.

Bill: As long as you’ve got solar energy coming in…

Craig: Right.

Bill: You’ve got sunlight, it’s gonna charge up. Obviously, direct sunlight is best…

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: Like any solar panel…

Craig: Uh huh.

Bill: If it’s behind glass, it’s gonna charge a bit more slowly, but it will still charge up.

Craig: Now you’re calling this your Helios product.

Bill: Correct.

Craig: And if people go to online, are they gonna find that? 

Bill: They will.

Craig: Is it available? When?

Bill: The new version of the Helios that we’re just releasing here at CES would be available at the end of February.

Craig: And when you say ultrafast charge, you’ve got 2 sides to that, right? The Helios, it self-charges in about an hour and a half in direct bright sunlight?

Bill: It charges enough for charging up a mobile phone an hour and a half. If you leave it for 4 ½ hours, you get a full charge on the battery.

Craig: Alright. And then that will do a couple of smartphone devices typically?

Bill: It’s about 3x.

Craig: Ok. Alright. And then obviously, you can charge pretty much anything that’s USB powered.

Bill: Anything USB. You can charge a tablet PCs. You can charge mobile phones. You can charge accessories, wearables. Anything that’s USB charged.

Craig: Uh huh. And it easily will fit into your pocket.

Bill: That’s the great thing about it. There’s nothing in the market right now that is anywhere this level of compactness with the speed of charge up, yeah.

Craig: Alright. So visit online. to find out more. To get the devices right there as well. Something you can take with you. Charges quickly. I love this idea! I think it’s a great idea. Because now, you always have power, and that’s one thing you never have enough of frankly.

Bill: That’s absolutely right.

Craig: Alright. Bill Pike, CEO. Thanks for being with us today.

Bill: Thank you very much Craig.