Craig discusses the difference between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and why Apple is Winning the AI Game. Then he tells you about a cool new website that can help us all alleviate a bit of the cabin fever this pandemic has caused.

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[00:00:00] Craig Peterson: Artificial intelligence machine learning. Those terms are incorrectly used interchangeably. We’re going to talk about what Apple means by it.

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You’re a home user. I have a lot of business owners, including one. I got a great email from here a week ago and he runs a 500 person plus now. So I guess it’s medium business, not small anymore, a business that has various types of security requirements. And, he said he loved the security reboot guide.

And here he is a big, important CEO. So it’s available to you to Craig Peterson dot com slash subscribe. Now Apple has been at the forefront of something called machine learning for a while. If you have an iPhone that’s within the last couple of generations, you might not be aware of it, but it has a machine learning chip, right?

[00:02:00] Built right into it. It’s an integral part of that phone now. And it’s used for a lot of things, unlike goals. And also this is true of Amazon with their echo, the Alexa devices where. It records something and then sends it up to the cloud where it’s analyzed and decides what it is you want. And then it comes back down with the risk.

Want, unlike that well, the way everybody else does it, Apple has been working for years now on having all of those smarts right in your phone. Remember, I talked about Apple all the time and about how they are the only choice when it comes to reasonable security. Part of the reason is they don’t make money off of your data and they are trying to keep it private.

[00:03:00] So by having everything on the phone and using it has a secure enclave and it just does so many things. But doing that means they don’t even get that data. All handled by your phone locally. And now it’s using machine learning for some of the very cool stuff. Since I think the iPhone eight, it’s had a special portrait mode that’s built-in, we have more fancy mood modes that are coming up here in the future, but those are all via machine.

Learning. Now I read an article that kind of got me upset a few weeks ago and it got a backward. So I got to explain this to everybody. Artificial intelligence is the highest layer, right? Artificial intelligence is something that would easily pass. What’s called the Turing test. You’ve probably heard of that four.

And so for those of you who know what it is, bear with me for just a minute and we’ll help those that don’t know what it is. Alan Turing, absolute genius. He is the guy behind the machine that broke the German enigma code in world war II. You might remember seeing the movie, which was really quite good by the way.

[00:04:00] You might want to check it out, but just an amazing man. And he developed this basic, the concept of a machine, an artificial intelligence machine will be considered serious artificial intelligence when. You cannot distinguish whether or not you’re talking to a machine, so you can ask your questions, any questions you want and yeah, it will respond appropriately.

And as part of those responses, it says, it’s going to try and lead you down a certain road, right? Like you wouldn’t have a conversation. And you’re not going to be able to tell if it’s a real computer or a real person that’s behind that. that’s the basics of the Turing test. That’s the highest level.

[00:05:00] That’s artificial intelligence. That’s something we, I have not achieved. It learned itself. It figures everything out. It can talk, you can do all kinds of things. Think of the Corbyn project from the early sixties and other sci-fi movies and what that computer did. That’s artificial intelligence machine learning is quite a few steps beneath that.

And machine learning means that there is a machine that has been programmed to learn certain things. So it might learn for instance, what, an APL looks like a dog looks like a cat looks like. And so it’ll try. Thousands of hundreds of thousands of times to identify something and learn a little bit every time until it gets to the point where it can distinguish by itself.

So basically the last question, it’s a cat and you’ll say, no, is this a cat? And you’ll say, no, boring with the massive database bases that are online, Google that Google has and others, it was able to feed all this information in and the machine. Kinda learned how to identify these different things.

[00:06:00] Now, Google home, a big problem with that. I probably don’t want to go into that right now, but it had a real problem with distinguishing some things, particularly when it came to people and, they will just leave it there. And I’ll find a kid into a religious ish war right now, but. Apple believes it’s a leader in AI.

That doesn’t mean it’s got AI right now. But in this case, it has that subset known as machine learning. And it is involved in almost every aspect right of your iPhone. You don’t even know that it’s there. Apple hasn’t been touting it like some of them, these other guys have, but that’s where they are going now.

[00:07:00] You’ve heard of course, about the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. And they’re always touting about how they’ve got the AI and they’ve got the machine learning again at best, in reality, it’s machine learning, which is a subset of AI, but Apple’s got it in all the iPhones, iPads, even now the Apple watch has that in there.

And later this year, there’s going to be two. New max, that’ll be out Mac books that are going to be using Apple’s own CPU technology, own central processors, Intel out the door. Okay. And because they have now their own technology, their own processes in there, they’re going to be able to do some very cool stuff, including pudding.

This machine learning chip into our desktops and laptops. It’s absolutely going to be amazing. We’ll see what happens here. So all of this, by the way, once you, if you can you follow along, this is again, this is an ARS Technica article. I love these guys. If you’re watching on video, of course, I have it up on the screen right now, but ARS Technica goes into a bit of detail about what Apple is trying to do, and they were able to get.

[00:08:00] quite Of Google’s AI and search to come over to Apple back in 2018. So he’s been very busy working on it. it’s kinda cool here. He says, when I joined Apple, I was already an iPad user and I loved the pencil. So I would track down the software teams and I would say, okay, where’s the machine learning team that’s working on handwriting.

And I couldn’t find it. Turns out that there was no handwriting AI team at all, or machine learning team. So here’s really surprised I was able to turn Apple around. So now machine learning is a part of absolutely everything inside Apple. So it’s a very good thing. I think it is using it today.

They are going to create more machine learning features. You’ll see more of them in the iPhone, 12 they’re already working on automatically blurring out backgrounds, putting different backgrounds in, even in FaceTime, having multiple people have a look like they are all in this same room, which is just absolutely amazing.

[00:09:00] You take your picture and Tada, there’s your whole family, even though they weren’t really there absolutely cool stuff. So kudos to Apple for doing all of that. when we get back, we’re going to talk about it. Another reason, never to use Android as well. There aren’t enough out there, basically the Snapdragon chip that so many of them are using this put more than 1 billion Android devices at risk of data threat in a very big way.

So we’ll be talking about that. And before we go, I want to talk about this really quickly. You might want to check this out right now on your, Computer or your phone or wherever it is. Many of us are stuck at home and that can be a big problem, right? Being stuck at home travel and leisure magazine is where I found this article.

[00:10:00] It’s called window swap. You’ll find it online at window dash, swap.com and it has 10-minute videos from people’s windows, all around the world. So if you go to windows, swap.com, you’re just going to be absolutely blown away. I think this is the neatest thing ever. You click on open a window, somewhere in the world and that’s it.

It’s opening up for me right now. And here is a window in Dublin. Ireland is what it’s showing me right now. And you can submit your own window. It has to be reviewed and approved. And that can take a little bit because apparently they’ve been total. Overwhelmed with submissions, Dublin Ireland. Let’s see.

[00:11:00] What’s next up here for me Amsterdam. The Netherlands. Now they’re supposed to, you can probably hear that to include sound and it’s supposed to be a fixed. Picture. So what you’re hearing is the video from a house that is our apartment, whatever that’s sitting right there on the water, and it’s watching a boat go along the canal in Amsterdam.

So check this out. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all. I’ve seen now windows from all over. Some of the stuff in Ireland is so cool and the European stuff, it’s just like traveling. Some of these airlines right now, by the way, are reporting a 95 decrease in travel, the cruise lines. I just saw a thing from Norwegian this week, they have lost 99% of their business.

Just absolutely amazing. And their revenue is down by a thousandfold. If you complete that, it’s just absolutely amazing. So if you’re stuck at home, you want to do a little touring. Do this, and what it reminds me of is Marty McFly, his living room and how they had that big wall with the big pictures on it.

[00:12:00] That you could do this with your TV. If you got Apple TV, for instance, or there are other ways to hook it up, but you just throw it up on your TV. And now you get to see all of this cool stuff. Go by window dash, swapped.com. Do you have any questions for me? And he suggestions, by all means, email me and he had Craig peterson.com.

You can also. Post a question right there on Craig peterson.com. we’re going to talk about a really bad thing here. Hundreds of apps with hidden software tracking used by the government. When we get back. Listening to Craig Peterson, stick around.

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