Craig discusses What Google is up to and how they are trying to steer the Election. 

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[00:00:00] Hey right now, we’re going to talk about election interference. What’s really going on with Google, not Russia. They’re the ones that are interfering and we got evidence

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[00:04:00] depends, but basically it can be a hundred thousand dollars a year, fairly easily on these small businesses. And the federal government said, Hey, you can pass these along and we’ll pay him so good news there.

So let’s get into our next topic here. And this is fascinating. You know, we heard for years that Russia was interfering with our election years. And it always really bothered me because there was no evidence of it. And now we found out that those same people that we’re walking out of congressional testimony meetings, you know, the secret hearings that were held by representative Schiff down in the basement, in a skiff and in a secure room that no one could, could listen in on.

Well, now those transcripts have come out. And it turns out every last one of those people who were on

[00:05:00] TV, the saying, uh, yeah, president of drama, he’s colluding with the Russians. We have absolute proof of it. Including chairman Schiff himself. We have absolute proof of it and people are going to go to jail and everything else.

In the, in the closed-door hearings, when they were sworn in and giving testimony, all of them denied that there was any evidence that the administration was colluding with Russia. So, what has Russia been doing? Well, they, I definitely have been trying to interfere in the elections, but they’ve been really mess something awful.

One of their biggest ads on Facebook by the Russians was after the election was over. If you can believe that. Oh, what good did that do? Right. And really what they’re trying to do is just stir things up and really confuse people. So they had ads supporting Trump. They had ads supporting

[00:06:00] Clinton and just really kind of mixing it up.

So that’s what they’re into, that’s their game. And they had relatively little impact on the election. Then there are social media sites. And what we’re going to talk about right now is a claim from Breitbart news. Now, if you don’t know who Breitbart is, they are a conservative website that has reporters and just all kinds of great stuff.

Breitbart himself passed some years back, but it has continued on and a few days after the 2016 election, and the internal meeting was leaked to Breitbart news. So there were top Google executives, including Sundar P Shai, Sergey, Brin, and Kent Walker. And they were just horrified that president Trump had

[00:07:00] won and the top Google executives were comparing Trump voters to extremists and they discussed in the meeting, how they could make Trump’s election and the populist movement, a blip in the history.

Now. This is all documented. Now Google top executives on record saying, uh, yeah. We’re, we’re just, uh, yeah. Yeah. We’re gonna make sure that Trump doesn’t get reelected basically. So now it’s four years later and Google is now deliberately working to interfere with the reelection of President Trump. And apparently there are several ways that Google’s interfering.

Now. This is all from Breitbart. I checked on some of these stats they do appear to be correct. Okay. But the, uh, the article call that I’m referring to here that you’ll find on my website is focusing primarily

[00:08:00] on political search bias. So if you’re a business or you’re a political campaign, how are we going to get the word out?

What are you going to get the word out by putting up a website, maybe doing some advertising, trying to drive people to your website, all of the big political campaigns I’m doing that for a long time. Of course, smaller ones can’t necessarily afford some of those things. So, what does Breitbart do? Well, they do the exact same thing.

They have a website and they have run some ads in the past. I don’t think they’re running them right now for reasons. I think that will become apparent to you as we go through this a little bit more, but there are search results are King here. Now, remember Google owns the two top search engines in the world.

Yeah. You heard it right. Google owns not just Google,

[00:09:00] but YouTube. How much of the market do they have? When it comes to searches, it is absolutely amazing. It is absolutely huge. So they have a collective share between Google and yeah. YouTube of about nothing. 92% of all searches performed in the world.

Can you believe that? Absolutely amazing. 92%. So if you want to go online and you want to find out about, well, let’s say, vice president, Joe Biden, who’s running for the Democrats this time around, you’re going to get all kinds of results on Joe Biden. And if I look them up right now and just type in Joe Biden here into Google, I get an ad from old Joe Biden, official team Biden, and another one, Joe

[00:10:00] Biden for president donate.

Now, this is from the act blue website. I get some top stories. Uh, let’s see, Washington post Republicans are still trying to frame Joe Biden with Ukraine, uh, political. Even further left than the Washington post-Biden, Latino community is diverse. Unlike the African American community K N surprisingly enough, Fox news Ben Shapiro Warren’s Biden falling apart after bizarre interview.

Maybe that’s because they know my leanings here. Okay. And then they give a few different things on Twitter here for Biden, Joe Biden for president official campaign website. So you’re going to come into this. You’re going to look at it and say, Oh, there’s a Wikipedia entry, which by the way, Wikipedia is political as well.

Very left-wing. Uh, CNN is coming up here. New York Times. Facebook’s uh, Joe [

00:11:00] Biden’s homepage on Facebook, the Hill, uh, political and another one. So that’s the first page of web results for Joe Biden. When we get back, we’re going to talk, talk more about this, and look at the statistics from Breitbart. When it comes to searches for Joe Biden.

 You’re listening to Craig Peterson. We’re talking about political influence here, interference in fact, in the election.

We’ll be right back in a minute.

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