Craig discusses how Google is demonetizing conservative platforms using their ad network

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

[00:00:00] Hey, do you know what demonetization is? Besides being a trend, it is in fact making a major impact on what you see online. So we’re going to get into that right now.

Hi, everybody, of course, Craig Peterson here. Thanks for joining me.  This is just something that’s been bothering me all week. I have to talk about this. It’s been in the news. I went to Google news and did a search for this and you know what? It doesn’t show up in Google news anymore.

This is crazy because it really hit all of the news probably Wednesday this week. It’s crazy, but here’s what’s happened. Google banned a website called Zero Hedge from its ad platform. We’ve been looking at this for a while, what would happen, what’s going on with these ad platforms, right?

[00:01:00] If you’re basically libertarian as if you’re conservative, you don’t want to shut down free speech. If you are a socialist, a communist, a fascist, of course, want to shut down free speech. And that’s exactly what’s been happening here. Places like Zero Hedge require advertising revenue in order to stay in business.

Is that what news organizations have done for forever? You have an article, people read your newspaper, your magazine, your website, in order to get at that article, you’ve got ads, right? Used to be, you’d have classified ads and one section of the newspaper. You’d go to the C section and that was sports, or maybe it was B in your newspaper and there’d be ads for sportspeople in that. Ads for things like that, baseball, gloves or games, or maybe more movies.

[00:02:00] There are things they thought you’d be interested in. We’re in that section of the newspaper. In the business section, they’re not going to have ads that are for kids’ clothes. That’s very unlikely. But that’s how they stay in business. It’s all about advertising and in the advertising revenue.

So what’s happening right now. What’s going on, and why is this happening? It’s happening more and more. Frankly, it’s getting scarier and scarier. The left has figured out that if they complain if they say I was insulted by this content, they found that they will pull the content. What happened to the days when the editorial page had all kinds of stuff on it. Frankly, it was designed in some ways to insight to get people to talk about it.

[00:03:00] Cause that means we’re thinking about it, right? It’s just like these statues that are being pulled down. The problem I have with it is if they’re up, and we’re talking about the things that these people had done that were evil, in some cases, we’re talking about it, we’re thinking about it. It’s just like burying any part of history that we don’t like, and don’t agree with. Doesn’t help us today. Yet, somehow these people just don’t get it, do they? For somehow these people are saying, “Oh, we’re going to tear this down and, they’re tearing it down there. They’re stopping free speech because they don’t agree with it.

What happened to the days when universities were the place where free speech was praised, right? You remember way back when you might be too young to remember this? I know, I’m, iffy too young to remember some of this stuff, but it used to be that in universities, there was very liberal thought. No. I’m not talking about liberal the way that for instance, Hillary Clinton defined it, which was early 20th century liberals in the United States, which was the renamed, the communist party of America, which people didn’t like, so they changed it to the liberal party.

[00:04:00] Same people, same methodologies, same thinking, same idiocy. We seem to forget about that. That somehow frees speech is bad. Does that make sense to you? The speech that should be protected the most is probably the most incentive sort of speech. Because people who are saying things that are racist or otherwise are obviously idiots at the very least. Now we know they’re not people that you really should be hanging out with. Don’t you? Yeah, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. So the left, which once touted itself as a bastion of free speech when conservatives were running the universities, nowadays, not so much. We can’t have conservative speech on campus.

[00:05:00] We’re going to protest, we’re going to riot. We’re going to get rid of it. We’re going to stop it, which is really concerning to me. So that’s why I had to print this up, right? Yeah. Yeah. We’re going to get into the online collaboration tools.

I think it’s an important thing for us to discuss, but so is this. So Google banned the website, Zero Hedge from its ad platform. That’s Demonetization. In other words, Zero Hedge. If it was reliant on ads from Google, which it was in order to generate revenue, can no longer generate revenue from that side.

[00:06:00] Now the part of the problem is as a conservative or libertarian, we look at it and say, okay, Google has the right to do, basically whatever it wants with its platform. That’s our knee jerk reaction. Of course, the left’s knee jerk reaction is that’s evil. You can’t no, you can’t do that. You can’t do that. You can’t have that speech.

The problem we have right now when we’re starting to see this president, Trump’s been talking about it. But the problem that we have right now is Google and Facebook and Twitter. Some of these other platforms are protected under the law as an open forum. So if somebody says something on one of those sites that are offensive, or maybe even would normally be considered, something that under tort law could be prosecuted. It doesn’t matter because they are protected.

[00:07:00] So now here they are, they’re protected from publishing people, publishing things on their platforms that other people might be offended by, or that might be against the law, Frankly, in any other platform. They are censoring what’s being said. So in this case, Google banned a Zero Hedge from its ad platform over comments that were made on articles about the riots that are going on.

No, of course, the news, if they reported it at all, NBC reported it as a Google’s banning website, Zero Hedge from its ad platform over comments on protests. Again, civil libertarians conservatives were all for free speech. If you want to have a group of people in the streets, protesting something, by all means, please do it.

It’s part of free speech. Its part of what so many lives have been lost over so much blood has been shed over in this country is free speech. So do it, however, rioting doesn’t fit in.

[00:08:00] Google said, “because of things users have commented because of things that comments have said on your platform, we’re going to ban you now.”

Behind this is NBC. Apparently it was NBC that reported this to Google saying, Oh, people who are saying bad things about the protests going on, they’re calling them riots and rioters, and we’ve got to stop that. In other words, one news platform complaining about another news platform.

[00:09:00] To get them to put out of business because that’s effectively what happens when you are demonetized? So when we get back a little bit more to talk about this here, this is because guess what? It’s not just Zero Hedge. It’s the Federalist, another conservative online news site.

 Stick around. We’ll be right back. This is Craig Peterson and online Craig peterson.com.

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