Craig discusses the disinformation campaigns by Russia and China and how they can interfere with our electoral process. 

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Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] You’ve heard about Tik Tok and all of the problems there did, there are hundreds of apps that are tracking you and your data.

Hey, it’s Craig Peterson. Thanks for joining us here on the radio, online on my website, all over the place. I really appreciate it. And yeah. I love it. If you would subscribe to my podcast, you can do that. Of course, by going to your favorite podcast platform, there’s many out there and I’m on pretty much all of them would love to have you join me there.

Tik Tok is a real problem right now, many people just aren’t aware of what’s really been going on. Tik Tok is a Chinese built and run piece of software that has been caught multiple times grabbing our personal information. Things like who our contacts are, who we are contacting frequently, even things like phone numbers, it addresses the whole shooting match check top basically is.

Kind of evil. And in fact, what Tik Tok has been doing is sending out and information to China, where it’s now available to the socialist government over in China, the Chinese communist party, which is of course an issue of a very big issue. At least it should be for all of us. Is that data that you have been sharing.

Maybe unbeknownst to you with Tik Tok is in their hands forever. This means the rest of your life. So think about it. If you’ve got on tick-tock a few years ago, maybe you were younger than right now, you’re in your twenties. You’re off of work. Many of these people, these young kids that are now out in the job field in the job world are where.

some of them might be security specialists. Some of them might be working for the federal government or they’re sensitive businesses. Just think of all of the manufacturers that are selling to the DOD. So now these same kids that were kids just a few years ago are now adults out there in the real world.

And Tik Tok has all of this information about them that they can steal. They can sell it. They can use to figure out how can I get into that company? Hey, I want to get into Boeing and their jet engine division. And once I’m in the jet engine division, I can poke around a little bit. I can get information on some of the jet engines that are used by the military and then take all of that and put it together.

Have you noticed how so many of these Chinese military jets, even their aircraft carriers look a lot like ours? Some of them actually have plug and play replacement Smiths that can be used for some of our US military equipment. Now they’re carriers, not so much. The carriers have some of our techs acknowledging in fact, a lot of them in there, but they still haven’t mastered a few things like the catapult, et cetera.

Hey, there’s another opportunity to steal from us. Think about the whole idea behind socialism. The bottom line is everybody is equal except for the people at the top. There they’re more equal, right? Read animal farm, great books, or George Orwell, but they are more equal than everybody else. So the rules don’t really apply to them.

Actually that’s been happening here too. Hasn’t it? But the rules, I don’t apply to them. And for the rest of the population, they’re pushing down your ability to start businesses. They control what you say, what you think, who you are associate with. All of the stuff is controlled. if it’s controlled, if I can’t just go out and create a new product, go out and hire who I want and do whatever I might want to do.

Guess what? There’s no innovation. So in a socialist country, how do you innovate? the bottom line is theft, right? That’s exactly what China is doing right now. They don’t have the innovation. They don’t have the motivation for innovation because unless you are high up inside the party apparatus, you are not going to get a chance to do anything.

We could get into a lot of other stuff here, wild way, why there are problems with them and what has been doing, the Chinese government has given Huawei more money. Then the entire world’s five G implementation is going to cost. In other words, the Chinese government went and gave Huawei enough money to equip the entire world for free with Chinese five G technologies.

How do you think that works? Where do you think that comes from? it comes from the fact that. They want to get the fingers into everything, know what’s going on, have all of this technology available to them. Everything. Yeah. Internet. I see ICM bees, the Intercontinental ballistic missiles. We gave them the technology to launch missiles against the US.

If you can believe that, right? That’s a real problem. If he asked me, let’s get into this app story here. It is absolutely fascinating. And the bottom line is, Oh my gosh. There is so much of they’re doing that we don’t know about now. I’m not just talking about the Chinese here. But I’m talking about our government.

there are restrictions in place for the US government. They do not allow them to do certain things. One of those things is to track us as civilians. Now here’s where the problem comes in. How can they track us if they’re not allowed to track us? they’ve got to work around. So I want to go to this article from all of all places travel, excuse me, Android authority.

We got it up on the screen right now, so you can check it out yourself and they have a report out that talks about hundreds of apps. That has hidden tracking software that’s being used by the government. how does this work? if the government, if our government can track us, how are they going to track us?

The bottom line, they want to, we know already about the five eyes, the seven eyes, the. What is it? 14 eyes or 11 eyes. I’m trying to remember. These are countries that spy on each other citizens for the other country. So for instance, the US federal government cannot spy on us as individuals, unless we are suspects in a case bottom line.

And so then they can go to the court, they can get court orders, they can examine what’s going on. You can’t just blanket, grab all of our information, funnel it into some database based somewhere, and then use it for whatever they want to ultimately write, which can obviously be a problem. It goes back to show me the man I’ll show you the crime.

what they’re pointing out in this secular article is something that is very. Concerning because there’s a new report that came out from the wall street journal here in the last week and exposes that apparently there has been a new development in mobile phone tracking. it’s legal for businesses to keep information on us.

We’ve known that I’ve had data brokers on my show as many as 10 years ago, frankly, where I was talking with them about, okay, what data can you gather? Where’s the legality here. Basically a private company can gather almost any information they want on this. Look at Equifax. What happened there, where we had all of these data breaches, right?

We had over a hundred million people’s personally identifiable information stolen, and it wasn’t just from the US, it was stolen on Canadian citizens and many other citizens that were here in the US that were there in Canada. So they were collecting the data. The federal government cannot collect the data.

Do you see where I’m going? can you see that the mix here? You’re here. It’s coming. Here’s coming. So what does the federal government do? It buys the data from data brokers. So what are the, what they’ve exposed this last week is that apparently there is at least one federal contractor that has been putting in government tracking software in more than 500 mobile applications?

Now, if that’s not something that kind of blows your mind and should frankly, so in this case, I, again, you’ll find this on Android authority. You’ll find it and more about it on the wall street journal. But the contractor, in this case, is a Virginia based company called and normally six LLC. And it’s pain, mobile app developers to include it’s.

In house tracking code within their apps. Now the app developers don’t have to disclose that this tracking code is in there. They don’t have to disclose that this data is then being sold to the federal government. no. They just aggregate the data and they sell it to the US government. It’s happening and it’s illegal, absolutely legal.

The wall street journal story goes on more and more. And although this company anomaly six would not disclose the apps that their code is embedded in and where it has the partnerships, the wall street journal could not figure out the details through other methods. At least at the time, they published the article.

This is a bit of an issue here. Okay. App developers don’t need to disclose that there is this data, broker technology built into it. So you could have one or even dozens of apps with this government tracking code. Right there on your mobile device and you would have no idea. Absolutely amazing.

Absolutely amazing. What’s going on here. So that’s the basics of what you need to know, By the way, anomaly six says all of this data is actually anonymized. So there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing. Ignore the man behind the curtain, but as the best and brightest listening to my show for years, there’s something called de-anonymizing that allows you to pretty easily take any data set and figure out who the people really are within that data set, even if it is supposedly anonymous.

Hey, when we come back, I got to tell you about this cool new app that I found. It’s actually a website and we’re going to talk about new Microsoft office attacks.

You’re listening to Craig Peterson. Thanks for joining us.

Stick around. We’ve got a lot more coming up here or right after the break.

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