Since most of us are working at home or stuck at home without work I decided that we should go over the tools, techniques, and tactics we can use to make working from home easier.  Then for those who don’t have work and want to do something, I go over companies that are hiring with remote work or work at home opportunities.  It is going to be a busy and informative show — so sit back and listen in. 

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Hello everybody, Craig Peterson back here on WGAN. You know, by the way, I went ahead and checked out that new show on Netflix. It must be relatively new because it seems to have some footage from late last year in it. But this Tiger King show I don’t know if you’ve seen it. People said you know you just can’t stop watching it. I found it interesting and intriguing. I’m particularly interested in the fact that some of the people in this show our nuts, and this one particularly nutty woman has now come out this week and said, “No, I did not kill my husband and put him in the meat grinder and feed him to the lions.” Now, the fact that she came out and said that I think tells you something. Right now, the police have opened an investigation. It is quite a fascinating show about peculiar people, frankly weird people, that own big cats. At least as they’re portrayed in this show. I guess you have to take all of that with a grain of salt. Hey, for the past two weeks, I’ve been doing webinars twice a day pretty much. We’ve been talking about security what you need to do when you’re working from home. I am not turning everybody into security experts, right. Most people don’t want to be security experts. They just want to keep their information safe, but hundreds of you have been attending, and that’s a fantastic thing. I’m so glad that you guys have, and I hope you’re getting a lot out of it. I know a lot of people are trying to attend so that they understand this better. When they do get together and back to work as the office manager, whatever that role, maybe they have an understanding of what this is all about and what they need to do and how they need to do it.
In many cases, a lot of business owners have been on these calls as well. I’m so happy to do it and for free. I’m not sitting there pounding you trying to sell you something. Somebody got kind of upset with me this week because they wanted me to quit with the soft sell and I said, Well, I don’t have anything to sell. So unless you want to buy something and in that case ask me. It isn’t a soft sell. I’m just trying to teach you guys stuff. And I think we’ve all become a little jaded here over the years because everything it seems is trying to sell us something. We’ve certainly seen that you look at like the Kylie Jenner and the whole Kardashian clan, who get paid to advertise, although it’s not an advertisement as it is not marketed as such. She sent out a picture of her with something she’s wearing or makeup or whatever. She sends it out to millions of people who see it, and she gets paid a million bucks. It’s just astounding to me. I’m jaded. I get it, but these webinars are to help you guys out. Just like I’m here every Saturday at 1 pm to help you guys out to kind of review the news and what’s going on the technology side of things, right? Alright, let’s get back into all of our collaboration stuff, which we were talking about before. Now I’ve been going through this article a little bit while I’m actually not even going through it, I’m just looking for what they’ve rated as the top ones and then giving my commentary. They’ve also got one listed here called liquid planner. I have never used that. They’re saying it’s best for complex projects. Now is that regular small business, you probably don’t have these complex projects, and you know, if you’re the SBA calls a small business 500 people, and under you, if you’re at the upper end of that, you might well have some complex projects. If you’re at the lower end of that, you probably don’t, so I’m not going to get into it right now. Also, because the liquid planner is expensive, it is a full-fledged project management piece of software. So we’re not going to delve into that. They’ve got something called pod-to pod IO and they are saying that this is best for a work hub. They say it’s incredibly flexible, highly customizable, for working communication. I have never used it, and maybe I should look at it. They advertise it’s so user friendly and scales easily for growing business. It is an editor’s choice. I’m just not familiar with it. I don’t know anyone that is using it. We’ll just skip that one. Slack I have used extensively. I used it for years before I switched on to the secure platform, that is, the WebEx team’s platform used to be called Spark, but now it is WebEx teams. And, with the WebEx teams, you have everything integrated. So our phone systems are where teleconferencing, video conferencing collaboration is all integrated and is all secured and it is just absolutely phenomenal. And we’re setting up right now with some school districts that are having they’ve sent their teachers and their students home. We’re setting them up with some of these Cisco WebEx teams stuff for the schools to use because it meets all of the state and federal regulations. Unlike Slack, and Zoom, that so many are currently using. But Slack, you could not have a more straightforward tool to use. It is a team messaging app that works very well. It also has a lot of integrations, probably the most of anything.

You can tie Slack into your website, for instance. So if somebody has a question, they can just put it in on the site, and it’s going to show up in your Slack channel. You know, how, how much simpler could it get than that? It’s phenomenal. And then you can respond to it in the Slack channel. There are tons of integrations for its Really among the best when you’re talking about a messaging app, and it’s also the most expensive and now, and that’s not too bad, you’re going to be spending about $35 a month per team member. So it does add up pretty fast.

Leankit is something these guys like is what’s called a Kanban app. Kanban is a technique that came out of Japan. I think it was Toyota if I remember right was the first came out with this. A lot of the software we’ve already talked about is Kanban compatible. It came from this hole just-in-time manufacturing process. You might have remembered that was all the rage in the 70s and early 80s. Yeah, it was developed by an industrialist engineer at Toyota. I just looked it up online and basically You can think of it as kind of a big board and you have sticky notes on the board.

The sticky note represents a task, so you put it on the left-hand side of the board, say, Okay, here’s all of the things we’re going to have to accomplish. Then as you work on them, you move them to the right into different columns, so you know, it’s to be done, and then you might move it into, okay, it’s underway, or it is stalled is another very popular column, and Kanban means it’s complete. This is all part of what’s known as agile development. Remember, I mentioned earlier the rugby references while Scrum is another agile process used to help to focus on delivering real business value real goals and objectives being done by everybody in the team in the shortest time possible. So rather than using regular project managers who will say, well, this has to be done by April 10. Now, you know, if you said it has to be done by April 10. It’s not going to be done a minute before April 10. What are the odds is not going to come in until April 20. The odds are pretty good that they’re not going to meet that April 10 deadline, right. But when you’re using this Kanban method, a scrum kind of development or business process method. The idea is you get something done a small task and narrow tasks, get it done as soon as you can. Once it’s done, you just grab the next sticky note off the left side of the board. Now, I like a couple of different packages out there that you can use for Kanban. I’ve used JIRA before, and I have used Trello. If you’re just starting, and you wish to track some projects, and it’s just you, maybe you and a couple of other people, I want you to check out Trello online T-R-E-L-L-O. I have used Trello extensively over the years and have just found it to be golden. It’s so easy to use; it uses this Kanban type of board methodology. So does JIRA. However, JIRA gets more complicated and ties into other packages like Confluence and things that are all part of the same thing. But have a look at that. I really do like it a lot. That’s what LeanKit does. So it’s pretty darn cool. So when we come back, we’re going to talk about my favorite little database now use that term within air quotes. You might have heard me put little air quotes up there. We’ll talk about that out and more when we get back here. I’ll give you a little understanding of what is collaboration software? What can we use? Now that we’re working from home? Now that we have fewer employees, people are out sick, how can we make sure things are getting done that need to be done? And with repetitive tasks? Again, I’m going to kind of recommend the Asana stuff. But you know, these can band boards can be incredible, depending on what type of repetitive task you have. Now, if you have any questions for me any comments, if you want to attend any of the upcoming free webinars, these are like an hour-long we delve deep into a security topic or collaboration topic. Make sure you check me out—Craig Peterson dot com. You’re listening to WGAN, so stick around. I’ll be right back.

Hey, Craig Peterson here, back on WGAN. For those of you that are interesting in these webinars or what’s going on, I have been holding them twice a day, at 4 pm and 7:30 pm, for about an hour. These are live webinars answering all of your questions and doing some slightly deeper dives into topics that everybody needs to know about when it comes to security, securing your data when at home securing your offices tying offices together, Tonya home in right all these different types of things that we frankly we need to do in this day and age. And we’re going to be doing more and more of because honestly, working from home that the whole concept of remote workers is going to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. So kind of keep your ear to the ground. But you will get emails from me, and I’ve got a lot of Mainers who have been attending these and enjoying them are just nothing but great feedback. I got hundreds of positive comments on these things and hundreds attending to, so make sure you get signed up and Attend some of these. I’m not repeating the topics from day to day, every day within the day like the 4 pm, and the 730 are the same topics. So I will be answering different questions if there are different people on it, but I will be teaching the same necessary information. So you can choose either one of those webinars during the day. But, you know, one day to the next day, I will be in I am teaching different topics. Okay, so that’s kind of the bottom line there. And I’d love it if you would join us. It makes me feel really good to know that I’ve helped people. The more people that show up, the better and by all means, invite friends and relatives to these things because we’re now opening them up. I did not widely open them up before, but starting next week; they will be open to pretty much everybody, not just the listeners. Okay, so we were talking earlier about LeanKit and Kanban and the types of, you know, processes that are behind that. JIRA, Trello, J-I-R-A in case you’re wondering, and T-R-E-L-L-O. I promised to talk about the database side.

I have used Airtable extensively, and I love it. For the radio show, for instance, we have an AirTable setup, and there are fixed things that must happen every week, right? We might have to find topics, or we might want to locate guests to have on the show. All of that is set up in the table. So that when so and so, you know, for instance, Karen will find the guests to have on, and will reach out to the guest and get their bio, get some talking points, and then I will put it up on the website. Steve will do some reviewing of it. Then Karen’s going to have to do a pre-interview with them. Then it is time to schedule them for the actual interview for the radio show. That’s the normal flow when we book a guest, just to give you an idea of how much work we put into the show. It is totally a labor of love. Let me tell you, but with Airtable, all of this can be automated, you know, informing someone. Okay, we’ve chosen a topic. Now we got to find guests and then Okay, we found a guest. What do we do now and they can put right into the Airtable because it’s kind of a database as well. Think of it as a spreadsheet, if you will, that has a database behind it. It’s really phenomenal. They can put the guest’s bio right into a cell on the air table. They can put the recorded interview right into a cell on the air table. It is just absolutely phenomenal. They have a free plan and they have various paid plans. It has to be one of the most straightforward database tools you’ve ever seen. It is just like a spreadsheet and designed to be useful and honest. You can manage information about anything you can manage the flow, the pass on, it is kind of just like We were talking about a little bit earlier. It’s kind of a can man thing too with databases and integrated with spreadsheets. It’s kind of hard to describe. But that’s, I guess my best description of it. So check it out air table.com you might love it. I absolutely love it. I know I do. We’re not using it right now because we’ve scaled back, but we’ll be right back there with Airtable and then Monday is something else is kind of similar to that. And it is designed to be able to track the tasks and move them around called monday.com. And remember what their old name was actually, maybe a month I think Monday is their current name. Let me just look that up. Make sure it’s not the old name because they had a simple name before and that now eludes me. Yeah, it is. It’s Monday.com. And it is again, phenomenal here for project tracking, Process Management. And it is they call it a Work operating system and you know what I think it really is Monday.com check it out. Over 100,000 organizations are using it according to their website including Costco, wholesale club, PayPal, Uber, Hulu, eBay, Walmart, GE, it is incredible. It’s very, very simple to use. And again, it’s kind of setup in the same way that you would think of using a spreadsheet. So you’re gonna love it like that. Monday comm I don’t think it’s listed at all here. No, it’s not on this PC mag site, but it’s something I highly recommend and used before. So they also here on monday.com while they’re talking about the collaboration tools, bring up Basecamp now Basecamp is something that I have used as well. It has been, what four or five years Since I used it, and we gave up on it because it just wasn’t what we wanted what we needed, but it might be something that’s going to work for you, I don’t know. But Basecamp is known for what’s called a sandbox-style collaboration. So pretty much everything’s in a box, okay? It’s designed to allow you to transition your whole team to remote work quickly. Frankly, it puts everything together. That’s the entire sandbox concept. So it’s not all over the place. Now, that’s one of the things I did not like about Asana is, even though it was for organizing, I didn’t feel that it organized things the way we wanted to work and that we were used to working. So you’re going to have to look at some of these yourself. But Basecamp is one of the oldest out there by far, and they developed a whole language A few programming languages called Ruby on Rails, you might have heard of Ruby on Rails is phenomenal. And that was that language was designed so the base camp could be written and ultimately could scale. And this is how they are running their company to remotely. They’re using Basecamp for it, and I’ll have to give it a try again, they’re saying by the way that 6400 companies signed up last week alone to try out Basecamp which is something to look at it. I’m looking at their numbers here. Yep. 2004 they had 45 companies, you know, it might have been longer than five years ago. Now looking at this, that I tried it so I’ll have to try that again. But check it out. And PC mag as I said, they seem to like it. It is not bad, I’m sure.

A document collaboration they like glip. We have in our business. We have loved the WebEx teams, and we’ll talk more about that when we get back in the next segment. But we use that for document collaboration along with the professional version, the secured version of Dropbox, not the, not the dropbox that you just use at home. Okay. But we liked that, and glip they didn’t give an excellent rating on they gave it like, three and a half stars if you will. Then for fast setup, they like right Wrike, but you can check that out if you’d like. So what it boils down to my favorite of all of these by far are the WebEx teams. Then next to that is probably Monday, and then we like Trello for some things, and you know, we just talked about it. If you want to listen to any of these, check me out online, go to Craig Peterson dot com, you’ll see all of my podcasts posted there or sign up. Craig Peterson dot com slash tune in. Stick around. We’ll be right back here on WGAN

Hey, welcome back, everybody. Craig Peters on here on w GAN. Did you know you can hear me during drive time on Wednesday mornings? Yeah, I’m on with Matt. And of course, we talk about the latest news lately. That’s kind of been working from home and working from home safely, which somehow isn’t a surprise is it to any of us. I’ve been doing webinars, and here are some of the titles and what we’ve been talking discussing. We’ve been talking about routers and firewalls and why fi and browser efficiency plugins you can use to keep your privacy, how to do some of the backup stuff to make sure backups are working updates and patches and how to turn them on automatically. VPN security. It has It’s been quite the ride. And we’re going to be starting this all up again next week. So I want to make sure you guys know about it and have access to it. So I’m going to be sending out emails to let you know about it. And the only way you’re going to find out is if you’re on my email lists. So make sure you sign up if you’re not already there. Just go to Craig Peterson comm. You will see it right there on the top of the page if you kind of slide it up. If you want a little help if you have questions about what we talked about today, any of this online collaboration software, any questions about any of this stuff, if you’re having trouble working from home, or you’re not working from home, and you’re just having trouble? Make sure you reach out to me, and you can schedule a phone call with me just by going to Craig Peterson dot com slash help. Couldn’t be much easier, could it Craig peterson.com. slash help. It is just I think it’s an important time for us all to work together to help each other out because we are all in the same boat right now. Yeah. kind of reminded me of something else. Well, we won’t get into that right now. So I promised that we would talk a little bit about what Cisco is doing on the collaboration front. And Cisco has something called WebEx. And it is phenomenal when it comes to collaboration. You know, I mentioned in the last segment, that we use it also for file collaboration. So we have all kinds of groups. And we have a group for each client, for instance, and we have a group for our internal tech support people. And then within each group, we have channels that are specific to you know, the various topics or various things that we’re working on. For the client. So if you have a project for our client or project for ourselves, we’ll have a space for that within the WebEx teams. And then you can drop files into it. You can search right from that space for on that team. You can start a little video conference call for everybody to talk, or on an audio conference call. It integrates with the app on your phone or your smartphone. I have and we all have desk phones. And those desk phones have built-in video, and it’s phenomenal. The whole thing is seamless, and it meets almost every security standard out there. In fact, that’s what the President has on his desk. He has a slightly upgraded version of this because he needs the highest military-grade, but as far as HIPAA compliance or PCI compliance or most of the regular compliance, including the CMC I Tara All those types of guidelines, it is fully compliant. So WebEx has decided that they are going to give a 90-day free trial to anybody that wants it, which is I think phenomenal. Now for many companies, 90 days is all you’re going to need. Hopefully, the governor is going to say get back to work within what a month or two. So the three-month window should fit for you. And you can sign up for free at WebEx dot com you’re going to love it. Now, if you go through my company now you know that we sell and maintain Cisco equipment, including WebEx, and we’ve installed some large Cisco phone systems that also tie into WebEx we’ve installed small phone systems for like dentists offices and construction companies and manufacturers that have the video conferencing in it and everything works. Everything is all integrated. It’s, it is unbelievable how well it works plus it is secure, which is just mind-blowing. But if you go through us, we can give you an even better free deal. How’s that a that, we can offer prospects, and that’s what it’s all about right that they have this for us so we can do prospecting. Our offer doubles the free stuff, and all of the numbers of attendees in the conferences and the sizes of the files, you can share, etc., doubles it basically from what you can get by just signing up on WebEx dot com for yourself. If you want to talk to me about it again, you can just go to Craig Peterson dot com slash help. And we can talk about these different types of conferencing systems. We can talk about the collaboration stuff we just talked about in the last segment, but check it out. You can just get it yourself. If you want, but you will not get all of the features as you’d get for me from for free as well. But check it out @webex.com. As I mentioned earlier today in the broadcast, we all have this set up now for some schools, and school districts are using it. So far, they love it because it gives very fine-grained control over everything that they need to make sure that the kids aren’t messing around getting on other people’s accounts. like the zoom bombing, that we talked about a little bit earlier.

Now, let’s get to this because I had promised this before right at the top of the show. We’re getting close to the end. Here is some career advice from Forbes, that I thought I’d mentioned because I’m sure right now there are a lot of us that are at home and have lost our jobs. Hopefully, just temporarily, and that includes you know, people who are waiters, waitresses, and the small businesses they were working for. I thought you might like this. So you can check it out. It is on forbes.com. And he’ll we’ll kind of run through these, but I noticed it because one of the large areas that’s on there is the computer and it jobs. But first of all, it’s talking about accounting and finance jobs. These are support strategies. And since people are using QuickBooks nowadays, like QuickBooks Online from Intuit or some of these other online accounting systems, it has made it a breeze for bookkeepers and accountants to be able to provide some specialized on-demand accounting services. If you know this stuff, and you can do bookkeeping as a work from home job. They are hiring right now accountants and bookkeepers, so check that out in support strategies, and you can find them online as well at Flex Jobs, flex jobs.com. You might want to check that out. That’s the first one. The next category that Forbes is suggesting is computer jobs. And they have three different listings here. LiveArea is a company that helps with digital commerce. They do design strategy, technology, digital marketing, best practices, and they’ve got jobs open right now that you can do from home. They are a company that started as a database company that’s still their bread and butter for the most part. They have accounting software now, ERP systems that they downscaled for small businesses, and they’re hiring right now, including database administrators that can work from home and talking about a job. That’s a great work from home job, DBAs database administrators. I’ve hired more than one of those over the years. Red Hat, which was bought by IBM last year, is also offering some jobs right now, again, work from home jobs, including sales force, configuration engineers, architects, healthcare, all kinds of job openings there. When we get back, we’ll kind of run through some more openings, some ideas for some work at home jobs, because I’ve had quite a few people. Sign up for my webinars, thinking it was about jobs you can get to work at home. No, no, my webinars are about the technology and security for working from home. But check them out. Sign up Craig Peterson dot com. We’ll be right back on WGAN.

Welcome back, everybody, Craig Peterson here on WGAN. We are talking about some of the technologies surrounding work at home. We’ve covered collaboration today. What are the top collaboration tools, file sharing tools, the top tools for having meetings, and even a little bit of bumbler conversation? It’s important, right? Many of us are stuck in our apartments, or in our homes, and we don’t see anybody else. It is kind of a shame. It is important for us all to get together and maybe even have a happy hour. I know a couple of companies that have done that. They get together at their WebEx conference, where they all have their own drinks and just enjoy each other’s company. You got to let the hair down. I think it’s a great thing. They’re doing. We were talking before the break about some of the jobs listed in this forbes.com article about working at home. We ran through some accounting and finance job categories and actual jobs that they provide links to. Then we covered some computer and IT jobs. Those are the ones that already have been kind of out-sourced and or have been work from home. Think about all of the remote workers in the Philippines, India, and China that have been doing exactly that. Working from their homes now for years. I see that as true going forward for quite a while. Construction jobs are another one right now called a renovation project consultant. There are job listings for them here. They’re looking for people who have experience viewing contracts. Here is a work from home part-time contract creation jobs for content creators/writers which is another one we see out-sourced for a very, very long time. If you read articles online, you will not see these on my site. But if you read articles online, there is a technology called spinning. Have you heard of that before? They’ll take an existing article, and they will spin it, which means they run it through some special software that changes the words around uses different words to make it so that it is not technically stolen but when you read it doesn’t make sense much of the time. So I know you’ve seen those types of articles because I’ve seen them you say, Whoa, a native English speaker, did not write this. Well, It might have been put up by a native English speaker who just uses spinning software. But there are still jobs for real writers. They’ve got listings here for fandom writers who can write about favorites like Star Trek or Doctor Who. However, this last season, I haven’t liked Doctor Who. Supernatural, Grey’s Anatomy, and more, right all these different fan shows.
There are digital health content producers and other creative jobs. I know a lot of people who use video editors to put together their marketing videos. So they’ll shoot them like, like I do all of it myself, right I shoot the videos, I record them, I edit them, and I put them up online, and you can tell. But there are a lot of openings for video editors to work at home animators as well. Vitamin T is a creative talent agency that connects freelance creative-work that occurs with digital marketing firms and advertising agencies. You can find that in this article too. If you want me to send it to you, just email me at Craig Peterson dot com, and I can make sure I get it to you. But you can just find it out on Forbes. Continuum global solutions have got contact center solutions and jobs to fortune 500 companies that bringing in customer service reps.

LiveOps is a cloud contacting customer service Solution Center. And they’ve got worked from home jobs, including call center reps, call center, licensed insurance, people, education and training jobs. It goes on and on. These are jobs that are going to stay out there in the remote work category. Even the food industry which kind of surprised me. But then I said Ah, of course. They’re talking about chef instructors. It is a remote opportunity where they are helping people learn, they’re supervising in the kitchens. Remember now with the, with the smartphones, the guys and gals working in the kitchen can just pull it out, show you what they’re doing. Media jobs, Thomson Reuters is looking for people, Vox media brands who were just reading from one of their articles well not reading it, but looking at their list. They’ve got film editors, community managers, TV, transcription, jobs, medical jobs. It goes on and on the categories, and I just don’t want to spend all the time we only have five minutes left here in the show today, but lots of them Translation jobs, Science jobs, Sales and marketing jobs, Medical and Health jobs. Check it out. Just do some searching online. Look into your favorite career opportunities site. Or see if you can find this article here from our friend over @forbes.com. A couple of the things to get to before we go away. If you are looking at working from home and you’re overwhelmed, we’ve got some tips here for you. Okay, you need to have a bit of a flexible routine, instead of a rigid schedule, you know, time was you were driving into work, you might take half an hour an hour or if you live in LA three hours to get to work every day. Well, you know, make sure that you’re not just sitting there all day long. Use that Pomodoro technique that I talked about earlier. In the show today. Look it up. It is Italian for tomato, in case you’re trying to find it online, where you’re doing little 20 minute stretches, and that ties in with the Kanban and scratching methodology that we were talking about earlier. But understand that you’re not going to be at your maximum productivity right now, we’re all overwhelmed. Turn off that news channel, don’t sit there watching it all day long, because he can drive you crazy, and is going to make you feel even more overwhelmed than you need to be. Okay, so a few tips there from our friends over at Google, working at home, and being efficient. That’s why in some of these webinars that I’ve been giving and will give over the course the next week or so, I talk about some of the extension some of the tools you can use to make your life easier to make it faster to make it more secure. But employers can boost productivity and reduce their turnover. And of course, that means lowering your costs by giving people that flexibility even before The Coronavirus hit. The majority of workers in the United States had been working at home one day a week. And I think this is going to change it all we’re going to be working more and more at home. But you need to make sure you’ve got all of the technology you need that you have a fast enough internet that you are secure. I separate workspaces, and I have a completely separate workspace at home. Just find a room or even just a corner of the room, that you can use and that you have the right kind of internet service, a workable schedule, etc.

The top fields for remote work again, computers and IT education and training, health care, customer service reps, virtual assistants, data entry, transcription teachers, of course, a lot more if you need to find a new job. Okay, that’s a great way to look at it. Right now, a majority of the top firms out there have remote work in the IT biz like Amazon and Dell. In the medical space Humana, you’ve got Kaplan, SalesForce, all offering remote work opportunities, and that means you can work from home and be efficient and effective. So many people now are doing a little bit of homeschooling. I think many parents are overwhelmed by it. If you have listened to me for a while, you know my wife and I homeschooled our eight kids, all the way up to college. That’s a lot of years of homeschooling, my wife is going a little gray, but we haven’t lost our hair over it. If you think you might want to do it, do it. Remember the mathematics from 10 to 1040. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday type schedule that they might have at school does not fit a homeschool environment. Again, that rigid environment is just isn’t going to work, and there’s no way it’s going to work into homeschool. Be flexible. But whatever your kids are interested in at the time, turn it into a learning opportunity. If, as one of our daughters was interested in cooking, remember we had eight kids, that’s a lot of food, you know, for ten people, and you’re looking at a recipe designed for four, so she learned how to do mental fractions. She’s gone on now she has her Master Mariners license for unlimited oceans, unlimited tonnage, unlimited vessels, she could command any US Navy vessel at sea. That’s all before she’s 30. And yeah, she’s got an MBA, now she’s working on her doctorate. That’s just phenomenal. And it all started with her home school, interested in fractions, learning together. She was curious and determined to do them in her head, multiplying and dividing fractions and look at where she’s at now right understanding and calculating celestial navigation and everything else. She loves it. We have other kids one has gone on to be a regional Operations Manager for an International Bank, and also has an MBA. You know, I’ve got two other of my kids who are working with me who are fire jumper security experts and understand networking inside out and backward like hardly anyone else I’ve ever met. Just amazing. I’ve got yet another son, a mechanical engineer now, and he is finishing up a master’s program this year. You can do it, and I think it is important. If you can homeschool, it is the best thing you can do for your kids. We homeschool while working from home, for much of it, I was working here at home during parts of it while was doing contract engineering and was on the road. My wife was doing almost everything all the time. It isn’t a regiment where you’re sitting there, sitting there at 10 to 10:40 with mathematics, etc, etc. It is life. It is living the best thing we can teach our kids, and the best thing we can give them is a love of learning. If you can pull it off, it’s a fantastic thing, and it is so rewarding. We’ve had success with all eight kids. It’s just been phenomenal. Hey, I hope you have a great week. Any questions? If you need a little help go to Craig Peterson comm slash help and make sure you sign up anyways at Craig Peterson calm. We’ll be back next week with webinars and more on Wednesday morning.

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