Craig finishes his discussion on Stalkerware and then gets into IOS and Android.

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[00:00:00] Hi everybody. Craig Peterson here. We’ve been talking about stalkerware. I’m going to finish that up right now. And then we’re getting into that simple hack that could tank your business. In fact, all of your retirement and savings as well.

This is Craig Peterson. I’m so glad to have you guys with us today. We are also on line@craigpeterson.com. You can get my newsletter just by going to Craig peterson.com/subscribe. You’ll get all of my show notes every week. The notes that I used for this show, as well as the notes that I’m using for my appearances on various radio stations throughout New England.

And also now I am starting to put together some videos, little training videos that we will be releasing too. So keep an eye out for those. Let’s finish up the whole thing about stock aware and iOS. Of course

[00:01:00] Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, as well as for the iPad. In the last segment, I told you how to get into the settings to look, to see if your device was managed.

IOS is a difficult one when it comes to stock or where the easiest way for the bad guys to track you is by using mobile device management. As I mentioned a little bit earlier, so that’s all well and good, right? But there are ways of hiding software on the Apple device, and it’s almost impossible for you to detect it’s there.

That’s how bad some of this stuff is. And Apple does not make it easy for you to get in and look around unlike Android, that. Pretty darn easy to get in and poke around if you know what you’re doing and Apple does that, they restrict it for really good security reasons. The types of reasons that you would hope

[00:02:00] Apple or one of these other companies was actually do it, which is because of course, they don’t want.

Bad guys doing bad things on your phone. So the access to this sort of thing is restricted. So that makes it difficult. So you might have to just go on some clues. So what are the clues? In this case, and this is true for Android. The clues are that your phone is running hot. Your phone is getting slow.

You’re not sure what’s happening. Maybe your data plan is getting eaten up. Those are all pretty bad things to happen to you. And they’re all things that might indicate that there is a problem, keyboard, keys if they have a leg. Yeah. Your type. Remember that there are no real keyboards on phones anymore.

It’s all touch screen. But if you’re typing on that screen and you notice that it takes

[00:03:00] a while. For those, it’s a fraction of a second for those characters to come up. Whereas before it was instantaneous, that also could be assigned that there’s a key logger on the device. All right. you’re running out of space.

That’s a dead giveaway because if you’re not downloading it a lot of stuff, why would you be running out of space on your phone? So look at all of those things also on iOS at the very top of the screen. There’s a little thing that indicates that, right up here on the upper right-hand side, it indicates that their location services are being used.

Now that is legitimate in some cases, but it could be a bad guy monitoring you this stock or where. So again, if you want to look at location services, If they’re at least using those legitimately, you can go into your settings, location services, and you can see all of the programs that have requested

[00:04:00] access to your location.

And then the ones that have had it recently, we’ll have a little blue arrow next to them to let you know that it’s been used recently. And that’s going to tell you a whole lot too. Okay. let’s see. Let’s move on here to our Android friends. I am not a fan, of antivirus software. Cause it’s pretty much useless, but there are some things that can do if you’re not doing anything to protect yourself.

So on the Android side, there’s Kaspersky as well as some others. Now, Apple does not allow anti-virus software. On their Apple app store for good reason, because it gained access to a lot of things that are shouldn’t have access to it often can be malicious and in the iOS world as a general rule, it’s not going to do any good to for you anyways, but on the.

Android side. If you go to the google play store,

[00:05:00] you’ll see a bunch of different antiviruses. Now, Kaspersky is another one that’s like antivirus, right? Kaspersky is a Russian company and they have had antivirus software for quite a while. And their antivirus software is actually illegal to use in the federal government.

Now you might ask why is that the case? there are ties alleged to between Kaspersky Labs and the Russian government and maybe even the Russian mafia. That’s why? So the federal government has removed Kaspersky, antivirus software from all of their devices. And frankly, you probably should too, but this is one case where again if you’re not that worried about it and you like inexpensive and you don’t care if the Ruski ruskis again and get access to your information, you might want to look for it for that because of Kaspersky labs.

With their

[00:06:00] antivirus software now has a feature that allows you to check for spyware, which is really cool. So they’ve really upgraded their antivirus pro, where they upgraded the software last year. And yeah, we’ll tell you about stock or wherever. So those jealous partners who want to spy on their ex and lovers.

They can find out. So 2018, I’m looking at some stats right now because ski lab products detected stock or whatever, programmed on 60,000, almost unique mobile devices proving the severity of the threat according to yes Bursky. So have a look at it. It is called their mobile antivirus product and they detected not a virus, colon monitor.

That’s what they’ll do. Yeah. So I have a look at that. I am looking at their stats. There are a bunch of different pieces of spyware that they’ve detected. Did, stock to where is real

[00:07:00] don’t fool yourself. I will want to get, let you guys know about a couple of things I’m doing right now. We are going to be talking in the next segment about this simple hack that can just total your business.

We’re also going to be talking about VPN, but I can’t dive into them at the level that I’d like to be able to hear on the radio. And if you’re watching this on video, this is again, it’s a short video to give you some basic understandings. So if you want more, if you want a step by step walkthrough where I am clicking on it, and you are looking over my shoulder, what I’m doing, you have to attend one of my pieces of training or watch one of the training videos if you’ve registered.

So there is only one way to do that as well. And that is to go to Craig peterson.com/subscribe. Now that’s going to get you on to my

[00:08:00] newsletter list. Now, the newsletter list, isn’t something where I’m just pounding you constantly, right? I really want to help you guys out. And I went through just yesterday.

All of the. Collateral materials that we produced. Do you remember last summer? I did the security summer where we had a different white paper that we had written and distributed every day. And some of these were two pages. Some of them are five or six pages. Plus we’ve had small business security guides.

You’ve got the security reboot guide. We’ve got a whole bunch of stuff. I counted them. There are over 50 of those that we have written and given away. Very important stuff for small businesses, very important stuff for home users as well. And you can always ignore some of that technical detail.

If you’re a home user, you’re sitting there and say, I’m not that

[00:09:00] technical. I don’t know what to do. Okay. But it is very important. And if you’re thinking about maybe. Not just getting into a computer security career, but make a few more bucks at the office because now you can say, Hey, I know this about security or better yet.

You’ve taken some courses that we offer as well as others, but some courses. That you’ve got a certificate now, and you can get, maybe get that raise that you’ve been hoping to get forever. So make sure you check it out.

Craig peterson.com/subscribe online, stick around.

We’ll be right back. When you talk about the simple hack, what are the bad guys doing right now that mess with us?

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