Craig discusses who is doing the most hacking world-wide.  Any guesses? Listen in to find out.

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All of the branches of our military now have cyber office operations, defensive as well as offensive. is China now the world’s greatest cyber power. That’s what we’re going to address right now. Here we go. You’re listening to Craig Peter, either on terrestrial radio. Yes, indeed. WGAN or online @craigpeterson.com.

I appreciate you being with me. I have had a lot of people asking questions lately and I love it. I use it to help build. Not only this radio show and some of the topics we discuss and some of the pieces of training that we do, of course, that’s offline, but I try and do a little bit here to help you guys understand things a little bit better, but I also respond to those emails and all, ultimately some of them end up in the weekly newsletter with the question and then my response to it.

I’ve even some cases recorded a little video explaining things, and you can find all of that in my newsletter, make sure you get that every week. Craig Peterson.com/subscribe. It’s important that you do that, cause it’s the only way you can find out about all of these things that I’m doing.  believe me, I’m not one to harass you guys, as I just mentioned this last time around I’ve gotta be the worst marketer in the world. Cause I’m not trying to push anything down anybody’s throat  I never really have either. So we got to cyber problems and we know that the Russians have tried to interfere here in the US forever. We know. we have been interfering in other countries elections as well as in some of their industries looked at what happened within Iran with their, nuclear power industry.

That probably was more along the lines of a, yeah. Bomb-making thing. But anyway, we’ve been doing this for a very long time, and we also know that China has been as well.  because China has one central unified government.  because that government is highly socialist, they’re trying to be communist.

No, one’s actually reached pure communism though. A Lennon communism. Oh yeah. It’s, it’s crazy. They’ve only killed tens of millions of people. It’s not a very big deal, but, China has very little incentive for people to. Create to innovate, just stick their necks out because when you do, you are beaten down.

So in a socialist government, like what they have right now in China or in Venezuela or in Cuba, much of what they have also down in Brazil. How do you end up innovating? How can you innovate when people stick their heads up and they get chopped off, that seems to me anyway, to be a little bit of a disincentive for innovation.

in fact, it’s a pretty big disincentive for innovation. So what China has been doing is. Developing their cyber intelligence capabilities.  they’ve been working on these very long and very hard.  they’re trying to come up with the ability to just steal the technology.  I know people where that’s happened.

I know a guy. Who knows a guy who knows a guy? No, I, I know a guy, his name’s Mike and he designed a system that would manage a certain part of an entire building.  he had it all put together, all planned out, everything, all done. He’s an electrical engineer, just absolutely phenomenal.  it was stolen by the Chinese and, his product is now available for sale in the United States.

. he doesn’t get a dime for any of those thousands of hours he put into the design but also think about all of the hours as an electrical engineer or everything else he was doing. So that’s how socialist governments have to survive. they push everybody down. So everyone’s on the same level, which is basically poverty.

then they have to steal innovations from other countries. So let’s use it as an example right now. The whole drug situation, how expensive pharmaceuticals are in the US, and yeah, some of the margins on these pharmaceuticals are crazy-ass, right?  with all of these crazy high prices, including high prices, for some pharmaceuticals that are absolutely necessary for life.

I’m a beekeeper and I would have an epi-pen handy in case we have a guest over or something happens to them. It gets stung and I could use it to help them out.  I do have a few things where I got the Benadryl, I got this little heat thing, I’ve got a suction thing, that would be really nice little epi-pen, but they are incredibly expensive.

How do you deal with that? we know now that about. Where I know in Canada, in many of the European countries, they pay half as much for the same pharmaceuticals that we have in the US. Now most of these pharmaceuticals, almost all of them were invented in the US almost all of them are made in China, frankly, and shipped from China all over the world.

So what are we doing? How do we deal with this stuff? It’s a very good question.  what has happened now is the Trump administration has said, Hey, we will not in the US pay more for pharmaceuticals than any other country in the world. Just boil it down so he’s trying to squeeze it from that side.

Now, if they don’t have the incentive to make a drug. They’re not going to make it. If the incentive is we’re going to make a lot of money off of this drug, I don’t see a problem with that incentive, frankly. And if they do come up with a drug that works great as it is, we’ve already seen the pharmaceutical companies dropping their development of all kinds of drugs, because they look at it and say, it’s just not going to be profitable enough.

A legitimate concern.  then people say, maybe we should have the government do this and invest in this sort of stuff.  my opinion on that, right? the government is terrible about picking winners, whether it’s in the solar cells, batteries just go on and on you just name it.  the government’s been bad at it in Canada.

They just, this last, over the last few weeks, but just finished the last one last week, they have ordered. Vaccinations for the Wuhan virus from four different companies.  they’ve ordered hundreds of millions of doses. Now, remember Canada has what? 33 million people. It’s a 10th of the population of the US that’s a lot of doses because they’re trying to cover their bases up there.

hopefully one of them will work and maybe there’ll be like an old for world work. So that’s what you have to do.  we have seen China actively attacking. Small US companies. like ultra-small 10 person companies, they are attacking to steal intellect real property.  with this friend of mine, it’s just him.

It was a one-person company that they were attacking to steal his intellectual property. That is a very sad thing.  I see this in our bigger customers when you’re in a 100 to 250 employee range, you are a man age, your target, and you’re still too small to be able to afford, to do security operations that need to be done.

If you’re in the hundred. really, if you’re under 250 people, 300 is fair to people is the industry standard. If you’re under 300 people, then you cannot do security operations yourself. You have to outsource it to a company like mine that has these $300,000 a year employees. That knows what they’re doing and can track it and using some of the best hardware and software and everything else out there.

Because you can not afford it with 300 employees. You get beyond that and okay. Yeah. Maybe you can to a degree, but then you have to build your team and everything. So it’s so much better to outsource for almost every company out there.  when we come in, we almost always find lately anyways, a Chinese backdoor, or more than one.

So that’s what they’re doing. They are hacking us, the US Russia is real. Some of these European countries all have pretty high-end cyber-espionage capabilities and also hacking abilities. But there’s one firm out there right now. That’s arguing that because China has had to be so aggressive in order for its economy to thrive when it comes to stealing information from other countries, from other people that perhaps that has made China the world’s greatest cyber power.

A very big deal and a very good question to ask you is that actually the case I tend to think it is. I really do just seeing how much they permeated everything and looking at my daily FBI reports I get that are showing. Multiple, sometimes daily hacks by the Chinese, these Chinese cyber attackers are going to continue to Excel, spanned the targets to going after.

yeah, it’s not just the big companies anymore. In fact, the really big companies, the fortune 100, you get up into the North of a thousand employees. you should have very strong cybersecurity. Team with a chief cybersecurity information officer, et cetera, all the way on down, you should be having drills every quarter.

What do we do?  that includes your PR people, your attorneys, everybody. Okay. you should be doing all of that. So those companies that a thousand employees plus are pretty well protected.  so the Chinese and these hackers, as I mentioned, this Russian hacker in the show who was trying to really cause some serious harm to Tesla to get them to pay a ransom.

He wasn’t backed, I don’t think anyways by the Russian government, but the only way in for him was to turn somebody. Internally who had access to the systems? So we have to be very careful. One of the largest wealth transfers in human history happened with the Equifax hack because now information personal information is more valuable than gold.

It is a very big deal.  when it comes to China, your intellectual property is worth more than gold.  the FBI now has placed the blame on China for that 2017 hack of Equifax.  if Equifax had kept their patches up to date and it would not have been able to use that vulnerability, which was six to eight months old at the time China used it to break into Equifax, stole the personal data on 150 million.

Americans and half of the 5,000 counterintelligence investigations currently being conducted in the US are related to China.  some of those are through yours. Truly. Then, we have found in small businesses here in the US. Hey everybody has a great weekend. Make sure you are on my newsletter. So you get all of this and more.

Get free training and get my free papers.  now I even have a book coming up here. Craig Peterson.com/subscribe.  join me on Wednesday morning with Mr. Matt Gagnon at seven 30. Take care, everybody. Bye-bye.

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