Craig discusses how a kid on a zoom virtual learning meeting caused his parents to be questioned by Police. 

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Automated Machine-Generated Transcript:

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] When you think of a violation of somebody violating your privacy, what are you thinking about? Is it people Tom’s? Is it somebody sharing a little story about you? That isn’t true. with back to school, virtual, um.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:19] Yeah, we’ve got a story coming out of Joe Biden’s country in Maryland. That is very disconcerting. This is from a TV station down in Maryland. Fox Baltimore is the station, and this is very concerning to me. We have many kids that are going to school virtually right now.

 If you know me, I homeschooled along with my wife. In fact, primarily my wife, kids, we had eight kids together. They’re all grown. This was back before homeschooling was popular. In fact, back when homeschooling was pretty much illegal and I got hauled into court over it, fought and won by the way.

It gets to be a difficult situation now where. You have a kid that’s at home, which means your job is now threatened because can you work at home? Even if you can work at home. Okay. You take the time to monitor the kid to maybe help them out a little bit. There are some out there right now, school districts who are saying, you can’t monitor, you can’t be in the same room as your child. It might violate other children’s privacy.

As though children particularly have a right to privacy. in loco parentis thing, the schools are the parents. You are giving up your child to the school and the school can do amazing bad things with your child without your permission. We’re not going into that right now.

But I have seen that again and again, in fact, in our court case, it was eyeopening to me what came up, it was just absolutely shocking. Of course, none of my kids were in school and that was part of the problem. But at that point they said, we went to all of the local schools and, we were going over there cause we wanted to speak to your children.

Cause what they do is they just remove the child from the class. If they want to investigate you. The child has no right to have defense there. They don’t have to notify you. They don’t even have to record it in most cases. Then they sit there with the child and they do who knows what with that child. I’ve heard stories about, some of these dolls they use, and it’s just scary how perverted some of these people are in government and in our school.

In my case, it was well we could not find your kids in school, therefore, they are not being educated, which if you know my kids if you know any of them, the opposite is true. Most of my kids have gone on to get advanced college degrees, university degrees. Yeah. and the rest of them have far more than a university Ph.D. program equivalent.

It’s just shocking. Yeah. What they will do in the whole school system and it has to do with the teachers union. There are some fantastic teachers that really care. I remember two, particularly when I was growing up, cause I went to public schools and I remember their names still.

Mrs. Petri, Mr. Cotes, and the impact they had on me. The very positive impact. I had another one too that I have a few memories of.  It is a different world today because the teachers don’t want you watching over their shoulders.  I have read quotes and I’ve seen a video where some of these teachers are concerned because the parents are going to find out what’s going on in the schools.

What they’re being taught. We know, for instance, one of the founders and people that are still running black live matter has come out and she’s on video proudly proclaiming that she is a trained Marxist. We see that all of the time, they’re trying to convince our kids to do that. Now, there are some amazing teachers that not only help the kids to understand it.

I still remember one of my economics professors and how he really was trying to help us understand what was going on. What was the value of different things and why? And I remember his explanation of how the Dow Jones average worked. Oh man, was he wrong? Be that as it may, we have teachers out there and I know them because you guys have reached out to me who are trying to teach the right things in the schools. Who is pushing back on the agenda that some of these teacher’s unions are trying to push in this school?

I would suggest that you be very careful when it comes to your kids being online for school. Hopefully, they’re not using something like zoom, which is horrific. It is not controllable by the school and the means it needs to be controlled. It is not secure. It is not safe. Don’t use Zoom. But, what are you going to say? You’re just a parent, right? What are you going to be able to do about it?

Use by all means WebEx teams or a straight-up WebEx. WebEx teams work great for classrooms and it has the types of controls on it so that you can stay private. You can do the things you need to do to really stay private.

So I see the school districts that are using zoom and saying, Whoa, it all for privacy. We’ve got to make sure that you are not sitting there watching what’s going on. In the meantime, they’re using Zoom. It’s just Whoa, wait a minute. That’s obviously not the reason.

Here’s a case again, coming out of Joe Biden’s home territory here in Baltimore. Where a child was on one of these virtual classrooms and someone reported her because if you can believe this child had a BB gun mounted on the wall, in his bedroom and that was offensive to other children.

And obviously, the parents who were watching over their kid’s shoulders. Yeah. It’s fine for those nare-do-wells to be watching and complaining. But it’s not fine for you to watch your children make sure things are going, okay.

So apparently this parent reported it to the school administrators. The superintendent and the school board demanded answers. She said the principal initially compared bringing a weapon to a virtual class to bringing a gun to school, she was also told that she could not see the screenshot of her son’s bedroom because it’s not part of a student record.

Yeah. But it certainly got passed around. Didn’t it. Okay, so who’s on these calls? Who’s viewing this stuff? Of course, the police end up coming to her home and the police have a report that they have to investigate a very big deal, Okay. Is this is very scary!

No one called her first. They just called the police and they had the police go by nothing. So the police knock on her door and say, we need to come in by the way. That’s what they do. They say, yeah, we have to come in. We need to come in. Even though they may not have a legal basis, two force entry. That’s not just true of the police. That’s true of most people working for the government, but, she let them in. she let them look around.  I have seen this before in my home state. A butcher block on a kitchen counter makes your home an unsafe environment. They tried to remove the children from that home. So that if the kid’s in the kitchen and there’s a butcher block behind them on a counter, does that mean there’s a weapon?

Did that child bring a weapon to the classroom? Cause there’s a butcher block in the kitchen behind him. Or there’s a BB gun secured on the wall behind him. This is technology in misuse, frankly, if you ask me, okay. This is very bad. This is very sad. This is Joe Biden’s. Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, indeed.

So the police searched it. They were in the home for about 20 minutes. They found no violations of the law. Again, that reminds me, of socialism, show me the man, I’ll show you the crime. 20 minutes in the home. What might they have found heaven forbid? Maybe an unclean environment with some kitty litter spilled out of the kitty litter box.

 I’ve seen worse. I’ve seen more done for less. Anyways. Keep that in mind with your kids while they’re in these virtual classrooms.

When we come back, we’re going to talk a little bit about Uber. You have security charges over there.

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