Craig discusses why he thinks that Tik Tok, WeChat, and Huawei bans don’t go far enough.

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[00:00:00] The misinformation is mind-boggling. We’re going to talk right now about Tik Tok. What’s really going on. What have I seen that they’ve done?

Yes. Craig Peterson, here. I am your host I have seen some major nastiness coming from China with my own eyes. We have unfortunately picked up some clients who have been the victim. In terms of the Chinese and what their social discovery is doing to try and steal information from regular users, individuals, and corporations.

And I’ve talked about some of these over a lot the last few years because I’ve been seeing more and more where they have active back doors, they break into networks, they get in through different types of apps. They get in through bad firewalls, through bad VPN and on. Now we’ve got President Trump out there saying we’ve got to restrict the owners here of Tik Tok and we chat Tencent and bite dance.

[00:01:00] And it’s a kind of a concerning thing for China in a very big way. So the Trump administration apparently has been working with Microsoft to potentially buy it. There are some other bidders that are there trying to buy Tik Tok I am very concerned because I don’t think this is just a problem with WeChat or with Tik Tok.

I think this is a systemic problem. With any, and all of these Chinese, these companies who remember if you’ve got a socialist nation as China does, and they are trying to have everybody be equal, except the course, people at the top, they’re more or equal than everybody else they completely discouraged any sort of individuality.

[00:02:00] And that means unless you, you are in the upper echelon of the Chinese communist party. Don’t forget that’s a socialist party. That’s a branch of socialism unless you are high up inside the CCP, you cannot go out and start businesses. Do various things that you just take for granted here in the US.

You can’t do any of that. You can’t have the international transactions. You can’t take your software and sell it overseas or your goods or whatever else. You have to go through Alibaba. If you had permission to start the business and hire people in the first place, because remember, again, it’s the socialist government that’s actually hiring them.

[00:03:00] It is the military that most people are working for over there. So it is a very big problem. All of this stuff, dealing with China, they really do want to control the world’s markets we’ve seen them again and again, doing that and because they don’t have them anywhere near the innovation that we have here in the US yes, through, constructive really demolition, The whole process of what’s called capitalism, but really is free trade that humankind has had since we had opposable thumbs. It’s the only thing that works. It’s Adam, Smith’s a hand, that’s the ID and all of this stuff, The invisible hand. So if they can’t innovate, if they don’t have people innovating, if they don’t have people who are regular people that are brilliant people innovating, what are they going to do?

they only have one thing to do. They turn to, I left to steal ideas from other countries. To steal processes from businesses to steal their intellectual property, to go after companies like Equifax and try and get all of the data on everyone in the US buying companies like Lenovo from IBM and getting along with that Lenovo deal.

[00:04:00] The name, address, and title of everyone in the federal government that had a Lenovo computer on their desktop. I fought against that way back when that was happening, but no, they’d let it happen. Intercontinental ballistic missiles. We gave them the technology, look at their jet fighters. Look at their aircraft carriers, et cetera.

They look on an awful lot like ours in many cases, those parts are interchangeable. We have a China problem. A very big China problem, because if we want our economy to keep growing, we have to be the country that is innovating that’s ahead of everyone else where people come because they want that great job.

[00:05:00] They want that great opportunity because socialist nations cannot provide that. They never have been able to, they never will be able to, you can only get so far at the point of a gun is the bottom line here. So this Tik Tok talk ban is going to affect a lot of people, but I don’t think it goes far enough.

And I meant shouldn’t that on WGAN on Wednesday morning. This week when I was on with Matt. seven 30 by the way, every week I don’t think it really goes far enough because these companies that we’re talking about here, byte dance, and Tencent have already proven themselves to be unworthy of our use by stealing our information.

[00:06:00] Look at Tencent. I mentioned this to Matt. Here’s a company that has some amazing investment in various types of video games. So for instance, League of legends, a very popular video game, and they’re just made by riot games. Guess who owns it? China’s Tim scent owns it Tencent’s latest video game release has code in it.

That gives it complete control of your operating system and computer. Can you believe that? They say, yeah, let’s just stop cheating. Oh, yeah, really fast to stop cheating. You need complete control of my computer so I can read all my files. You can log all my keystrokes so you can take screenshots to see what I’m looking at, what I’m doing.

[00:07:00] You can upload all of my documents, my spreadsheets. Yeah. You need that. So again, we’re looking at a company, these are the guys that make we’d chat, which is absolutely used to spy on people in China. The Chinese government admits that and is being used to spy on us here. They’ve been caught before too.

And then I look at stuff like in the New York times I was reading this article. I know I should never look at the here New York times and this Kevin Roose guy completely mixes everything up. I can’t believe the links. They will go to bending over backward to misinform people, misinformed them entirely.

It’s just incredible. He says I’ll be honest. what does that tell you? First off? Bam. He’s been lying and now he’s going to be honest. Okay. Don’t ever say that don’t ever say I’ll be honest or to be honest, right? That is a really bad thing to say because that’s a dead giveaway that you haven’t been fully honest before.

[00:08:00] So what does he do? I’ll be honest. I don’t buy the argument that Tik Tok is an urgent threat to America’s national security. okay. So two weeks ago we caught them grabbing everything in our copy buffers, which includes things like passwords, bank, account information, anything that you would copy and paste.

they’re not an urgent threat really. It is just absolutely amazing to me, a couple of other things, VPN booms as countries around the world, mole Tik Tok band. So people are getting VPN. So this is by the way. I’m a moderately legitimate reason to use a VPN. Now you shouldn’t be he’s super Tik Tok, but it allows you to look like you’re coming from another country.

And so a lot of people are doing that and you should attend my webinar on VPNs. If you haven’t. A Tik Tok, by the way, is starting to fund its top creators as they try and get more and more people involved apparently they are putting a $200 million US creator fund together. A little bit of good PR for them there themselves.

[00:09:00] They so do I think we should be banning Tik Tok and we chat? Absolutely. I think it’s far too late and I think we should seriously consider banning pretty much everything to do. Technology-wise with China. We didn’t even talk about the five G stuff that’s been going on with China. Anyhow. All right.

Stick around. We’re going to be back here in just a minute, and we’re going to talk about these penetration testers and how they got arrested. You’re listening to Craig Peterson on WGAN and online Craig peterson.com.

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