We Need a Free Press for All

It’s time we had a free press in this country again. I’m not just talking about people who write for magazines or newspapers, or even bloggers who go online to express their opinions. Our email services need to be court order resistant, or our ability to speak freely will continue to be hampered until it reaches the point where none of us will say anything because of our fear of Big Brother‘s monitoring.

Sure, the King  had made it illegal for Americans to own printing presses that printed banned books, and to say certain things against the crown. But are we still living in those ages? Why should we be so concerned about our email being read by the government? Because even being concerned about how we express ourselves creates a lack of expression, a self-censorship that just can’t exist in a free society that’s looking for a free exchange of ideas. This is a slippery slope that brings us that much closer to the potential of a totalitarian government.

Let’s fight for email services that are resistant to government court orders. Let’s not allow the FISA courts to cause us all to become our own worst sensors. Edward Snowden has done us all a favor by exposing the incredible amount of monitoring that has been going on within the USA and outside our borders.