Regaining Your Privacy Online

How do you regain your privacy in the online world?  You may have heard about online “People Search” services.  These services allow you to search “public” records to find out detailed information about other people — and of course other people can find out information about you, too.

These databases are used by potential and current employers to determine if you’re lieing on your applications for work, they’re used by banks and other financial institutions to see if you should qualify for a loan, and they’re used by debt collection agencies to perform “skip traces.”  These include sites like Spokeoand BeenVerified, which rely on public databases and records when they charge you for the “background checks” or other detailed personal information they advertise

When I searched one of these sites for information about me, about 50% of the information it showed about me was accurate.  Records that people didn’t worry about 15+ years ago are now pulled into these massive online databases.  Real Estate transactions, such as that home you bought, are all online.  Arrest records.  Court cases.  And a lot more.