Smarter Homes – Russian Hackers – Feds Tracking Every Move

August Smart Lock allows someone to enter your home and is app controlled via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

It’s a dream reminiscent of The Jetsons. A stranger walks up to your locked home, and they are denied entry. But when you approach, the lock slides open, and you’re permitted to pass. George and company lived in a sci-fi cartoon (set in the year 2062), but in reality (and 2015), we’re just getting started with this once-imaginary technology.

I installed an August Smart Lock and used it for a week to determine if the future has come home, yet.


Are Alzheimer’s diseases infectious? Certain surgical procedures are raising questions

A study into people who died of a separate kind of brain disease after receiving injections of human growth hormone suggests that Alzheimer’s may also be a transmissible disease.

The findings have raised questions about the safety of some medical procedures, possibly including blood transfusions and invasive dental treatment, which may involve the transfer of contaminated tissues or surgical equipment.


Android Pay is Google’s answer to ApplePay

Google will start making its Android Pay service available today, according to multiple sources, as the search giant prepares to take another stab at mobile payments. The company plans to roll out availability to some users every day for the next seven days, according to these people. It’s not clear if the service will be made available through an update of the Android operating system or by downloading a separate Android Pay app.


Make your smart homes, smarter!

Award winning technology and cloud services power Security & Smart Home solutions, including Interactive Security, Energy Management, Video Monitoring, Intelligent Automation and Wellness. We connect a broad array of smart devices, making them easily controlled through a single intuitive mobile app.


Provide a ring of protection to your home

Over 1 million burglaries occur just in the United States each year during daytime hours, when homes are usually unoccupied. Being home is often enough to deter a potential burglar.


Legislating Drones — Many are opposed….

In August, legislation passed both houses of the California legislature that would have banned unmanned vehicles from flying 350 feet above property without express consent of property owners. Tech groups, including those backed by Amazon and Google, which have nascent drone delivery programs, and other companies with commercial drone plans, like GoPro, opposed the legislation.

Those groups scored a win. On Wednesday evening, California’s governor Jerry Brown vetoed the bill.


Russian Hackers at it again — stealing data and hiding their tracks

A group of sophisticated Russian-speaking hackers is exploiting commercial satellites to siphon sensitive data from diplomatic and military agencies in the United States and in Europe as well as to mask their location, a security firm said in a new report.

The group, which some researchers refer to as Turla, after the name of the malicious software it uses, also has targeted government organizations, embassies and companies in Russia, China and dozens of other countries, as well as research groups and pharmaceutical firms, said Stefan Tanase, senior security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, a Moscow-based cyber security firm with analysts around the world.


Affordable home security within your reach

The largest companies in the industry sell alarm systems by spreading their cost over the length of a monitoring contract, just like how cell phone companies will sell you a phone for next to nothing if you sign up with them for two years. Unlike cell phones, though, most people won’t need or want a new alarm system for ten years or more, but customers of these large companies will not see a rate decrease after their contract is up. In fact, many alarm companies raise their rates after a contract ends!

NextAlarm specializes in adding new features and functionality to the equipment you already have. With the alarm broadband adapter, you can free yourself of the need to maintain a traditional phone line just for your alarm system. Additionally, you get more notification options including email and text message.

Find out more about them here


The DC Circuit Court of Appeals lift the ban on Bulk Phone Data Collection by the NSA

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the NSA may resume collecting data until the USA Freedom Act goes into effect in November, limiting government surveillance. The act was passed in June and gave the NSA another 180 days to collect bulk data during a transitional period.

Prior to the legislation, in December 2013, U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ruled the collection of certain data — time of phone calls, duration and numbers called — violated the constitutional right to privacy.


Now the Feds want to track your every move

Obamacare required Americans to turn over their health records to the government, Common Core forces them to turn over their children’s education records and smart meters installed on their homes reveal real-time water and energy usage to government-regulated utilities.

With all that data being collected on every American, now the government wants something else.

It wants to track your driving habits.