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Airing date: 12/20/2018

Apple Facebook Back Alley Deal

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey everybody. Another quick update from Craig Peterson on the Facebook scandal. Turns out that we had some real problems here on in addition to what I was talking about earlier, we’ve now found out that the Royal Bank of Canada apparently had access to this information. But this next one really bothers me. And I think it’ll bother you too. You know, we all are using Facebook for various things. We have our Apple devices, and I’m a big proponent of apple. I think their number one USP unique selling proposition is the privacy the fact that they respect it, but now it turns out that maybe Apple wasn’t as above board as possible, at least when it comes to your Facebook data. The New York Times is reporting that Facebook has shared your personal information with Apple. But here’s the real clincher Apple got the ability from face spoke to not let you know that it had all of this information about you. And it got it from Facebook. So it’s a little bit of hide and seek. You know what they say when you have your dealings in the dark in a back alley? Can’t be good, so we’ll keep you up to date on this. Keep an eye out. Thanks course. Craig Peterson, visit me online. I really want to know what you want. Send me a note. What would you like to find out about what would you like to know small business security, personal security, you name it anywhere in between? Just send me a note and you can also text me 855-385-5553 that’s my number goes right to me and my team or I’ll get right back with you. 855-385-5553.