Apple’s Next Software Update Makes The iPhone Feel New Again

Every year, Apple fans around the world line up to buy the newest iPhone the minute it goes on sale. But Apple’s software updates for the iPhone, which the company usually reveals during its annual developer’s conference, are met with far less fanfare.

This is largely because Apple’s new software releases, as important as they may be for keeping your iPhone fast and secure, have recently been minor upgrades. Apple’s iOS 8 introduced iCloud Drive for accessing files across multiple devices and a new Health app to house fitness data from several fitness apps; iOS 9 brought Apple’s streaming music service and a slightly improved version of Siri.

While helpful, these additions didn’t alter the overall iPhone experience in a significant way. But Apple’s iOS 10 software, coming this fall, offers a more dramatic change. Most notably, it rethinks many of the iPhone’s core apps and services, like Siri and iMessage.