Eratta on Lehman College and TM Forum

There are a couple of corrections to be made to interviews that will air this week that were brought to my attention after the the show was sent up to my affiliate radio stations.

In Nancy Griffeths interview, I mistakenly referred to Lehman College as a two year college when in fact it is a four year college offering 100 undergraduate and graduate programs.

Martin Creaner, the president and CEO of the TM Forum, a non-profit in the communications sector that joins over 775 member companies, including phone companies and their suppliers, to simplify the complexity of running their businesses. You can visit their website and learn more at Today, Martin is going to talk to us about what the TM Forum is doing to help their members navigate today’s fast-changing industry landscape.

In his interview, I also mistakenly stated that Amazon was buying Skype when in fact it was Microsoft that purchased them for mere a 8.5 billion.  See my article on Microsoft’s latest mis-steps here in my blog.