Here’s what happens to your old iPhone under Apple’s ‘Reuse & Recycle’ program

New details on Apple’s ‘Reuse and Recycle’ trade-in program have surfaced in a new Bloomberg report. Tim Culpan details the break down and destruction process that each iPhone, Mac, and iPad receives at one of the many Apple recycling contractors’ plants. With over 50 agreed upon regulations and requirements, the contractors have a heavily imposed process to adhere to.

Since Apple started its ‘Reuse and Recycle’ trade-in program for the iPhone over two years ago, little information has been known about what exactly happens once the iOS device has been boxed up by the Apple employee. When going through the in-store recycling program, users are told the device’s memory is erased and that the device will then be recycled. Although vague, recycled seems to be the best choice of words in the situation. Apple explains that the device may end up being sold into a secondary market, or depending on the state of the device, headed straight for recycling.