Lack of Media Parental Controls Contributing to Suicides

Not having parental controls enabled on Netflix accounts has resulted in a 30% increase in children and young adult suicides.

Your kids are at risk!

Netflix has a series called “13 Reasons Why,” and it contains some worrying content, but it seems that many in the media are covering with praise.  This teen drama show follows a teenage boy in is search to determine the reason that his crush and classmate decided to take her own life after she left a series of cassettes explaining her decision.

You may not have heard, but in the month following the release of this series, there was a massive increase (nearly 30 percent) in the number of American children ages ten to seventeen, who decided to take their own lives.

These statistics came out of a study at the National Institute of Mental Health, where they analyzed the suicide rate over five years for people between 10 to 64 years of age.  The rate of suicide saw no increase for adults after the show’s release, but those eighteen or younger the rise was significant with the majority being young males.

Ever wonder if the media your tweens and teens are watching influences their moods and mental health?

There is a reason that Insurance companies rate young adults in a higher risk category than adults – it is because they are statistically more likely to engage in dangerous behavior or take more risks behind the wheel. Many of their actions are impulsive.  Emerging science in the study of brain development, especially of the prefrontal cortex reveals that for most people full maturity is not reached until the age of 25. It is this area of the brain that is one of the last to mature, and its functions include planning, forethought, impulse control, and judgment.  That explains the reason for some of their foolhardy decisions. That consists of the decision to take their lives, which is now the second leading cause of death for those in the age group 10 to 34.

Wow!  For parents, this is quite a troubling statistic and should make them consider ways they can reduce this risk.

So, how can you protect your kids from falling into a cycle that may end their lives?

First off consider the type of media that your children and teens are watching (movies, TV, Youtube) listening (online, downloaded music) and participating (various social media) in and the way it affects them and the development of their brain.  You have to set parental controls, and you have to talk with your kids about what they do watch and answer question and discuss outcomes they might not have considered.

Second, if you notice problems get them help. That includes a comprehensive evaluation to determine the best solution for them.

One of the people whose information and research I have found so valuable and insightful is Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D., and  Their treatments based on comprehensive evaluations that include brain imaging, lab work, and cognitive testing.

So, Craig How do I set parental controls on my Netflix account and Youtube accounts?

I have prepared a document that tells you just how to do it that you can get here.


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