Nintendo Is About to Show Its NX Console in a Worldwide Preview Trailer

The world’s long-awaited first look at Nintendo’s NX next-gen platform is finally happening. The company says it’ll run a “preview trailer” for the system — NX isn’t its official brand, just a codename — on Thursday, October 20 at 10 a.m. ET. The trailer, described as a “first glimpse” by the company in an email, is poised to be the company’s “preliminary announcement of information regarding the platform.”

The heads-up leaves almost no margin for further guessing, which is surely intentional. Speculation is that the company’s planning something that combines the mobile flexibility of its 3DS handheld with the processing power and big-screen connectivity of a set-top. So something that goes with you, but that interfaces with your home media setup, plus whatever idiosyncratic twists the company’s seen fit to include that might distinguish the platform from the competition.