Self-Driving Car Completes Cross-Country Trip, USASpending.Gov looses Transparency

Self-driving SUV completes cross-country trip

The Delphi Automotive autonomous SUV arrived in New York this week after the 3,500 mile journey – the longest autonomous drive ever. The car, like many on the market, is equipped with GPS and a collection of sensors and cameras, but it goes beyond average in its reliance on those technologies to steer through traffic and brake on its own. The trip started in San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.

During the trip, the car always had a human behind the wheel.

Obama Admin’s New Spending Website Rolls Back Transparency

Data previously available at click of a button now a needle in a haystack., a website mandated by law to provide detailed information on every federal contract over $3,000, received a makeover on Tuesday. Users can no longer search federal spending by keywords, sort contracts by date, or easily find detailed information on awards, which are delivered in bulk.

It doesn’t matter how much Apple’s TV service costs because cable is so bad people will sign up anyway

Modern cable systems are awful: You have to use a beat up old DVR box that’s been used by who-knows-how-many people before you. (And then when it inevitably fizzles out, you have to schedule an appointment to get it swapped.) You have to slog through confusing, unresponsive menus. You have to use a remote with more buttons and options than the cockpit of a 747.

And you pay $50 or $60 or $70 per month for that experience, plus the equipment rental fees.

Apple TV as your hub. You won’t have to worry about switching inputs because you’ll have one box and one remote that controls everything. And if you decide you want to watch something on the go, you could stream it to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac instead.

What is the Apple Watch actually for?

The Apple Watch goes on sale in a few weeks: 24 April. It’s the latest release from the company that created gadgets that we didn’t know we had to have, like the iPod and iPad.

The Apple Watch is a convenient, deeply personal way to access notifications such as text messages, emails or social networking updates. It also offers access to a wealth of apps from mapping to health monitors.

Hold on, doesn’t my smartphone do all that?

Pretty much, and you’ll need an iPhone nearby to make the most of the Watch, since it piggy-backs off the phone’s internet access and so on.

Parents cleaning with bleach might be doing more harm than good

Researchers say they have discovered a link between the weekly use of bleach at home and the frequency of infections in children, particularly of a respiratory nature.

While bleach is effective in killing germs, the chemical may leave children more susceptible to catching flu, tonsillitis or other infections.

Exposure to bleach was associated with a 20 per cent increase in the risk of flu and a 35 per cent rise in the risk of recurrent tonsillitis.