Show Notes for February 9, 2015


The Phishing attacks have begun.

How RadioShack Helped Build Silicon Valleyradioshack_store

Apple Wouldn’t Exist Without It.

  Steve Wozniak tells the story of the TV jammer he built from parts at RadioShack. He and Steve Jobs played elaborate tricks with it.

  Marc Andreessen learned to program tooling around on a TRS-80.

  Kevin Mitnick, the first hacker ever on the FBI’s most-wanted list, learned his trade on the demo models at RadioShack because he couldn’t afford a computer of his own.

  Draper, the phone phreaker known as “Captain Crunch,” hacked his way into free long-distance calls using a Touch Tone dialer he bought from RadioShack.

  Michael Dell first began tinkering with computers at RadioShack, all while saving up to buy his own Apple II.

Valentine’s Gift Idea

Amazon’s Discounting Kindles for Valentine’s Day. Good deal, or does a tablet make more sense?

3D-Printed ‘Urban Concept’ Car Assembled by Singapore Students

It’s unsafe, can’t be used by full-sized adults, but is this a glimpse at the future?

Secret stash of Moon artifacts found hidden in Neil Armstrong‘s closet.

Includes the 16mm movie camera that was used to film the final phase of the descent to the lunar surface, the landing, as well as Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin‘s activities on the lunar surface including taking the first samples of lunar soil and planting the US flag.