Show Notes For January 24, 2015

Survey Finds CIOs Eager To Spend On Security, IT Services

Security ranked as the highest priority for the second year in a rowaccording to the company’s fourth annual surveywhich reached 112 CIOs.

Three-quarters of CIOs surveyed said they expect to increase spending onsecurity in 2015 with network firewall andendpoint security cited as the top twosegments expected to see an increasethe survey found.

There is a tremendous growth opportunity for security vendors in 2015with networking security continuing to gain muchof the spending activitysaid Andrew Nowinskia vice president and senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: “The Internet Will Disappear”

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt on Thursday predicted the end of theInternet as we know it.

I will answer very simply that the Internet will disappear,” Schmidt said.

Asked about his recent trip to North KoreaSchmidt said the country has manyInternet connections through data phonesbut there is no roaming and webusage is “Heavily supervised.” Schmidt said “It’s very much surveillance of use,”which hesaid was not good for the country and others.

Currentlyonly 40 percent of people have Internet accessthe Facebook COOsaidadding that any growth in reach helpsextend people’s voice and increaseeconomic opportunity.

Imagine what we can do” once the world gets to 50 percent60 percent andmore in terms of Internet penetration.

During another technology panel at the World Economic Forum on Thursday,Yahoo CEO Marissa MayerLiberty GlobalCEO Mike Fries and others answeredquestions on the need to regulate privacy standards on the Internet and fortechcompanies following the Snowden casethe Sony hack and the like.

Some countries may build their own Internets” and “Balkanize” the webhewarned.

Former NASA Educator Common Core Science Standards: Short on
Science, Long on Errors and Indoctrination

Wyoming’s Jim Nations has had quite a bit to say about that, and has now produced a written critical analysis that illustrates what he’s been trying to help parents and educators in our state understand…that there are clear scientific and ethical flaws with the NGSS that call these standards into serious question. in Space Studies, covering space STEM topics as well as policy, legal, commercial, and military operations in the space environment.

He served at the Johnson Space Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory supporting shuttle and unmanned missions including Voyager I and II, Galileo at Jupiter, the Mars Observer and Magellan at Venus. They include energy, transportation and space exploration education projects, work in public relations with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, and volunteer work such as NASA Solar System Ambassador, Wyoming robotics competitions for Skills USA Wyoming, and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). This element has been sorely lacking, and Mr. Nations’ analysis will lend a valuable perspective as we all try to move forward in adopting new Wyoming science standards.

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