Show Notes January 20th, 2014

Do all businesses need a back-end?

Enjoy Your Samsung Galaxy While You Can. Apple is Beating Samsung.Their Profits Could Drop by 60% This Quarter.

Why? Samsung and many of the other big vendors aside from Apple make most of their money on hardware, while Apple makes money on hardware, software and services.

Credit Ratings Based on Big Data?

By law, lenders cannot discriminate against loan applicants on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age
or the receipt of public assistance. Big-data lending, though, relies on software algorithms largely working on their own and
learning as they go.

A decision is made about you, and you have no idea why it was done.As many as 70 million Americans either have no credit score or a
slender paper trail of credit history that depresses their score, according to estimates from the National Consumer Reporting
Association, a trade organization. Two groups that typically have thin credit files are immigrants and recent college graduates.

Affirm says it is on track to lend $100 million during its first 12 months.

Insurance via Internet Is Squeezing Agents

Walmart and Google have recently established websites that allow consumers to compare the premiums of various companies for auto,
home and other types of insurance, and buy policies. Both companies have entered partnerships with insurers.

To the list of jobs threatened by the Internet, add one more:
insurance agent. Technology start-ups, and companies from the insurance industry, are introducing websites that sell or promote a
range of insurance including auto, homeowners and small commercial policies.

N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack

The evidence gathered by the “early warning radar” of software painstakingly hidden to monitor North Korea’s activities proved
critical in persuading President Obama to accuse the government of Kim Jong-un of ordering the Sony attack, according to the officials
and experts, who spoke on the condition of anonymity about the classified N.S.A. operation.