The Best VPN Services – Why You Should Use Them and more all on TTWCP Radio Show: [01-12-2019]

On This Episode…
What is up with Huawei?  Listen in and we will discuss what the Chinese have been up to and why we need to be concerned.

Do you travel?  If so you need to be aware of the many ways in which you put your data at risk.  Today, I will explain these traps you could find yourself in and how to prevent them from happening to you.

Do you use a VPN?  I always do and you should too.  However, that means knowing which one to use. Today I will discuss the use and selection of VPNs and why it using one is the smart thing to do.

Is Science Fiction is the precursor to technological development? In some cases yes. Listen in to find out what might be coming to your future.

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Airing date: 01/12/2019

The Best VPN Services – Why You Should Use Them

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Hi everybody Craig Peterson here or welcome were in January cold weather. But just looking forward here come April, April showers bring May flowers, it’s not going to last forever, everybody. So let’s get into it for today.

Craig Peterson 0:19
And talk a little bit more about Huawei. I told you, we’d follow these stories about what they have been doing, I found some information I didn’t know before about the laws in China, you know, we already knew that China did not have the intellectual property rights that we have, they may have the laws for some of this stuff. But in fact, they just don’t pay any attention to those laws. But we’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on there. VPN, I want to really bring this up. Now, people, hopefully, you’re back at work, you’re paying attention to things now. So we’re going to review a list of the best VPN services, 5G, what we now know what to expect, that’s rolling out this year 2019 The year of 5G, although Apple’s not going to be at that party and will tell you why

Craig Peterson 1:10
six ways you put your data at risk when you travel and Blade Runner, remember that movie and they’re trying to figure out if you are an Android, and they use a little ice scanner to try and figure that out, wow, there’s a nice scanner looks a lot like the Blade Runner trick. And we’re going to talk about how they think they can
detect whether or not you are lying. So that’s what we have today.

Craig Peterson 1:37
Also this week. And this is really important for everybody, I want you to know that I am doing a six week-ish series of master classes. Now, these things are free, these are not hard, sell anything. Okay, I’m going to obviously offer some services here. But we’re talking about having six or so free master classes, one per week. And then I’m also going to be providing a free follow up every week where I’m willing to sit down, we are going to just discuss the questions you asked. So we’re going

Craig Peterson 2:16
to have group coaching as well. And this is very, very valuable. This is the sort of thing that costs thousands of dollars, typically. But we’re doing it for you, I’m going to have a couple of other experts involved, all of us who want to

Craig Peterson 2:31
secure your business. And that’s what this is aimed at. This is business people, although if you’re a home user, you probably get something out of this. But it’s, you know, it’s free. So why not, right. It’s not what most people say. But I really want

Craig Peterson 2:46
to help the businesses out because again, it’s it is devastating for businesses bad enough if you are an end user rights, your consumer and your credit card number stolen. But all you have to do is report to the credit card company and you today it’s done, they’ll send you a new credit card. And that’s a little annoying. But if you’re

Craig Peterson 3:07
a business and the credit cards or your client information or your intellectual property or stolen, not only are you going to get fined when it comes to credit cards, it’s a guaranteeing nowadays you will be fine. But you’re going to lose your reputation. So businesses that lose the reputation, 60% of the clients are likely to go away. That’s the statistic 60% of people say they will not do business with a business that’s been hacked. You don’t want that to happen, right?

Craig Peterson 3:41
I don’t want that to happen. So we’ve got to make sure we’re protecting our small businesses, it’s way worse for small-medium businesses way, way worse. And I have yet to find no, I take that back.

Craig Peterson 3:54
I usually say I have yet to find a small-medium business that has proper protection in place. But we did, we’ve found one, this was about two, maybe three weeks ago, it was a Soho small office, Home Office, one person, and you’ll never believe what we found what happened. They actually had all of the security software installed and updated. It was amazing. Now they didn’t have the right kind of software, right, you need to stack nowadays have different layers, different types of protection. So you need a software stack, you know, hardware stack to protect you. So they didn’t have the best security. But they had very good security. And part of what you want is to make it solid. The bad guys, if they’re walking up to your business, and they try and turn the handle and they juggle the door and it doesn’t open, they’re going to go on to the next business. Right. And hopefully, they can open Well, not to the business person, right. But the bad guys hoping if they juggle a handle, they can get into that next business. So they just juggle handles and you at the very least that’s what you need your about 80% protected, maybe 70 if that handle jiggle doesn’t come across and do anything. There’s a lot more to it nowadays than that.

Craig Peterson 5:12
But we actually found a business that had been doing what I’ve been advising. So that’s pretty good news. Then they listened to the show all of the time. That’s probably why right. So we did a cyber health assessment and had to look at all of the data on their machines. They even had the best we’ve ever seen. Now, we’ve had been in some businesses where we’ve seen we’ve seen just a single business with more than $200 million in liability with just

Craig Peterson 5:39
30 employees. Okay, it’s it’s not and then we have other businesses that we’ve been taking care of for years with hundreds of employees that have yet to have a breach knock on knock on wood, right so that’s what this is all about. This is really this is really aimed at these businesses that need help and businesses that are trying to do with themselves as well because I’m going

Craig Peterson 6:06
to show you what to do help you understand it to make sure that you are safe okay this is going to be fantastic for you it’s going to be phenomenal so if you are not already signed up for these webinars do it now and the easiest way is just get on my email list because I’ll be sending out announcements and they’ll have a link you can click on for instant registration just go to And I will tell you about this. Now later on in the year, we’re going to have paid courses and paid consulting and stuff,

Craig Peterson 6:46
this is the free stuff, okay. And we try and do this give or take once a quarter with these free master classes. So if you are a small business owner, if you are a manager in a small-medium business, meaning, you know, under 20 to $30 million in annual revenue, you will like this, because I’m taking some of the information I’ve gotten from being a bit of an FBI Insider, you know, running the FBI, in regard webinars, I’m taking some of that information along with what we’re seeing today with our clients that we’re doing security for, and we’re putting in into a course.

Craig Peterson 7:23
So it’s, it’s invaluable, frankly, for most businesses. And for free, you know, you can’t ask for more. And what I’m trying to get out of all of this is just a better understanding of what businesses need. So this is going to be very interactive call the kind of an alpha launch, right? very interactive, you’re going to be able to ask questions, I’m going to answer them. We’re going to have multiple sessions so that we can answer your questions as you try and do things will take your questions to help you actually accomplish it. So this is talking about ground floor opportunity. This is going to be fantastic for business. And whether again, if you’re an IT guy or gal, your security professional, you’re just the person that’s responsible for, Okay, so let’s get into two days articles.

Craig Peterson 8:18
You should be using VPN, if you’re not using VPN, you are massively exposed. Now you don’t have to use them. When you’re near the office. I’m just making so many assumptions here. I’m assuming that your internet connection safe I’m assuming that your Wi-Fi in your offices safe that it’s properly segmented, that you’re using the right encryption, not just some encryption, but the writing corruption on your Wi-Fi. Or that you’re hardwired into your network. And that your network it does not allow just anybody to plug something into it. Because that happens all the time, too. And you’ve got a contractor in you got

Craig Peterson 9:00
temporary employee and they just plug right into your network. And then they’re on which means anything they’re bringing with them can now spread throughout your network. I was talking to a listener out in California a couple of weeks back, and he’s helping out a nonprofit. It’s kind of cool. He worked for Intel for decades. And they have a program that he’s involved with where Intel will pay him to go win and help nonprofits with computer stuff. So he’s helping primarily with the database stuff. But you know, we were talking and it was just

Craig Peterson 9:36
shocking to hear that he could go in and he just pull didn’t hear their network. And he was able to get on getting into their databases and stuff without so much as the single scan of his computers. So assuming your network had the office is safe, then what?

Craig Peterson 9:56
Well, use your office network, but we all have to go home will bring our laptops with us, our tablets with us, we go out to coffee shops, right? Do you do that? I do that as well. And as we’re wondering about our data is exposed. If you’re using LTE data on your phone,

Craig Peterson 10:18
that LTE data has a level of protection with it, it is encrypted. Although more recently, it’s been found that it’s easily decrypted. But at least there’s a level of encryption. But when you’re on your phone, do you think about using a VPN

Craig Peterson 10:34
I know a lot of people that think about it when they are in a coffee shop, for instance, or they are in an airport and a couple of weeks ago, it’s still up on my website at, I talked about a guy that had all of his data stolen and bank account, drained, etc. Because he used a Wi-Fi at an airport. That’s all it took. Okay,

Craig Peterson 10:59
it really it doesn’t take very much. So we’ve got to be careful about all of this stuff, frankly, absolutely careful about it. So what do you do?

Craig Peterson 11:09
Well, you use a VPN and don’t just use any VPN, we found out a couple of months ago that Facebook’s VPN was harvesting your data. Okay, so don’t use VPN from Facebook.

Craig Peterson 11:24
And just like anything else if it’s free, you’re probably the product so we found a really good article that you’ll find online on, trying to remember where we got that article from. Let me look here. It came from Oh, yeah, the best, the best VPN. com but you’ll see it up on my website at to so here’s

Craig Peterson 11:52
what they’re saying, are the 10 best a VPN for you. And it’s something that you should seriously look at. And there’s not expensive, okay, to get a VPN. So what do you do? How do you stay safe that so we’re going to get into right now these keep you safe by setting up an encrypted connection? So your connection from you over there at the coffee shop to the VPN place is safe, it’s encrypted. However, once it gets to the VPN place it is in the clear basically, unless you’re using an encrypted website, in which case it’s still encrypted. So then you have the advantage of double encryption. Why does that matter?

Craig Peterson 12:38
Well, it matters because there can be people on that same public Wi-Fi as you who are trying to get into your machine. So if your machines responding to these local addresses on these networks, and they can get into a vulnerability that’s on your machine, now you got problems. And that’s exactly what happened. This guy.

Craig Peterson 13:01
So if you’re using a VPN, what happens is all of your traffic gets routed to the remote side. So that local prying eyes, local hackers that are there in that restaurant can’t get your data. Okay,

Craig Peterson 13:16
it’s very important. It’s something that we all need to watch and pay a whole lot of attention to Franklin. So number one the best according to the passage,

Craig Peterson 13:31
is expressed VPN. Now I see this all of the time, it’s pretty heavily advertised at ranked number one out of the 74 VPN that they checked. And it only costs $6 and 67 cents a month at the cheapest

Craig Peterson 13:45
obtain Express VPN single subscription gets you to access to over 2000 of their servers, 94 countries are located in the British Virgin Virgin Islands, been around for a decade

Craig Peterson 13:59
now a whole bunch of different protocols that are used for encryption, they, they couldn’t find any DNS or web RTC leaks, which is very, very good. A lot of places I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you go to a URL and you end up somewhere you didn’t expect or you’re looking for something, you type in the URL, it’s not a good URL, and then it takes you to their page with their advertisements on it. I’ve seen that from various internet service providers. So they do all of this stuff. And they don’t sacrifice any performance one of the fastest download speeds at three megabit out of 100 that was tested. And they say it’s a little on the pricey side, I don’t really think so it’s between 667 and $13 a month. So very fast, three simultaneous connections, hard to go wrong. Now, what I do for us and for customers is I set up all we know my team setup, I’m using up the one setting it up anymore, but we set up a VPN so they can use it when they’re on the road. But it goes directly to their offices. And that then gives them access to the servers at their office to their own workstation at the office and tells them everything they need from a security standpoint because you know, everything safe going there. And then if they go to a third party website, its channeled through the office, which hopefully has a hardware stack that it’s running, snore and next-gen firewall and is logging everything, but hopefully they’ve got all of that so that that again, that person is safe. So there, they’re not going to pull down an executable that’s unsafe, a Word doc that’s unsafe, etc, etc, etc. And none of these VPN services are really doing any of that for you. And that’s why we always run it back through our client sites. With the right types of hardware, Nord VPN and another one you see advertised This

Craig Peterson 15:59
is the best time cheap VPN I say cheap in air quotes. In case you’re not watching on video, the best cheap VPN at 299 a month. Nobody else can match Nord VPN server account and they have over 5000 of them. They use a double encryption protocol, which combines two servers into one connection. They are VPN apps come fully loaded, they have something called a kill switch. Or they have no login policy. They have a Panama City location. So they’re in a privacy-friendly territory. Very good on the hands out to help test to connect up to six devices. The downside is it can take 30 days to process refunds. A little bit of a hassle, their tech support people aren’t the best. But based on the test they were doing in the $3 a month that’s going to be hard to beat perfect privacy and limited simultaneous connections. This is number three on this list at $10 and 50 cents a month.

Craig Peterson 17:00
None of your personal data is monitored or stored is what they’re guaranteed. leak free. best in class encryption. They’ve got a bunch of great protocols to include open VPN IP sec. SSH, just a whole bunch of things and the monthly cost is a little bit on the higher end and it comes cheaper if you have dozens of devices connected right there in Switzerland. Again, good for privacy and a cyber ghost is another one great features at 350 a month. I’m not going to go into all of the rest of these you can check them out. I have it all on my website at that was posted this morning. But those are the top ones you want to look at. Okay, again, just run through that list. We’ve got Express VPN the best all-around at 667 a month we have coming in number two, nor VPN, which is the best cheap VPN they have a pretty large list of real benefits Nord, VP, and number three perfect privacy and limited simultaneous connections at $10 and 50 cents a month. So check it out online Now let’s get into some other stuff, here again, I’m reminder make sure you go right now to We are starting these master classes this week. And you’re going to want to be in them. Because we’re running through all of the security stuff that you need to know as a small business person, medium business person, we’re going to have people on this call that are assigned to security for their business. They’re not the security professionals, they’ve taken a course or two all the way through people who are just newbies at this Alright, this is your chance you are not going to get this chance. Again, I cannot see myself doing this again, I did something similar a year and a half ago just burn myself out about it with a multi-day webinar series. But that’s what we’re doing here master classes for the next give or take six weeks along with group coaching. absolutely free This is not a heavy marketing thing I’m trying to help this is for you guys out there, that’ll get you on my list. Make sure you check your email after you subscribe. Because immediately there will be an email sent to you have to click on it. If you don’t click on it, you’re not gonna get on my list. Because I only want people who really want to hear from me. And then in addition to finding out about the master classes, you’re going to get an email from me every week with all my show notes, the things I talked about here, plus all lot more that we just don’t have time to get into with link so you can read those articles. And I’m starting to write my own content. So it’s not just curated content anymore. It is content directly from me. So five G’s coming. I mentioned that our friends at Apple are not going to be on that boat this year.

Craig Peterson 20:09
So what is 5G? What’s it all about? And you might have noticed the TV channels have been disappearing off the air and the reason for that is that they were buying the frequencies back to us for five g it is all about speed here. You know, the baseline difference between the 4G LTE and 5G and are which is the new standard is incredible. The at full signal strength 4G LTE can bring some impressive speeds, but 4K TV it goes back and forth on LTE. However, on the 5G signals, we’re talking about multi-gigabit broadband theoretical numbers that you know, the merrily rarely met in the real world. But we’re talking about Metropolitan 5G speeds that are consistently above 750 megabits per second. So almost a gigabit over the air isn’t that amazing. So it’s going to be a win for both urban dwellers and even people in rural locations. If you’re in LA, New York, you’ll get the new stuff

Craig Peterson 21:24
a little bit faster. Some of those cities, by the way, never really got full LTE because it just wasn’t stable enough. In those tightly packed areas. You might remember that you could not use your LTE when you went down to New York, I had this problem. The only way you could use 4G LTE in New York City was if you had a New York City, Manhattan etc. plan from the providers because there’s so much trouble with 4G LTE in a tightly packed space where there’s a lot of people that problem goes up way with 5G. So that’s a huge win latency. a real big problem for some apps. It is going away with 5G signal strength. You know, where in 4G had a full five bars, you’d get 100 megabits with 5G with five bars, you’re going to get 20 gigabits, okay, three bars with 4G, you’d get five megabits, three bars of 5G, we’re talking about 100 megabits per second. So very, very fast, definitely more complex and it used to be there are also different antennas that need to happen, penetrations going to be different into buildings and things. So things are going to change this. 5G standing for new radio and by the way is going to make a huge, huge difference. And I’m like the early days of 4G when you had LTE. Why max HS PA, it was really confusing with 5G, pretty much everybody’s getting into this right.

Craig Peterson 23:09
And T Mobile CEO got really upset with Verizon, they’re talking about 5G home internet service. And just any way, so we’re not getting into all that detail only got a couple minutes left. When you are traveling, you are putting your data at risk. great article from Conde Nast Traveler. They’re looking at a Pew Research Center report on cybersecurity that was released talking about encrypted networks, encrypted website, people using or not using all of our VPN technology we were just talking about. And I love this quote. This is from hacker, former hacker, the National Security Agency for the Department of Defense. I like to and I like to draw a parallel to it using the shower at the gym. It’s probably hiding, but not always. I love that. So think about that. When you are going around. You’re planning your break, you’re going to go down to Florida, you’re going to go to the Caribbean here over the winter. Keep all of that in mind. You’re putting your data at risk. So, here’s the tricks that Conde Nast. Nast is recommending, consider a separate credit card that you use exclusively for travel makes it easier to keep an eye on the transaction since you’re presumably only using it a few times a year. All right, let your bank and credit card companies know that you’re going out of town. Make sure you use your devices built-in safeguards. Okay, use a screen lock. We see that all the time. Even businesses where the screen doesn’t automatically lock you got to make sure it locks, biometric locks, pins, etc. Make sure your devices encrypted. If you have an Apple device, it’s almost guaranteed to be encrypted. Make sure you turn off Find My iPhone because it isn’t just for finding your iPhone. Find. My iPhone also covers your device if it’s stolen. Okay, make sure it’s encrypted.

Craig Peterson 25:12
don’t connect to public Wi-Fi. Unless you got a good VPN that turns on automatically. If you use your Bluetooth, connect your phone to your rental car. Be very careful because that information can be stored in your car settings. At last time. I was out on a trip we rented a car and I went into the phone and I found all of these other people’s phones I found where their homes where I had their call history I had their contacts they were all in there. At the very least disconnect your phone from the car, the rental cars stereo system and delete it. Okay, delete it right out of there.

Craig Peterson 25:53
And don’t need to sleep expose your credit card information. Apple Pay is end encrypted no one ever get your credit card number none of the merchants do and then one last thing real quick. There is a Mark Cuban funded startup called ID detect and this thing is saying that it has an accuracy rate of 86% for detecting lives 86% accurate with a 30 minute interview so they talk to you for 30 minutes versus 60 to 75% accuracy on a polygraph that can take a couple of hours so keep an eye out for this. I expect we’ll be seeing these in airports pretty soon as they already have cameras taking pictures of you examining you looking doing facial recognition. Heck Taylor Swift is even using facial recognition to look for stockers in the crowd how’s that for scary so this lie detector would come in soon. So have a great week make sure you join me I’m doing these master classes and I keep reminding you because you have to do it now or you’re going to mess it I’m not repeating classes we’re going to be whipping through this stuff I’m going to give you everything you need to know to secure your small and medium business if you are CEO if you are on a board of directors and you need to understand what it’s all about we’re going to be covering that okay we’re going to have a session on that has session on backups a session on the right software to use a session on the hardware stack you should be using software stack VPN it’s all going to be covered so make sure you sign up to get on my regular email list I’ll let you know about the master classes that start this week don’t miss a single one I’m not having replays all right there’s no plan to do any of that We’ll get you going on that we are going to help you out

Craig Peterson 28:01
Have a great week. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.