The Future of jobs with Automation and TV vs Radio vs Newspapers: AS HEARD ON: NewsRadio 610 NH Today [07-15-2018]

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Have you wondered what will happen with our Jobs once Automation really takes hold? Listen in as Jack and Craig discuss Automation and the future jobs.

How about the changes in how we receive our news? I spoke with jack this morning about the changes in media and differences between TV vs Radio vs Newspapers.

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Airing date: 07/15/2018

The Future of jobs with Automation and TV vs Radio vs Newspapers

Craig Peterson:¬†[00:00:00] Hi everybody, Craig Peterson, here. I spoke this morning with Jack Heath and we talked about a couple of things. You know Jack’s been in the news business for a lot of years, television news. So we talked about that specifically what is happening with the news and is there any legitimate source, anymore. Frankly, where’s it all going, and jobs what’s happening with jobs? You read an article in the paper this morning. So, I went into a little bit of detail about the future of jobs with technology. They’re going to get better they’re going to get worse. All of that, and more, so, here we go.

[00:00:36] Joining us now on the Autofair listener line a regular contributor, the host of Tech Talk heard here on the weekends and Saturday on News Talk stations, Craig Peterson. Craig, good morning.

[00:00:48] Hello hello. Hi. How are you? Good. Doing good.

[00:00:52] You know I saw a story this morning, thinking of you coming on and I saw it on one of the national news outlets. You think about technology and all the change with entertainment and information, and how we get stuff, and how fast or where we get it. There is one Blockbuster Video store left open in the country one and you wonder about some other retail changes because of technology that could be coming.

[00:01:19] Yeah, it’s going to be a very very different world in another 10 years from now. Absolutely guaranteed. This week we’ve got Wal-Mart, who just obtained a patent that kind of concerning people. It’s all designed to listen in to where you are and it’s using the sounds to figure out how many people are in the store at the checkout. The whole retail space is going to change. And you know Walmart’s got to compete. Think about Amazon, and how many small businesses Amazon has hurt? How many small businesses Wal-Mart just completely put out of business? Those guys are now at work against each other, and Wal-Mart is trying to find ways to cut their costs down because they’ve got stores, all of the overhead of workers, and the air conditioning and everything you have to do. It’s going to be just a totally different world out there. Jack, you’re absolutely right.

[00:02:18] All right what else is going on in your tech talk world.

[00:02:21] Well, we’ve got concerns too right along the same lines as what you thinking of. What’s going to happen with workers as these jobs disappear and basically any job that can be automated will be automated here in the near future. Especially with a shortage of workers. But, as these jobs disappear where are people going to end up at. And of course we’ve had this problem throughout history, when we have the Teamsters, say you know what’s going to happen to us now that we no longer have horses and carriages, and of course, there have been other jobs that are followed on. But the big concern right now is, that these new jobs that are going to come about these new jobs that people are going to take as they are replaced by automated systems. These new jobs are going to be lower skilled even than they are now and lower pain. So, we could be in for some real trouble. But other economists are saying you know bottom line we ended up historically, with better jobs than we ever had before. So, maybe that’s what’s going to happen to, Jack. We’re going to have to keep our eyes open our ears to the ground and continue to train ourselves. Everyone needs to remember, you’re responsible for your career. You can’t rely on your employer, you can’t rely on the government, you need to improve yourself, continually.

[00:03:46] Good stuff good stuff. And, you know I also think of you mentioned the changing work. And I just seems to me that the last few years technology more from a consumer behavioral point of view has really impacted how people get information. You know you look at the look at the media for a moment and you could argue that news talk radio has really married up well with the Web in terms of handheld phone and I Heart Radio the app and how many people can easily access that but you look at television news a traditional evening television newscast. It’s already feeling and I had many years of my life that was the profession you know news throughout the day that is becoming as different ages of Americans consume differently. I don’t know how many younger people watching television news. Certainly, I still like to hold a newspaper and look at it, but that’s archaic to many people and they don’t have the budget either, Jack you know you’re in TV for so long.

[00:04:48] Look at what happened with WBIN TV and they did investigative journalism. They had people who were assigned to that to find the stories. Nowadays, we don’t have I haven’t any more places don’t have the local news department. The all-day news that you were talking about back when you were in TV. There’s not the budget forward anymore because the eyes have moved everywhere out and you’re right about radio I think radio absolutely works. Obviously, the ears are down a little bit because again people are paying attention to way more things, but it’s still there. Talk radio, you can have people on the radio, Experts that think about this stuff and that you don’t have the budget problems that the newspapers have for instance because newspapers have to hire people to write these stories to do the background to do the investigations. On the radio, it’s interactive. People love that it’s more like what’s been happening in social media frankly where the interaction is what’s getting people’s attention. So I love Radio, always have. But we’re not getting the news like we used to.

[00:06:02] You can sit down and watch the evening news with your favorite anchor and actually count on it being true even. You know and you’ll get the morning newscast what used to be you know morning news, nationally. It’s become a combination of an entertainment reality TV show just to kind of hold on to ratings and very little news, anyway. All right. It’s not locally I do think of them WMUR to be as great.

[00:06:27] Does a great job and they’re doing it. But budgets aren’t like they used to be.

[00:06:32] Well let you go. Thank you, Craig Peterson, on New Hampshire today on this Monday morning.