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Today a short discussion on training brought to mind by a visit to Lake Placid Olympic downhill ski jumping training center.
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Airing date: 06/08/2018

The Importance of Training

Craig Peterson[00:00:01] Hi, Craig Peterson here. I don’t know if you’ve seen my Facebook feed you might want to check it out. I’m up at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid and it’s really kind of cool. This is where they do the training for the Winter Olympic ski jump competitions. And, of course, when I’m recording, it’s summertime well, early summer. And you might wonder how they do it. I got some really cool video that I posted up on Facebook of them doing some training of the younger kids who are Olympic hopefuls. Of course, the team isn’t assembled yet. They’re not doing the training here, but these kids are certainly hopeful in their own teams and they’re moving their way up there’s a progression. It’s really cool, to see and how they do it in the summer time which is they’re using basically the same hills and some of the small hills covered with some kind of plastic type of surface on the top and then they ski jump into a pool. They’ve got some special devices in place to help make sure that they don’t hit the water really hard to kind of break the surface tension. It’s fun to see and it’s fun to watch. So, you might want to check it out. Over on my Facebook page. The thing that comes to mind is something that again the FBI has been talking about and I’ve been talking about for years on my radio show when it comes to training the number one thing that most people and businesses just aren’t paying attention to, when it comes to right down to security.

: [00:01:30] These kids in the summertime doing winter ski jumps. They’ve got everything right. They’ve got their winter ski boots on. They’ve got the winter skis going down these hills that are typically used in the winter and they’re recreating the conditions just like it would be if they were here in the wintertime except of course for the problems of being no snow right. So, they’re doing the best they can. How much time are we taking, with our employees, when it comes to conducting training on the security front, keeping the black hats out and making sure that our employees are really getting white hat training. So that they know what the bad guys are going to do. So, they know how to derail it when the bad guys are trying to attack, because we’re talking about a multibillion dollar industry where they’re coming after us and sometimes they’re just pretending they’re good guys right there pretending they’re wearing white hats and they get us to do things maybe we shouldn’t do and our employees to do things that they shouldn’t do either and we end up losing a whole lot of money because of it. And I don’t know if you noticed in the news, I’ll have to talk a little bit more about this, but you know that router hack that we talked about the one the Russians have been involved in. It turns out according to Cisco talos that Cisco is determined here that it was a lot worse than we originally thought.

: [00:02:55] I mean a lot worse, they were breaking SSL encryption and using man in the middle attack techniques. As part of that, they were also faking Bank sites. So, you’d go to your bank they get your account information your log in, eccetera. They would take money out of that account and then guess what. When you went to the bank legitimately to try and see how your balance was right they would change the bank’s page so that when you checked your balance everything looks normal. Right. And because it’s all going through Russia just going through your local VPN. Believe it or not, one that you did not install but they installed for you. And now when you are looking at the bank balances, actually adjusting it in real time as you go on the site, you have no idea that they’ve actually stolen that money from you and transferred it out of your account. So, even looking at the bank balance online doesn’t guarantee that they didn’t get it from you. So, check it out. Go online you’ll see a whole lot more information about it. The training’s really important and I think you’ll have a lot of fun if you have a look at those videos I posted of the kids doing their training at the Olympic facilities in Lake Placid New York. Take care and We’ll talk again, tomorrow.


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