This Lamp With A Hidden Camera Could Be In Your Next Airbnb Nightmare

Earlier this month, Panasonic announced a new home security camera that’s integrated into the stem of a floor lamp. The terrifyingly named HomeHawk Floor is designed to be discreet — the whole idea is to let you monitor the inside of your home without the need for obvious cameras everywhere. Panasonic has launched an Indiegogo campaign to sell the lamp for prices starting at $185, as reported by Android Police.

The company boasts that the camera is capable of recording 1080p HD footage through its 140-degree, eye-level wide-angle lens. It has a motion sensor and the ability to save two seconds of footage recorded before the sensor detects movement, a mic and speaker for two-way communication, and an app for iOS and Android. It works with “major voice assistants,” which I assume means Alexa and Google Assistant, although Panasonic hasn’t signed those deals just yet. And it can run for 90 minutes on eight AA batteries, should the power go out in your home.