To Boost Windows 10 Adoption, Microsoft Corporation Is Getting Serious About Cybersecurity

Microsoft is becoming increasingly interested in cybersecurity.

The Redmond tech giant has been involved in the creation of antivirus software for more than a decade, but in recent quarters it has begun to step up its commitment. The company’s latest product provides a cloud-based security service aimed at enterprise customers. There’s no telling how big the business could be for Microsoft, but it serves to underscore two of the company’s major initiatives.

More services, more subscriptions

Microsoft announced Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection early last month. It’s a new product aimed at Microsoft’s enterprise customers that leverages Microsoft’s cloud computing technology to help detect, investigate, and respond to advanced cybersecurity threats. It’s built directly into its Windows 10 operating system, but also utilizes a network of servers and a team of cybersecurity experts — it’s a service, not a simple piece of software. Microsoft has yet to disclose any pricing details, but it could be sold to businesses in the form of a subscription.