TTWCP Daily Podcast- 2018-06-03 Is the Wake driving your business when it comes to security?

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Your Security.  Are you taking the easy way because it is what you know even if it does not protect you?
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: [00:00:00] Hey everybody, Craig Peterson here.

: [00:00:02] I’m sitting at the foot of the ski mountain up in Killington Vermont. I don’t know if you’ve ever done that before. It’s early June. Of course, spring time. All the leaves are on the trees here in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and all of New England and I’m looking up at the hill and I see that there is still a lot of snow going down the ski trail and it really gets me to thinking because you know it wasn’t that long ago that people were skiing down the mountain. Of course, they’ve got the snowmaking machines on the side that are blowing all of that mist on to the trails that turns into snow and when it hits that cold air. And then of course, people are packing it down. And that’s why it’s called a trail right. There’s a lot of people who’ve been over it who’ve been there before who are just getting really getting rid of all of the growth that would normally occur.

: [00:01:00] And it got me to thinking even more about what I’ve been doing for businesses and my life and to helping other people, you know so much of what we do in our lives is kind of like the boat being driven by the wake. We have all of this stuff behind us that we’ve done over the years.

: [00:01:23] And yet the water in front of us is boundless there’s just so much of it out there and yet we’re being driven by our wake and the same thing is true with this ski mountain here in Killington Vermont the skiing season’s over.

: [00:01:38] And yet there are still a lot of things left over from the ski season there’s still snow pack down on that mountain.

: [00:01:46] So when I think about helping you guys out, what can I do to help you with your home or your businesses and you know more particularly about security and really kind of aiming at things that are historical, things that I’ve done over the years we all do that right. You know you bought your computer and when we bought those machines what did they come with all they had Norton or they had Symantec right. The McAfee stuff or whatever it was. And we continue to use it. We paid that license fee after 30 days or 60 or 90 or whatever the expiration of that little free term was. But we went ahead and just did what we’ve always done right. That path was beaten down that hill. We aren’t going to go off we’re not going to try to have black diamond that double black diamond maybe not even the blue slopes we’re going to stick with the bunny trails with those green trails that are out there the easy ones and the easy way to do it is to stick with what your machine already had. Right. What the manufacturer of your computer seemingly recommended. Of course seemingly because in fact whoever paid the most to have their software pre-installed on your computers is who got it right. It’s not necessarily a recommendation. So, think about that as well. That’s what we do. Right. We stick to those paths and the more difficult paths are kind of going off to the side and they can be a lot of fun. And in our case what we’re trying to do is avoid getting steamrolled getting run over by that train right. We’ve got a lot of bad guys in there on those tracks and they’re steaming straight towards us. They don’t bother pulling the whistle right because they’re trying to break into our computers. They’re trying to take all of the work that we’ve put into our businesses and our business life.

: [00:03:48] Our job, our whole career, and for what is to us not a whole lot of money. OK. Could be a lot of money. Five thousand dollars let’s say they steal from our bank account that’s not a whole lot of money when you look at an entire career. But to us that means checks are going to bounce. If you’re business there’s been businesses that have had millions of dollars tens of millions of dollars stolen. And the most recent story I’ve been sharing with people and we’ll have to do that one of these days here. But it is of 45 million-dollar theft from a business straight from their bank account. So why did I bring of this up why am I talking about this. Because I understand what happened at Sony. I understand what happened at Equifax both of them were hacked both of them are huge hacks both of them were multimillion-dollar Hacks. They are you know, destructive. They destroyed other people’s lives. Right. Sony still in business. I just saw an ad on TV for Equifax offering dark web services. Are you kidding me. These are the guys that lost our data and all you know put all of our stuff, so Security numbers names addresses up phone numbers you name it up on the dark web site. Am I going crazy here or something and now they, Equifax, are the place you should go to get your Dark Web report.

: [00:05:27] It doesn’t make sense to me. Sony you know that we had top executives that were bad mouthing the stars of their movies should we be worried about them. No. No. Those executives for the most part in all of these companies still have their jobs. The companies still exist. Right.

: [00:05:47] So he’s still out there even Weinstein Company is still out there.

: [00:05:53] After all the stuff of Harvey pulled. Obviously, Equifax is still out there the buying ads are still doing credit reports on you and me. I just don’t get it. Why do people put up with this, anyways that happens to the big guys and it’s an entry in the balance sheet right in their ledger they put a thing in saying you know we had to spend 50 million 100 million a billion dollars to recover. But if it happens to you or me if they go into our business emails and they’re able to steal stuff if they get into our computers steal our client listserv. How about not even the bad guys over in Russia or China or Iran. How about it’s the salesman who’s taking our customer lists with them as they walk out the door. What do we do about that sort of thing. And that’s a really big question and one I think we all have to think about. So, for the big companies there’s one equation and I know how to deal with the big companies right. I’ve been dealing with them for decades on security. I use them provide some of the best software in the world you know that already right. I’m a big Cisco guy. They are the biggest they are the best by far. That’s why they’re the biggest by the way. But you need to understand you. Because I’ve got this huge weight pushing me ahead.

: [00:07:24] I’ve got 10 20 feet 30 feet of snow on that ski mountain of history for me what I haven’t been able to do is help a lot of small businesses. I’m talking about businesses that have less than a couple of hundred employees really all the way on down through a one-man operation.

: [00:07:48] Because you guys. And that includes me by the way you guys are the ones who are going to get really badly hurt by these big security breaches. It’s not the big multinational corporations who can spend who sometimes do spend money on security.

: [00:08:10] It’s you, right.

: [00:08:12] How much money can you afford to lose? You’ve got to weigh that out too. How much money can you afford to spend? And how about you as a home user. We have a lot of home users listen to my podcasts as well. Over the decades now it’s almost two decades. Well probably just two decades. But what can you do. How can you do it? So, I’ve been really busy, and I bet this is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. Right. But I’ve been really busy trying to put together a very low-cost alternative. Now it’s not going to be as cheap as buying Norton or some of these other pieces of software that just don’t work OK. They really don’t address nowadays and are estimated to be only about 50 percent effective. They don’t work. So, I’m not going to be that be able to be that cheap but I am going to be relatively inexpensive but it’s taking a lot of time a lot of effort engineering time everything to try and put this all together. So, what I’m asking you guys to do is just take a minute and e-mail me just me at Craig Peterson dot com, me at Craig Peterson dot com and tell me what your concerns are.

: [00:09:31] All right if you don’t care and if you’re happy as a clam with Norton. Great that’s fine. I get it. I understand. And I’ll just continue to help the big companies and I won’t bother with the home users I won’t bother with the small businesses but that that’s the market that is not served at all. It isn’t just not under-served right. It’s not just underserved. It’s not served because you can’t afford to do it you can’t afford to buy a thousand seats of licenses or even in some cases even 100 teachers still can’t afford it and then you can’t afford to run it and then it’s confusing.

: [00:10:06] What do you do when there is a breach. Right. So, what are your concerns. Why do you have the concerns you have. I really like to know I’d like to know what I can do to help. I’m I’m trying to derail this steam locomotive that’s headed our way. The steam locomotive that is Russia, China, Iran, the bad guys, the organized crime people and the mafia. I’m trying to help you derail it, but I need to know what you’re looking for because I’ve tried a couple of things before. We’ve had very limited success. Maybe it’s just some simple training. How do I use my free tools? Maybe it’s what tools are out there that are inexpensive that I can use. You know I may be only paying a hundred bucks a year per computer because that’s kind of the bottom line. That’s the minimum I think that that certainly that I’ve ever found that you should be paying for half decent stuff and that’ll get you to 90 percent which is way better than 50 percent. What do you need? Well how can I help you. What are you concerned about. I’m concerned that I’m just continuing to go down this road here. I have I have a problem and it’s too much knowledge too much experience in this field. Remember, I’ve been doing work on the internet since 1983 and I’ve been doing Internet security since 1991 and I’ve been doing it for the big boys.

: [00:11:42] I need to help the small businesses. That’s where my love is. That’s where my give back is. That’s who I’m trying to help as the small businesses. They’re the ones that make the new jobs. They’re the ones that take all the risks, right you entrepreneurs out there.

: [00:11:57] And yet you’re the ones that are being underserved. So, as I said here in Killington looking at that ski mountain realizing that there is a lot of stuff in the way kind of blocking my vision of what you might want because I’ve been in it so long. Let me know, email me here just me at Craig Peterson dot com. Send it to me at Craig Peterson dot com. What are your concerns? If you have just texting available right now you can text me as well 8 5 5 3 8 5 fifty-five fifty-three. What are your concerns? How do you see them? And I’m talking about concerns about moving away from the Norton the Symantec the stuff you’re already using that doesn’t work. Now, what are your concerns about that? What are your costs concerns? Do you have any concern at all that really your business data is going to be lost or stolen your computers are going to be hacked are going to be held for ransom by the way? If they’re held for ransom the odds are less than 50 percent that you’ll ever get your data back even if you pay.

: [00:13:02] Ok. People who pay, 50 percent might get most of the data back. It’s rare that you get 100 percent back. So, what are your concerns. What can I do for you. I guess that’s kind of the bottom line because I really want to help you know that this has been an effort of love. I need to make a couple of bucks as well. But I want to derail the bad guys. So, let me know me at Craig Peterson dot com. Have a great day. I am off obviously vacation here doing my little motorcycle trip and enjoying it. Going to be in upstate New York. The rest of the week. Take care. I’ll be trying to answer your texts and everything during the week and I’m going to try and do more or less daily podcast here to just keep everybody up to date on what’s going on and my thoughts and ideas hopefully they’re helping out. But do let me know. Take care. Now have a great day – Everybody.