Want to know who is talking to Craig this weekend….

George Schlossnagle the CEO of Message Systems about Back-end technology that allows brand marketers to be able to successfully email customers securely, without worrying about those messages getting stuck in spam filters and minimizing the risk of exposing customer data to hackers.

Fabrice Sargent the CEO at Cellfish Media about Technology that allows their white-labeled “FanCam” app, which enables fans to take a photo, digitally insert branded product, and then immediately share it with friends via social media platforms.

Tony Anzalone the VP of Marketing at Inova Labs about Portable Oxygen Concentrators.

Jason Weaver the CEO of Shoutlet about technology that allows marketers the ability to monitor, manage and monetize on social media marketing efforts.

Homi Shamir the CEO at Given Imaging about Vitamin-sized pill cam which people swallow and it takes pictures of your insides.

Douglas Gentile a professor of psychology at Iowa State University about the violent video game effects on children and adolescents

Alan Trefler the Founder and CEO of Pega Systems about Build for Change® technology speeds up business solutions by directly capturing business objectives and eliminating manual programming

Ranjith Kumaran the founder of Punch Tab about a Technology Twist on Loyalty Programs.

Mark Szelenyl the Senior Director of Webcasting at ON24 about Virtual events and webcasting industry — Virtual career fair for returning military veterans.

Matthew Growney the Founder at Isabella Products about Consumer technology trends

Brian Roberts the CFO at Insulet about Disposable wireless insulin pumps.