Why Our Next President Needs to Take Tech Seriously

In just a few short weeks, we’ll be electing our next American President. Among myriad other duties, whoever gets the job will be tasked with overseeing one of the most significant technological expansions the world has ever seen. He or she will need to understand these new technologies to help the country reap the most benefits from them.

Of all the innovations just on the horizon, the one with the most game-changing potential is 5G wireless technology. 5G, which should begin rolling out during the next President’s term, will bring blazing-fast speeds to wireless devices from smartphones to connected thermostats. For the last 30 years, the technology industry mostly focused on connecting people to other people. With 5G, it will begin connecting people to devices, and devices to other devices. The latter is called the Internet of Things, and it’s primed to profoundly change our lives, much the way the regular Internet has. It’s also a potentially huge source of growth — Cisco estimates IoT gear and software will become a $14 trillion market over the next decade.