Booking 2013 Consumer Electronics Show Interviews

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The Bad News — Too Many Potential Guests

In years past, all our interview slots have filled up within 48 hours.  It’s likely to be worse this year. The CEA tells us that there are about twice as many companies exhibiting this year as last year, and we’ve already seen the results of that by having three times as many requests for interviews already this year than last (and last year set a record for us, too).

There is no way we’ll be able to interview anywhere close to everyone who wants to be interviewed. Every year we have to turn away potential interviews because I just can’t push myself interviewing 12 hours a day for 5 days (yes, we usually interview before the show, too).

The Details

This year we’re asking everyone to please purchase a copy of the transcript of their interview. We are going to use those transcripts to help build more traffic for your client and for our web site. It’s not mandatory to purchase one, but we’d appreciate it if you did.

We have three interview types:

– Our “Expert Package” where we’ll provide you with a completed video, audio and transcript of the interview for your use.

– Our “SEO Value Mini Package” where you’ll get everything above, but the all-important video that you can use on YouTubeand your web site.

– And our “No-Frills” interview, which we only ask that you purchase a discounted transcript to help with SEO.


If your client is going to be at Showstoppers, we’re doing interviews there, on the floor of the event.

CES Unveiled

If your client is going to be at CES Unveiled, we’ll be doing No-Frills interviews there, too.

Thanks to everyone on our list for getting us some great guests over the years. We’ve got more than 10 million podcast downloads and are closing in on our 700th weekly radio show. Who’d have thought? Many changes coming over the next few months for the better: better communications from us and more exposure for your clients.

Take care, and talk with you soon,



Craig and Karen


PS There’s never any charge to be on the show or to link to the podcast.

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